• Did Grace Poe run in 2013 while still an American?


    INSTEAD of answering any of the questions that have been raised about her claim to being a “natural-born Filipino,” which is a constitutional requirement for her staying in office, Sen. Grace Poe has gone to Jaro, Iloilo reportedly in search of relatives to vouch for the circumstances of her birth and her “natural-born” status. It was at the historic Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral, Parish of the Lady of Candles, where 47 years ago Ms. Poe was reportedly found as a foundling by a woman named Chayong, family name unknown. She had the infant baptized by her name Grace, then turned her over to another woman from Bacolod named Tessie Valencia, who in turn gave her to the Fernando Poe Jr.-Susan Roces couple for adoption.

    The whole thing was reportedly witnessed by the celebrated Archbishop of Jaro, Most. Reverend Jaime Sin, who later became the famous Cardinal Archbishop of Manila of the EDSA I fame. Whether the adoption was ever formalized should be a matter of public record. But the infant grew up and got a good education from the best schools as Grace Poe. She added the name Llamanzares when she got married to a Filipino-American, but dropped it from customary usage when she saw that people preferred Poe to Llamanzares.

    Going to Jaro was a noble “sentimental journey” on the part of Grace, even though it looked so conjured, and so much like an afterthought. But will it, or should it, change our reading of the Constitution and the facts of her case? Can it possibly support her claim that she is a natural-born Filipino, and therefore qualified to run for President or Vice President in 2016, or to keep her present seat in the Senate?

    I seriously doubt it. It cannot possibly help much, except perhaps to squeeze some sympathy from the maudlin and lachrymose crowd. Some hearts would pump much faster, and some tears would come rolling down the cheeks of the masses, depending on how Grace Poe exploits what in showbiz lingo is known as the “paawa effect.” But it will not change one iota of the law or the facts of the case.

    What relatives did Grace Poe meet in Jaro? It is a standard joke in our culture that the more successful you are, the more relatives you’ve got. Within that context, Grace Poe was probably swamped with more “relatives” than she was prepared to accept. But since nobody there or anywhere else knew her parents, what would be the basis of calling anyone her “relatives”? Chayong’s relatives probably, or Tessie Valencia’s, yes; but certainly not her own, or her parents’ relatives. Neither Chayong’s nor Valencia’s relatives nor even Chayong or Valencia herself could bring Grace any closer to her father or mother, even if they were still living rather than dead.

    So what kind of relatives did she meet? Assuming an elderly Filipino man in his seventies had materialized and presented himself as her own father, and after some DNA tests was conclusively shown to be her own father indeed, that would have provided earth-shaking proof that she was, indeed, a natural-born Filipino. This would be in full accord with the 1935 Constitution, which was in force at the time of her birth, and which provides that Filipino citizens are those whose fathers are citizens of the Philippines, and those whose mothers are citizens of the Philippines and upon reaching the age of majority, elect Philippine citizenship.

    It would also be in accord with the 1961 United Nations Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, even though we have not acceded to it, which provides that “any foundling found in the territory of a contracting state shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, be considered to have been born within that territory of parents possessing the nationality of the State.”

    But of what use is it? Without any evidence of Miss Poe’s natural father as Filipino, she could never claim she was a natural-born Filipino. We are left to assume that she merely adopted her adoptive father’s nationality as her own when she claimed to be a natural-born Filipino. But this has no basis in our Constitution, old or new. Despite this, I was prepared to vault across that barrier and assume that before she acquired her US citizenship she was a natural-born Filipino. This was how I tried to approach it in my two immediately preceding columns on this issue.

    But whether she was in fact a “natural-born” Filipino, she threw it away when she became a naturalized American citizen long before the Arroyo government enacted the Dual Citizenship Law. Enacted in 2003, Republic Act 9225 allows Filipinos to retain their citizenship while acquiring a foreign citizenship, simply by taking a prescribed oath of allegiance to the Philippine government. But this law did not yet exist when Grace Poe renounced and abjured absolutely and entirely her allegiance and fidelity to the Philippine government, or to any prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of whom or which she had been a subject or citizen prior to her becoming a citizen of the United States.

    Her severance of any political bond with the Philippines was absolute, total and complete. Thus when she decided to return after her adoptive father’s death in December 2004, and to reacquire Philippine citizenship, she had to formally renounce her American citizenship, and take an oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines. This entailed, among other things, surrendering her US passport, paying certain fees associated with it, and accepting a certificate of loss of American citizenship.

    Now, when did all this happen? Grace Poe is the best person to tell us all this, with supporting documentary evidence; but she has not been forthcoming with the exact data, particularly the dates. The limited available data have come to us from other sources, but not enough to give us the complete narrative.

    Grace Poe claims to have returned to the Philippines in 2005, after FPJ’s electoral defeat and death. This is contradicted though by an official document she had sworn to saying she came back in 2006. She does not say what passport she used in coming back to the Philippines. There is no evidence that she used a Philippine passport, so many people freely assume that she used a US passport. And this US passport she used again on December 27, 2009, according to reports, four years after she had reestablished herself and her children in the Philippines. Was she still an American citizen then?

    In 2010, President Benigno Aquino 3rd appointed her as chair of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. This is a government position open only to Filipino citizens. The presumption, therefore, is that she had renounced her US citizenship then, and had become a Filipino citizen all over again. Did she have to produce a certificate of loss of her US citizenship, or proof that she had surrendered her US passport? Obviously she was not required to, and she did not. So in December 2011, the Washington Passport Agency issued her a new US passport, according to reports.

    This means that either she had applied for her old passport to be renewed, or the US agency simply issued the passport, out of sheer efficiency, without her applying for it.If she was no longer a US citizen, she would have had no reason to apply for it; if on the other hand, despite her being no longer a US citizen and not having to apply for it, she still received a US passport, she should have informed the US government that there was a mistake, and she should have returned the travel document. This did not happen. Was this perhaps the first time the US government ever issued a US passport to a non-citizen of the US?

    Finally, on May 16, 2014, Miss Poe acquired a Philippine passport, which expires on May 17, 2019. This confirmed her Filipino citizenship. But this was dated one year after she had become a senator, on the wings of Smarmatic’s and Comelec’s famous “60-30-10” electoral operation by means of which she and PNoy’s other senatorial candidates got 60 percent of all the votes counted, while UNA got 30 percent, and the “independents” 10 in all precincts, even in places where she and her friends were not known.

    This compels us to ask: Was Grace Poe still holding a US passport when she ran for senator? If so, was this known to Aquino, who sponsored her senatorial run, and to the US government?

    Clearly and undeniably, real crimes were committed here. In her certificate of candidacy, she stated under oath that she was a “natural-born Filipino.” But having long lost her “natural-born” status when she renounced her Philippine citizenship to become an American citizen, this was an utterly false statement and she knew it only too well. This was perjury pure and simple, and it was the first crime. Running for senator on the basis of that perjured claim, and occupying the position after she was electronically elected, and receiving all the emoluments attached to the office, despite her not being a “natural-born” Filipino is the more serious crime. But if she ran in 2013 while still holding an American passport, that would be the more unspeakable crime.

    I have not wanted to see Grace Poe or any sitting senator accused of any of these crimes. But the facts speak for themselves. Nothing would give me greater peace of mind and personal satisfaction than to be shown to have erred completely and unnecessarily in what I have written. But the truth must be told, regardless of cost or consequence. This is exactly what Grace Poe said when she signed the illegitimate report of the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee recommending the filing of plunder charges against Vice President Binay by the Ombudsman, which was already investigating Binay on the same charges before the sub-committee of bribe-takers started their own investigation.

    Sen. Poe must not be allowed to hide behind the myth and mystique of FPJ’s name. She must make a clean breast of it, and tell us everything. She cannot allow any lawyer who is not even in her employ to speak for her. In the spirit of free exchange and fair play, she should answer the questions personally. If she cannot do so, she could and perhaps should authorize her lawyer-chief of staff, who is said to enjoy her absolute personal confidence, to speak on her behalf.

    On the part of the aggrieved public, I would encourage some civic-minded citizens to go to the Senate Electoral Tribunal as soon as possible on a quo warranto petition, to question by what right Sen. Poe, who is not a natural-born Filipino, sits in the Upper Chamber. This might cure her of her recent tendency to daydream about getting machine-elected in 2016 for the highest position of irrelevancy in the land.



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    1. This is going around for far too long… I think it is best for everyone if Grace Poe will show credible proof na Filipino nga siya at totoong pwede siyang tumakbo para sa mga posisyon dito. Please, I can’t support her for making this issue too long to address. Akala ko ba iba siya? Eh parang nagiging trapo na rin siya eh tsk tsk…

    2. the only question in my mind is… why do all these allegations are suddenly coming up? and why only now??? if there was anything amiss in sen poe’s qualifications then someone somewhere shouldve made a noise when she won her senate seat back in 2013. makes sense right? but… NOBODY did! NOBODY questioned her qualification then!

      and dont you guys feel suspicious? the editor of this article is kit tatad. well, the last time i checked, tatad is allied with former pres erap. and to whom is erap allied now??? :)

    3. emmanuel mallari on

      grae poe is unaware that she will be this popular and because of that, she’s now thinking to run for president (if not, vp) not knowing all events which transpired during her accent to popularity will comeback to haunt her (like her usage of us passport when she travels, her us passport renewal, her denouncing of us citizenship, her acquiring of filipino citizenship, her appointment to mtrcb, her filing of coc, etc.) all of these can be connected to establish her residency. she herself can do this and not anyone else. but lo and behold, she is floating on cloud 9 and insist she’s qualified and entertaining the thought of becoming president without regards that she MIGHT be violating the residency requirement. if she is really honest as she espouses, she should come out with hard facts and even relinquish her senate seat to the 13th placer if in her heart of hearts she knows the truth and not wait for someone like gordon to file a case against her. if she will not do this, i can only hazard a guess….she’s an opportunists.

    4. JuanInAwhile on

      Because it is the US that is involved in this issue, there seems to be a large margin being given to Sen. Poe’s action in changing her citizenship and loyalties. I wonder if the same sympathy or margin be given by many if her previous citizenship were, say, China or Iran or Japan or even Canada or Venezuela, etc.? Shouldn’t the issue be resolved in the context of “whatever maybe her previous citizenship” in order to take out any bias and make the delideration purely professional, clinical and legal, perhaps?

    5. Benjamin Balita on

      Here’s what it says on a US passport: ” LOSS OF US CITIZENSHIP: Under certain circumstances, you may lose your US citizenship by performing, voluntarily & with the intention to relinquish US citizenship, ANY (kahit ano sa 5 reasons, kahit isa lang) of the following acts” (followed by 5 reasons), one of them “being naturalized in a foreign state” (in Poe’s case PHL), and another reason is “accepting employment with a foreign government (PHL).

      So, she may have lost her US citizenship simply by taking an oath with the PHL government! I don’t think there is such a thing as a “Certificate of loss of US citizenship”. I don’t believe the US is as “certificate” crazy as the PHL.

    6. When she denounced her Filipino Citizenship that was for her own convenience
      and not knowing she needs it again in the future. When she denounced again her US citizenship to work in the government for MTRCB it was made as requirement for a government post. She didn’t mention out of loyalty to serve the Government. Now it’s the time to tell the true intention of running for a higher post and therefore tell the people what really her background so the people would stop this issue.
      Mr. Tatad could file the case himself as stated for the benefit of those who feel cheated by this situation of Grace.

    7. Please tell us what goverment position did binay promised you if he is elected president? Tell us the truth.

      • You hit the nail on the head and the head of Mr. Pierre Cardin boy. Please ask Mrs Marcos who is Pierre Cardin boy.

      • Pls tell us what Roxas Poe and Pnoy promised you if one of them remains in power after 2016.

    8. The US does not automatically renew USA passports. The passport holder has to make an application for renewal.

    9. I will not risk my vote on her. Women appointed by Aquino, III. will screw up the truth, serve as propaganda for the yellows, the liberal party, the oligarchs and elitists. They are only what can be described as “flash-in-the-pan” wonders- but good for nothing. Who’s who ?Carpio-Morales, Heide Mendoza, De Lima, Dinky Soliman, among others.. Thereafter, they will not care a damn. Just observe. Have they done good tor the greater majority? They are self-serving, working only for self-aggrandizement, with ulterior, selfish motives – and are not populists.

    10. What Constitution is this guy talking about????? The Philippines is lawless country, if there’s any law at all, it only applies to the poor who cannot afford to put up the price for the lawyers and judges…….. Come on !@$%^

    11. I wouldn’t be surprised if Poe would come up with favorable hard evidence re her US status with the help of Uncle Sam. The USA will then have a hold on our potential president.
      Imagine what power it will wield then.

    12. Arlene Rafiq on

      At this point nothing is confirmed..you are all speculating! Give Grace Poe a chance to defend herself before you all pass judgement. Wait for her to explain her side and show proof of citizenship..only then you can start giving your venomous opinions.

      • she can ask her adopted mother, ms. susan roces poe, to help her with the true explanation on the whereabouts of her origin. i’m quite certain that ms. roces poe has the answers since she (ms poe llamanzares) was with her adopted mother since her childhood! question is, why is ms. susan roces poe keeping her silence?

      • well, these are valid assumptions and nobody here is against to give her chance to explain her side. if everything is ok there’s nothing to fear and hide.
        for all we know these concerns do not exist, hence, she is there where she is now.
        start telling the truth and we will listen, senator..

    13. I like Senator Poe a lot, but I totally agree with the writer. Only then the public would be enlightened on the status of Senator Poe.

      • Remember: If Poe will be the candidate of the LP, let us not vote for her because she will be the shadow of Abnoy whom we know is a useless President.

    14. She is truly living a lie !!
      Even her father’s name is not Fernando Poe, Jr. as the true FPJ is Andy Poe !
      Her adoptive father is Ronald Poe, Ronnie !

    15. Wow so many words about something that im sure the experts will be look at very soon if not right now & will decide. It seems you really are against this woman. I wonder if its binay you are supporting & its him you want for president. Then i wonder if you are still angry that they cought out the liar & cheat & thief the ex chief justice of this country corona.
      If she was allowed to get these jobs ( to which you allege she wasnt entitled to get ) then it shows the incompetence of those handing out these positions as do they just believe people or do they check. If they dont check then it shows how easy they are to fool. Its something that needs looking into. Sack those who should have checked her out as it makes no difference if she is your friend as the rules are the rules.
      But i dont think you have showed so much venom in looking at all the charges against the binays. I wonder if you also have an agenda

      • You must be as dense as your yellow turd cohorts. The man is a reporter columnist, and as such he is entitled to give his opinions regardless of who it concerns. It’s up to your opportunistic friend to prove R Tatad wrong. May Tao g GAGO TALAGA.

      • laguatanlawZen.com on

        Dustin, you missed the vital points In your arguments against Kit Tatad. When Grace Poe came home hurriedly to attend the wake of her adoptive father, FPJR., Grace was, I supposed, still holding a US Passport at that time. When she assumed Chairmanship of FPJR Production, I supposed she was still a US citizen. But when Abnoy groomed her to assume Chairmanship of MTRCB, she re-acquired her Filipino citizenship because the Constitution so requires it. Don’t be bias in your opinion. The erudite postulate of Kit Tatad’s presentation as an accomplished Journalist far outweighs than your mediocre arguments. The rest who made negative comments against Kit Tatad are likened to broken cymbals. All your grammar are as crooked as the road going to Baguio. Pa Englis-englis pa kayo mali-mali na man ang grammar ninyo.

    16. Philip Bautista on

      Mr. Tatad – why don’t you go to the Senate Electoral Tribunal yourself as soon as possible on a quo warranto petition,

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        I second the motion. And, I am willing to accompany Mr. Tatad and affix my signature just so we could really find out the TRUTH. It is not good for our country if the law and more so the basic law of the land, the Philippine Constitution, is ignored for the sake of personal ambition and selfish motives. But, I would prefer for Sen. Grace to come out open and honest about her official status as a citizen rather than get the sympathy of people. God bless the Philippines.

    17. Little miss muppet shows her true hypocricy and trapo ways – speak about honesty, but act deceitfully.

      The ice queen cometh

      Without a clue about anything, all grace poe can do is appeal to emotion by exploiting fjp’s name ( irony in itself), and her ‘story’ of being a waif and stray.

    18. Dennis Fernandez on

      Why not do it yourself, Mr. Tatad, file the case against Sen. Poe at the Senate Electoral Tribunal since you carry more weight than the ordinary citizens you are exhorting to do, given your status as a former senator?

      • Oo nga naman.
        However since he has slammed her decision re the senate blue ribbon report, maybe it might not be prudent.

        I hope this is cleared up soonest.

      • Jose A. Oliveros on

        At this stage, only two people can file a quo warranto against Sen. PoeLlamanzares – the Solicitor General and the 13th placer in the 2013 elections. Please read my comment, the first one posted here.

    19. Jose A. Oliveros on

      Under Rule 66 of the 1997 Rules of Civil Procedure, there are only two individuals who can file an action for quo warranto against Sen. Poe-Llamanzares – the Solicitor General and the 13th placer in the 2013 senatorial elections. Certainly, the Solicitor General will not do it on his own and the only person who can order him to do so is the President of the Philippines. So, this option is out. This leaves only the 13th placer but will he dare file quo warranto proceedings.

    20. Rogelio Feir on

      I find these very relevant. The plain truth of Grace Poe’s citizenship must be cleared.

    21. Good article, Mr. Tatad. I am really with you on this one. As I commented in your previous column concerning this matter of the citizenship and residency of Senator Poe, she was either a US citizen or a dual US-PH citizen during the May 13, 2013 election, and thus, should have been disqualified. My conclusion is based, in part, on the meager information she has provided to the public during interviews, on some facts uncovered by newspapers including The Manila Times, differing opinions of a number of lawyers, as well as some relevant decisions of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

      It is up to Senator Poe to address the skepticism and doubts that have arisen in many people’s minds. Did she not say something about “transparency” and “honesty?”

      Meanwhile, someone should challenge her right to sit as a senator in the current Congress. The law is the law! Everyone is equal under the law. There should be no special treatment for her just because she carries the name “Poe”.

      BTW, the US State Department will not renew a US passport automatically. One has to apply for a renewal. If Senator Poe got a new US passport in 2011, it means that she applied for a renewal – a voluntary act on her part.

    22. Johnny Ramos on

      I think the citizenship of Grace Poe is non issue on her but her moral character when she gave up her Filipino status in exchange for an American citizenship. How can Grace Poe if ever she become our President explain the meaning of patriotism to our young kids. Ang pagatalikod ba sa bandila ng ating bansa ay puwede ng tawagin makabayan?

      • mario san antonio on

        good point. hindi nga si Grace Poe makabayan! at talaga namang oportunista siya. at nagpapagamit lang….higit sa lahat, siya ay disqualified to run for president dahil isa siyang FOUNDLING or abandoned baby with unknown parents. di natin alam baka mga American citizens (or mga foreigners) ang tunay niyang magulang… kasi unkown parents nga! may requirement ang ating Saligang Batas na NATURAL BORN CITIZEN or those with Filipino parents lang ang papayagang tumakbo para sa Pangulo, VP Sen or cong… bakit si Poe nag poe poemulit??? you are not natural born and you lack the 10 year residence requirement… please respect the law, ms. poe.

    23. As a US citizen, the country does NOT automatically issue a renewal of your passpoert unless you apply for it because there is a fee to be paid. One as to fill out forms and either take it to the renewal centers or mail it. Even natural US born citizens have to apply for their passports and pay the fee. It is NOT automatically issued to citizens of the country. It must be a fact therefore that Grace Poe applied for a renewal of her passport if the US sent her a new one because prior to renewing a US passport you have to meet certain qualifications. they are very strict with that. She cannot say that her huband applied for her too because she had to sign the application for renewal form.What a mess she is in, did quino tell her not to worry about it and he will take care of it? uh uh!!

    24. Julien Boisfeuras on

      The U.S. Dept of State does not issue a passport WITHOUT an application …. this applies whether it is for a a new passport or just a renewal. So, if the U.S. Dept. of State issued to Poe a renewal U.S. passport in December 2011, Poe applied for one about 1 month before December 2011, and necessarily she was still a U.S. Citizen in December 2011 when it was issued or at the very least in November 2011. That certainly creates problems for Poe … even her seat at the Senate may be questioned (did she have residency of not less than two years immediately preceding the day of the elections in 2013?) when she was traveling as a U.S citizen in December 2011 – early 2012.

    25. It seems Mr. Bikolano you’re just scratching your hair thinking of what else to write to justify you being in the payroll and patronage on your most esteemed and corrupt padri no whose name and face need not be mentioned.
      With the election a year from now it is time for crooks like you to take your side.
      Suggestion is for you to run as Senator again but it is just an exercise in futility for you judging by how you’ve lost each time after duping the voters to let you serve for 2 terms.

      • rey quijada on

        I am with the administration but to attack someone ad hominem is not proper, fair. patriotic and just. What if former Senator Tatad is correct about Grace Poe, shall we just set aside his ideas just because we do not agree with him politically? Grace Poe and Binay are not the only Filipinos who can be good Presidents There are many others from other parts of the country like Duterte for example.

    26. Buntong Hininga on

      In the US if you are a naturalized US citizen and your passport expired you have to PERSONALLY sign the renewal forms and pay the fees before the US Passport Office will renew it. There is NO such thing as automatic renewal. If it expired it is expired like what happened to me. You must go to your nearest Post Office or US Passport Office to have it renewed. In Grace Poe’s case she personally appeared and file a request for renewal and paid the corresponding fees.

    27. Sen. Kit Tatad in my opinion has spelled out clearly what need to be clarified.A response is of utmost necessity that Sen. Grace should address the issues in a manner so crystal clear that would totally silenced all who have doubts.

    28. Absolutely, we should not allow this kind of cheating if indeed G Poe is not a filipino citizen when she ran for senator. ito talaga si PNoy e M-R. NAKAKAHIYA!!!

    29. If Senator Grace Poe was found inside the church in Jaro Church I would assume that her poor parents did not even have enough money to have her registered that would document her legal status. Only a DNA Test could finally establish this coming from a natural born Filipino parent as required by Law. Otherwise ,this would be a president only the courts could finally solve. Unfortunately, without proof of any legal status would be pending until resolved. Sadly ,she would not qualify for any official elected position Legally.

    30. Obviously echoing Drilon, Grace Poe now labels the issues of her citizenship and residency “old politics.” That is totally absurd. These two requirements for running a national political seat is strictly provided under the Constitution. These are legitimate issues, indeed.

      During the last election Regina Reyes who ran as congressman of Marinduque won in the canvassing of votes, yet she was disqualified for allegedly being a US citizen when no material document was presented to prove her US citizenship. Reyes was only a green card holder or a US permanent resident. She did not lose her Philippine citizenship. Therefore, as to residency, the legal doctrine of animus revertendi or the intent to return to the Philippines applies to her.

      Compare Reyes case to Grace Poe’s situation. If a green card holder can be recently disqualified by the Supreme Court, how much more for a US citizen like Grace Poe? To reiterate, the doctrine of animus revertendi does not apply to Poe because she lost her citizenship when she became a US citizen. That is why Brillantes came up with the statement that Poe’s citizenship issue, if questioned in the Supreme Court, will prosper because this is the position of the Comelec when they disqualified Regina Reyes and proclaimed her opponent, Lord Allan Velasco, the SC associate justice son.

    31. Ang sabi ni Susan Roces – “ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw”.Kung hindi nagsabi ng buong katotohanan si Grace bago ma elect na senador dahil may duda sa kanyang pagka Pilipino, masasabi na siya ay sinungaling. At sa 2016 kung siya ay mahalal na pangulo, masasabi rin na Grace stole high
      positions in our government when she was not qualified to hold, not once but going twice?

    32. Yes you are presuming that she is not a Natural Born Citizen. But if the court sides in here favor no crime was committed. All this you are presuming is if she is not a Filipino citizen.

    33. Diehard Batang on

      Mr. Tatad-Your opinion is now irrelevant as far as the newly englightened filipino electorate is concerned. We could never forget that you are the ugly face of Martial Law and still continue to sell your soul to the devil knowing fully well the pattern of corruption that was (is) being committed by the kleptocratic Binays in Makati. YOU ARE JUST INCORRIBLE!!!!!!

    34. Mr. Tatad, clearly this lady Pooo has betrayed the public trust. she was dishonest and criminally liable for enjoying the perk and porks from the people while illegally occupying the position of a senator. Perjury is nothing compared to the trust of the people being violated by this liar and dishonest senator. And now she is salivating the position of the president amidst this greatest blunder she committed?

    35. From what Mr Tatad stated in this column, Grace Poe was neither a “natural-born Filipino citizen when she ran as Senator in 2013 nor when she as appointed by Pnoy as Chairman of the Movie Board, which both requires a “natural-born Filipino citizenship”. It is now incumbent upon Senator Poe to speak and prove her status as natural born considering she is now a Senator. Her decision of whether to run as President or VP is of no significance on the issue. It is her current position that mandates her to show her citizenship qualification required for senatorship which is that of “Natural-born”.

      As a foundling found in the Philippines she was only a Filipino citizen but not a Natural-born” for she has to show her parents Filipino citizenship status, which she can not! Her adoptive parents (FPJ and Susan) may give her Filipino citizenship but not as “natural-born” they not being biological parents. What makes her NOT a “natural-born” and further complicates her status is she became a naturalized American citizen before 2013 and therefore abandoned her “natural-born” status ASSUMING she was before her American naturalization. When she re-acquired Filipino citizenship under the Dual citizenship” act”. She became only a Filipino citizen, but NOT “natural -born”. Thus, Grace Poe is both a Filipino Citizen and American citizen having dual citizenship.
      However, Grace Poe was never and will never be “natural-born” for lack of proof and due to abandonment (if ever she was which was not). Hence Grace Poe is disqualified as Senator, much more as President and/or VP. Grace Poe then must relinquish her senatorial position if she maintains she is honest and truthful!

    36. I Remember... on

      So well written…. Disgrace for the opportunist lady. That is all she will win.