The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur has warned Filipinos against falling victims to Internet scams, most of which involve demand for money on the pretext of love.

    In a statement, the embassy said it had received and acted on complaints from victims who were scammed by supposed lovers they met through chat rooms and Facebook messaging.

    A Hong Kong-based Filipina told the embassy that she met an alleged Malaysia-based British subject on a social website who became her fiancé after two months.

    Carried away by promises of love, she would eventually send him huge sums of money.

    The victim has not heard from the man since.

    Two other Filipinas were victimized by a supposedly Malaysia-based Translink Express Courier, which asked them to claim from the Customs office parcels from their supposed lovers.

    They sent several amounts via Western Union but were not able to get anything.

    In another scam, a Malaysian man met a woman, who is purportedly a Filipina, through Facebook and Skype with account names Yukico Taro and Kico Taro.

    Accordingly, the woman, who is very attractive, constantly contacted the Malaysian man through his Facebook account.

    As time went on, the two did indecent acts using a webcam.

    Unknown to the man, the woman or the syndicate behind her recorded their trysts.

    The video was used against the Malaysian man, with the threat that the video would be uploaded on video sharing site YouTube if he refused to send her money.

    “These Internet scams are just a tip of the iceberg, and there may possibly be more which have not been reported,” the embassy said.

    It reminded Filipinos and Malaysians “to exercise caution in dealing with people online, particularly those they have not met personally and who ask for money on the pretext of love.”


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