• Did Napoles doctor her lab test?


    DID Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged pork barrel scam mastermind, doctor her laboratory test?

    This question popped up after Napoles’ lawyers presented before a Makati court the laboratory test results, which was under the name of a certain “Jenny Tan” and not that of the detained businesswoman.

    This prompted Makati Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 150 Judge Elmo Alameda to order an investigation into the matter.

    “That is what the court would look into, if the test belongs to Janet Lim-Napoles,” said Alameda.

    On Tuesday’s hearing on the motion of Napoles seeking for a medical attention at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig, the defense lawyers presented Dr. Santiago del Rosario as their expert witness.

    Del Rosario, chairman of the Makati Medical Center’s Department of Ob-Gyn, said Napoles needs immediate medical attention because of a myoma in the uterus, which is accompanied by profuse bleeding.

    He said the businesswoman lost two liters of blood or two grams of hemoglobin from October to December 2013 due to profuse bleeding.

    Del Rosario said Napoles’ hemoglobin count in October was 12.6 grams and it dropped to 10.4 grams in December.

    When asked by Prosecutor Christopher Garvida on his basis for saying this, del Rosario cited the laboratory tests shown to him by the lawyers of Napoles.

    But Garvida noticed that the laboratory test results bear the name of a certain “Jenny Tan” and not that of Napoles.

    Garvida said the defense lawyers misled del Rosario by showing him the laboratory test results bearing the name of “Jenny Tan.”

    “Jenny Tan was the name in the lab result which made you conclude that Napoles is suffering from profuse bleeding,” Garvida told del Rosario during the cross-examination.

    Because of this, Alameda subpoenaed Dr. Romeo Aguirre, who signed the questioned laboratory result and medical technologist Diana Quintos, both of the Accucell Diagnostic Center in Antipolo City.

    Del Rosario, however, clarified that there was no irregularity in the lab result bearing other person’s name saying that some patients refuse to divulge their true identify for security reasons.

    “For security purposes, the patient requests that her real name not be disclosed,” he explained.

    When asked by Alameda if he was told that the laboratory results belonged to Napoles, del Rosario replied in affirmative.


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    1. I for one dont care about her. Its so strange how when in jail every top person gets sick & needs to go to hospital. Put her in a normal cell with all the other scum in there & let her rot in hell. If she dies then her punnishment is complete. Why help her, she wont help with this case, she keeps quiet. Treat her the way she would treat you. Pain & suffering is what she deserves. You people that believe in god & jesus, ( i dont ) but if you do didnt jesus suffer the beating by those roman guards & all the pain & sufferings of being nailed to a cross & died an agonising death after being crucified, well it seems give her some of this pain then she may just may see some religous actions are needed by her to atone for her crimes aginst the poor of this country.

    2. There is wide perception of dishonesty in the country, you can’t trust anybody anymore, so it seems. Repeat the complete blood count with the government doctor as witness, to resolve the issue. There is no need for investigation to waste more money.

    3. Only in the Philippines where a medical certificate for laboratory test is being doctored by a doctor and the doctor affirmed that it was a doctored document.Garapalan na talaga ang ginawa ng mga abogado ni Napoles at nakuha pang iprisenta ang nasabing documento sa korte na iba ang pangalan at iprenisintang kay Napoles. Kung sabagay, garapalan na talaga ang kalakalan ng ilang abogado dito sa Pinas. Sa panig naman ng mga doktor, ay sanay na sila diyan. Kung may mamatay nga sa kanilang pasyente habang inoperahan sa sa Panginoon nila ibinubunton ang sisi kumo kagustuhan nga Panginoon ang nangyari. Pera pera lang yan. Good work Prosecutor Garvida.