Did Roxas ask for Tacloban to be surrendered to him first?


One would think that in the face of the country’s worst disaster ever, the President of the Republic would reach out to unite the country and get everyone, even those not within his camp, on board.

There are in fact institutional mechanisms for this, for such a crisis as the horrific devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda.

The National Security Council during Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s administrations, and especially the latter’s Council of State had past presidents, leaders of Congress including the opposition as well as of the business sector sitting in one table to discuss how a crisis would be met, how the nation’s resources, how a collective mind could be tapped to solve a grave problem confronting the country.

Instead President Aquino since Yolanda struck had been closeted solely with his inner circle in the Palace. He had not even consulted his leaders in Congress, Senate President Franklin Drilon and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, which explains these two politicians invisibility in the past week.

I was told that Vice President Jejomar Binay even had to course his proposal to help Mr. Aquino’s team for the disaster through an intermediary, as he couldn’t even talk to the President. Binay wasn’t even given the courtesy of a reply.

We have a President who even blamed Tacloban officials for not preparing for the super-typhoon—when Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas were in the city (see item below) before Yolanda struck to make sure national government agencies made their preparations, which proved useless.

A Facebook post on Roxas’ interview with CNN reporter Andrew Stevens (quotes are accurate).

A Facebook post on Roxas’ interview with CNN reporter Andrew Stevens (quotes are accurate).

Whatever the two officials prepared obviously were also washed away by the storm surge. And like nearly everyone in Leyte and in the country, Aquino’s two top officials had not understood meteorologists’ warning about a “storm surge.” The two had nearly drowned in the undisclosed building near the airport where they bunkered in. The colonel commanding the military outpost at the airport was washed to the sea, and hung on for dear life on a plywood plank that fortunately drifted back to the shore the day after.

No wonder film director Peque Gallaga wrote in his Facebook essay that had become viral: “Not since Marcos have we as a people been so polarized. As far as our hearts and minds are concerned, it’s like we’re in the edge of a civil war.”

We are in the midst of a catastrophe that would be a scar on our nation for decades to come. Yet this president has chosen a path of discord. It’s not really such a surprise, as Aquino has been a quarrelsome president, internally and externally.

What really happened in Tacloban
The following narrative has been circulating in social media, and was even emailed to me by different people. One email said that it was written by a Mr. Alex Avisado, Jr. who the sender said is a lawyer for Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez, who had posted it on his Facebook wall.

I checked Mr. Avisado’s Facebook account and indeed he posted it, on November 15. Other postings in his wall show that he has been privy to events that transpired in Tacloban before and after the typhoon. One of his postings had an unpublished photo of secretaries Gazmin and Roxas arriving at the Tacloban airport “a few days” before Tacloban struck. Avisado captioned it: “PNoy stop blaming local officials for the tragedy! Look—secretaries Roxas and Gazmin were both in Tacloban a few days before to ensure disaster preparedness for typhoon Yolanda.” (I emailed him through his Facebook account to verify whether he did or didn’t write the posting, but as of my deadline, I had not received a reply.)

I find Mr. Avisado’s narrative (dated Nov. 15) credible. Here it is, unedited:

“After Typhoon Yolanda struck, the Mayor of Tacloban requested the NDRRMC to make a “RESPONSE OVERKILL” on the rescue and relief operations.

Unfortunately, the response from the National Govt was very cold and half-hearted. On Day 2 of Typhoon Yolanda aftermath, the Mayor requested the NDRRMC to deploy 2 Marine Battalions to help immediately establish peace and order and rescue/relief operations.

Unfortunately, this plea for help was unheeded by the National Govt. After almost a week, the National Govt sent only Bureau of Fire Protection and MMDA personnel.

The Mayor requested for PNP reinforcement since only around 25 policemen were left for duty out of 280 plus police force. Unfortunately, this plea for help was again unheeded.

The Mayor again requested the National Govt for trucks and transportation since they got even the remaining patrol cars but this plea was again unheeded. The Mayor requested the National Govt to put more vehicles and personnel for cadaver retrieval but up to now only 4 trucks from the National Govt are doing this.

Only 8 trucks from the National Govt are doing relief work. Tacloban is now reeking from the smell of death and relief operations are still moving at a snail’s pace. All relief goods arriving at the airport and seaport are now being controlled by the National Govt.

To add insult to injury, the DILG Sec wants the Mayor of Tacloban to write a formal letter to the PNOY supposedly to inform him that he could no longer function as Mayor thereby surrendering authority to the DILG Sec. He wants the letter soon so PNoy can make the announcement and perhaps justify the government’s slow and stupid response to this disaster and lay the blame on the Mayor. The International Community is fully aware of the deplorable conditions in Tacloban but the National Govt is still in denial.”

There was incontrovertibly a crucial delay in government’s deployment of troops. NDRMMC Executive Director Eduardo del Rosario said that troops were not deployed as it was thought that they would have to compete for food in the city. He claimed: “We might be adding troops that are not needed. Another problem is how to feed the soldiers and policemen we will send there,”

Only in recent days, and spearheaded by the reportage of CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the horrific costs to the people of Tacloban of such a stupid thinking—aren’t troops supposed to bring their own rations?—have been exposed to the world.

One of the most vivid narratives of the tragic cost to human life of government’s belated response to the disaster is an article by Keith Bradsher in the Nov. 15 issue of the New York Times article. An excerpt:

TACLOBAN, the Philippines: Richard Pulga lay on a hard steel gurney for five days with only a saline drip after being seriously injured in the typhoon that devastated his country.

Doctors said the father of two small children could have been saved. Instead, he became a victim of the incompetence and inaction that have plagued relief efforts here for the hundreds of thousands left injured, or homeless or hungry, and sometimes all three, since the typhoon hit.

By the time Dr. Rodel Flores, a surgeon with a team of visiting doctors, found Mr. Pulga on Thursday, he had received no antibiotics or antiseptic and his leg was badly infected. The doctor ordered an emergency amputation to try to save his life. But the surgery was too late, and death soon followed.

“In short,” Dr. Flores said, “it was preventable.”

His death is one of the clearest signs yet of the human toll taken by a slow and troubled relief effort since the typhoon swept ashore on Nov. 8. Like much-needed water and food, medicine—including antibiotics—was held up for days as rescue teams struggled to operate amid the chaos of a city with too few military or police officers to provide security and too little government control.

Aid workers huddled for days at the airport, unable to obtain vehicles or fuel and fearful of venturing out amid reports of sporadic gunfire as desperate people nearly hijacked one convoy approaching Tacloban, which turned back. Some of those workers have since said the inadequate government response has made this disaster more difficult in some ways than such historic catastrophes as the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

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  1. According to mayor Romualdez’s lawyer, Atty. Avisado, Romualdez requested for a “response overkill”. How was this request made? By phone? In a letter? In an email? To whom did Romualdez or Avisado send the request? When was it made? Was the request received? If so, who received the request?

    Why does the Mr. Tiglao consider Avisado’s claim credible?

  2. Grabeh naman kayo !!! kung makapanghusga kayo parang hindi nasasaktan ang hinuhusgahan ninyo !!!!!!! purket wla na kayo sa pilipinas kung makapang lait wagas !!! kayo kaya ang umupo bilang presidente ??? tngnan natin kung makakaya nyo na lait-laitin namin kayo !!! hindi ito ang tamang panahon upang magsisihan tayo !! ito ang oras na kailangan nating magkaisa at magtulungan !!!! we should help instead of judging our president

  3. Pnoy, you’re the man! We, who belong to the majority, support you all the way! Continue to inspire us and lead us to progress! Thank you for making the supreme sacrifice! We know you should have opted to live a quiet and pompous life as a Senator but instead, offered unselfishly yourself to lead us!

    To your diehard critics who want you to fail from Day 1, I am very sorry for you! Try not to remain bitter until 2016, three years are too long to be in that situation!

    Filipinos are resilient and we will overcome these challenges! I wish we are all mature and really intelligent!

    Little knowledge about something is a dangerous thing, don’t act as if you know everything! Try to weigh the issues on hand and act intelligently!

    Ang gagaling nyong magpuna, nagsilbi na ba kayo sa bayan nyo o kahit man lang sa kapwa ninyo? Puro puna, puro paninira kaya walang mangyari sa ating bansa.

    Tuwang-tuwa ang mga kalaban ng administrasyon na ito kasi napakadaling gatungan ng ating mga kababayan. Puro naman ningas kugon, madaling magalit, madali namang makalimot kaya talamak na nagbalikan ang mga pulitikong isinuka na ng lipunan.

    Mabuhay ang ating bayan!

  4. This is not the time to start blaming goverment people, as a American citizen who visits the western Visaya’s every year, have we learned anything after the attacks on the world trade centers on 9/11. or when we got hit with hurrcaine Katrina. people want to blame someone when now is the time to come together. as a country and work on a solution . now is the time to thank God that the world is sending help. and to use the help to stablize the country. through strong leadership

  5. We should demand that this pretender to the throne show his psychological report now. Matagal nang nagdurusa ang mga Pinoy dahil sa kapalpakan nitong kalbong eto. Kawawa naman ang Pilipinas. Mahigit pang dalawang taon tayong pahihirapan nitong sira ulong eto.

  6. nick, dapat talagang amendyahan na ang ating constitution dahil hindi na maka sabay sa makabagong panahon.nung pinagdedebatehan yang 1987 constition na yan walang idea ang mga drafters na magkakaroon ng globalization at ang isip ni Cory noon ay paurong dahil ang pina implement nya ay Filipino first policy. the problem is hindi ganun kalaki ang capital nating mga Filipino kay very limited ang na create ng business oportunity at ang nangyari pa ay namonopolyo pa ang economy ng Phil.kung noon pa sana inopen ang bansa natin sa dayuhang capitalista hindi sana dumaranas ang Pilipinas na ang mga dati ng mayaman ay lalong yumaman at ang mahirap ay lalong naghirap.hindi sana lalong lumayo ang agwat ng mahirap sa mayaman.well pananaw ko lang naman…

  7. Wala talagang kunsensya si DILG chief Mar Roxas,sinibak sa pwesto yung hepe sa Tacloban e biktima rin siya ng bagyo.

  8. First of all, Mr. Tiglao assessment have a point, pero in my opinion the government did not fail in the crisis of the calamity, IT WAS ALREADY A DOOM crisis even before it started due to the nature of the situation in our country, SAFETY & PREPAREDNESS is riding IN THE BACK SEAT; maritime, air safety, flood controls, typhoons, and rule of law. Our country politician and leaders are amateurs in handling this because these are long term plan and must have continuity, dito impossible magawa, kasi and mentality natin ay ini exposed natin ang dirty laundry sa mundo, it start with the highest level, wala secrecy at protocol sa Malacanyang, at ma nga programa ng isa at isa indi natutoloy sa tama at ang mundo natin ay MGA attorney nag papatakbo, INDI SCHOLARS sa fields ng responsibility. At isa pa dapat mayroon din tayo dependency sa sarili natin kasi nabigay na sa atin since 1946, pero wala, dapat wake up call ito, MORE POWER SA PINOY.

  9. hindi ko malaman kung bakit sa daming mga matitinong pwedeng adviser na makukuha ng malacanang..puro walang malasakit ang nakuha. san ka naman nakakita bago tumulong ang national government kinakailangan pang i-give-up ng mayor ng tacloban ang pagkamayor niya para pumasok ang tulong ni pnoy.. wala talagang mga puso, ang priority, paano masolidify and grip sa power di alintana ang naghambalang ng mga nagdurusang mga WARAY

    • alberto gebilaguin on

      we call it ABBU SAYAAF principle. Ransom in short. What a pity for Filipinos who voted for this kind of leaders…I DIDN’T..

  10. Loverly Del Prado on

    Yang presidente na yan sabe nya nung nasa Guiuan samar sya, unahing tulungan yung mga naghanda. Ibig sabihin ba nun kaya ang bagal ng relief effort sa tacloban dahil sa tingin nya hindi naghanda ang mayor dun? Kung hindi pa nireport ni Anderson Cooper yung sitwasyon sa Tacloban hindi pa nya maiisipan na magfacilitate ng relief effort dun. Kung hindi pa magrereact ang mga tao, hahayaan na lang nya na mamatay sa gutom mga tao dun, mamatay na lang ang mga sugatan dahil sa impeksyon, at mabulok na lang ang mga patay sa kalsada. Ngayon nandyan sya sa Tacloban, nagmamagandang loob kunyari kase galit na kanya mga tao at bababa ang rating nya. Bwusit! Nakakainis yang presidente na yan! Imbis na magbigay ng simpatya sa mga tao dun at pati sa mayor dun, naninisi pa sya!!!

  11. i cant really blame Mr. Tiglao if that’s what he thinks. May mga basehan sya sa lahat ng mga sinulat nya. For those na nag sasabi na taos puso ang pagtulong ng gobyerno at sinisiraan lng ni Mr. Tiglao ang palasyo, then you should think twice. Panoorin nyo na lang ung report ni Anderson Cooper. And come to think of it, before ipamigay ung relief goods eh dpat pa ba talaga na ilagay un sa plastics n may pangalan ng nagbigay? Question is, pera ba talaga nila ang ginamit? yan ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit late ang tulong. Sinasamantala ng mga taong ito ang sitwasyon at IPANAPAMUKHA satin mga Pilipino na tinulungan nila tayo. reality is, pera ng bayan ang pinambili sa mga goods n yan. Buti pa s Mayor Duterte, from Davao City nakalagay. meaning di nia inaangkin ung credits ng pagtulong. na kung may dapat pasalamatan sa tulong n un, un eh ung mga mamamayan ng Davao city. As for Ms. Korina Sanchez, i really thought you are an intelligent woman, but you just proved me wrong. Wag mo sanang gawing tanga ang mga Pilipino at ang buong mundo. Journalist ka and you should be transparent. Napaka-unfair mo. Lalong malulugmok ang bayang Pilipinas pag ang mga ganitong klase ng tao ang mamumuno sa bansa natin. Wag na sana umabot pa sa rebolusyon bago pa magkaroon ng pag babago. Sana, 5-10 years from now eh di na ganito ang sistema sa Pilipinas.

    • Tama ka Eric! We need to change to Parliamentary form of gov’t. 27 years na tayo pinapahirapan ng 1987 Cory Constitution at walang asenso. Ang mayayaman lalong yumayaman at ang mahihirap ay lalong naghihirap.


    • almero agustin on

      Ang problema nga Lagahit ay isa ako sa maraming naninwala sa mga dayuhang journalist na kapapaniwala sa kanilang mga nakikita sa palpak na pagtugon ng mga authoridad di ba? downright nonsense ang mga eto? sus marya! mga banyaga na maninira ? ano kaya ang motive nila? baka kakandidato sila Lagahit? ayay yay !! minsan mahirap lunukin ang katotohanan sa mga pikon na ayaw sa kapwa pikon (pnoy).

    • julhma Fernandez on

      “You will all be judged in years to come by how you responded to genocide on your watch”

  13. Regarding the death of the man for due to the delay of the government..they can sue the Pnoy for this for negligence of our government..Shame on them..I think every Pilipino that died during the delayed response of the government should be given money.

  14. ano ang pinagsasabi ninyo e yung asawa ng mayor and unang umalis diyan sa tacloban, at may gana pang magpaintebyu sa show ni german moreno, sino kaya ang nangurakot ang tagal na ng mga romualdez na naghari diyan sa leyte, sila lang and mayaman, yung big dome na building and laki para saan gamit yun, sa sabungan wala na man silang PBA team ha, hindi nila natulungan umasenso ang mga tao doon kay desperado na silang umalis ng tacloban itinataboy pa ng Mayor nila, nakakahiy ka , May privelege speech pa yung kapatid niyang congressman nasaan yung 700,000.00 milyon na ibinigay ni Arroyo ng presidente siya

  15. The time of Yolanda’s arrival and the intensity and projected magnitude was of public knowledge.could things have been better if days before,people on the Path of Yolanda,were evacuated to safer places?just like what an ExMayor of a Camotes town did to the people of Tulang Diyot,an island in that province?it may not be easy considering the population to be evacuated,but ,a lot of lives could have been saved!navy ships and the C130s of the PAF should have been deployed days before.thank you Manila Times!

    • Tama po kayo, tinularan sana nila ang ginawa ng mayor na iyon ng isang pulo kaya iisa lang ang nasawi hindi pa dahil sa Yolanda. Wasak na wasak ang bayan nila pero buhay sila dahil napaghandaan talaga nila ang Super typhoon, bagay na winalang bahala lang ng iba kaya maraming nasawi.

  16. From reading all the foregoing comments from Filipinos, it appears that a lot of Filipinos finally realized their mistake, i.e., they had elected a mongoloid

    • May right ba tayo na hilingin na ipa-check-up si Pnoy? Importante kasi ang health at state of mind ng ating pangulo. Sa ibang bansa ay istrikto sila sa kalusugan at lagay ng pag-iisip ng leaders nila. Baka bipolar ang Pnoy naku delikado tayo.

  17. When mama’s boys are thrust into leadership, they cannot act on their own as they have to look at their mothers for blessing and approval. Such are noynoy and mar! Never good leaders but good followers!

  18. We do have a situation now that one said ” like a civil war”. Tapos nandito naman tayo having war of words. Saan naman kaya tayo tutungo nito? Guys, including Mr Tiglaw, why don’t all of us look at the worst situation on the ground and work together in the front to bring it back to a near normal atmosphere? Do you think guys you had elevated the very low morale of the people in Tacloban City pag na criticize mo ang Phil President, o sino man dyan leaders sa government? For me, I don’t think so. Not even the praises you made to the previous presidents, but our actual and personal and manual involvement in raising up again the low spirit of the waray-waray in the ravaged areas, is the task to do at hand.

  19. In times of national crisis, the last thing to do is to criticize a legally-elected president whose mandate and continuous popularity is truly deserving.

    I pity those who prefer to question or blame the president and his administration but not doing anything or giving sensible suggestions on how to help the nation in going forward, or at least help the victims to unburden the massive recovvery and rehabilitation required.

    Unless you have tried and experienced to serve even as kagawad and understand the meaning of public service, then, you will know what you are talking about or better keep your mouth shut.

  20. Re: what lessons can be learned for any future disaster
    « Reply #45 on: November 15, 2013, 05:44:27 PM »
    Quote from: ayoshi on November 14, 2013, 10:45:09 PM

    its amazing to see all the experts come out of the woodwork during the disaster and pass the blame on your current president .
    i’m not filipino but i strongly support your current president .

    listen to this john f kennedy speech


    the aquino family have more than giving their blood and loyality to the philippinese . your current president has stood firm up against china .

    look how he has set about moderising the filipino military .

    this disaster is not his fault . all these so call experts that have turned up from the wood work , if they were any good at their jobs they would have opened their mouths long time ago .

    the aquino family reputation is beyond reproach . the philippines is their life and blood . yes this disaster is the worst thing to happen to the philippines but i believe the right president is in place .

    do not forget so fast the late aquino .


  21. All I can say is the PNoy is the president of all Filipinos regardless of social stature or political leanings. Therefore in times of crisis, he should assume the stature of a leader for all Filipinos. Its just sad that PNoy was not up to the task. A true leader when faced with extreme pressure in times of crisis, focuses on the task at hand and takes charge. While folding up in times of extreme pressure in a crisis situation is a natural human reaction, not doing anything and refusing to accept the realities on the ground is Mortal Sin.

  22. BS Aquino apparently forgot what Manuel L. Quezon has said before: “My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins.”

    BS Aquino is hell-bent on punishing those from other political parties who had the bad taste to defeat in the last election those from his own political party, that he forgot he is supposed to serve his country.

    I am not sure, though, if ‘Ninoy’ and ‘Cory’ are rolling restless in their graves or are applauding their son’s actions.

  23. eduardo nufable on

    Ewan na lang nating ang panahon ni Ramos at Erap, kay GMA na lang. Kung sa kanyang panunungkulan nangyari ang ganitong trahedya ay malamang na kung saan susuling si GMA kasi naubos na nila sa pangungurakot ang pera ng kaban ng bayan at maaring kay Napoles pa mapunta ang mga foreign cash aid, duon sa kanyang bogus ngo’s, with the blessing of GMA and her cohorts of corrupt officials. Paano mo (Tiglao) nalaman na mas epektibo ang maaring gawin ni GMA kung nangyari sa kanyang panunungkulan ang trahedya ito eh, wala nga siyang nagawa sa Maguindanao massacre at nakawan sa Maguindanao at maging sa panahon ni tabako na walang nakita sa ibinigay na bilyon bilyong pera kay Misuari para sa ARMM.

    • Let’s not talk about the pass administration maybe GMA could have handled the situation a lot better. Not everyone under the umbrella of Aquino’s administration is honest. Tao rin lng yan sila na nalilinlang ng mataming pera.I am not a pro GMA pero sana wag na natin xang husgahan pa. Natapos na ang kanyang pamamahala at kong may kasalanan nga xa hayaan na natin ang batas humusga sa kanya. The issue now was the tragedy that happened to our fellow filipinos, let’s just do what we can do to help them move on as they build new hopes and dreams from scratch.

    • Para kang gobyerno ni Pnoy, si Gloria na naman, pero hanggang ngayon walang ebidensiya sa mga sumbong ninyo at puro haka-haka. Si Pnoy puro pulitika at nagbabayad pa para lang isulong ang mga kagustuhan niya. Kitang kita naman kung paano magtrabaho ang gobyernong ito. Kapag mali ang ginawa- isisi,kapag ayaw ang tao- tanggalin. Pag panahon ng kalamidad- nawawala. GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES.

    • Eduardo, better write this comment to PDI. You will be a hero. Enough of blaming Gloria Arroyo. Maybe you were not in the Philippines when disasters happened and not observed the Arroyo administration work, which a President is expected to do. Did you hear Arroyo point fingers at people and blame other’s? I do not think so. With regards to your statements about any collusion between Napoles and the Arroyo administration, do you have proof? Do you even have a small foto of Mrs Arroyo and her family with the Napoles family? If you do not have any, suggest you cut your fingers and stop writing and staple your mouth to stop taling. My friend there are too many yellow idiots in the PNoy administration and adding your name to those morons will not help them.

  24. President Pnoy is really the best president the Philippines ever have.

    His actions and decisions are not politically motivated. He just do what needs to be done. It is easy to criticize than to praise and support our government unless you have tried to serve your fellow countrymen honestly.

    He has chosen to volunteer himself so that our country will truly move forward. he has demonstrated the true meaning of public service.

    We should be grateful to him because if he did not run, Erap again would have been our president. Just try to be grateful pag may time. I know you did not vote for him that’s why you never liked him. you don’t need to define sourgraping, now I know it.

    • 1. you high!!!??? of course I didn’t vote for your stupid president because he is incompetent since like……. ever!

      2. you see, we cant really blame your stupid president why he acts like a child..because he don’t want the office in the first place!!!..I remember him saying he won’t ..but remember how his family thrusted him in that position and used the death of his mother for people’s sympathy??

      3. when a person is afraid of responsibilities, he is deemed not confident…if your president is insecure, he will become a dummy…which he is now..you get the picture?

      4. I am from Leyte and your president is there now, personally gives the relief goods…. after a week!!! he’s always like that, he doesn’t have balls to decide as leader! he cant think fast!

      5.well, if he cant be there right away then why not send enough help?? if there’s not enough national help, then why the hell he cant let the volunteers from other countries go to the area right away??!! he is the president, his people will follow anything good he will say!! (read number 3).

    • badong, sylar, redshift and maria: Please tell us who was your presidential bet in 2010? That will simply exposed your motives in attacking and criticizing the legally-mandated and duly elected President Pnoy. In american politics, the losers simply concede and support the winning president. To the four of you, I suggest you volunteer for repacking of relief goods to release tension and stress and to unburden and release your heartaches when your presidential bet lost in 2010. If you did not release it, you will be carrying it until 2016 and it would be very very bad for your health.

    • @Batang Tondo:

      I voted BS Aquino but won’t keep an eye closed to what he has been doing. Just because I voted for him doesn’t mean that I will support him still even if what I’m seeing is totally contradicting to the reason why I voted him. Remember his motto? “Kayo ang amo ko”; And now the “Amo” needs help, what did he do? He played the ridiculous “Blame Game” when he should be uniting everyone a midst the crisis that struck the Philippines. And another thing, they can actually speed up the process of distributing relief goods and providing medical support at a very good speed, but why has it happened too late? That’s because he isn’t uniting everyone to do their jobs. He’s dissolving the unity that is supposedly he should have started in the first place.

    • Batang Tondo, read newspaper. Watch news on tv so you will have an idea of what’s happening around.. Hello?!!!!

    • I beg to disagree most violently. The Abnoy is not even our president. He is a fake president elected only by the PCOS machines, and turned ot to be the worst occupant of Malacanang.

    • Where was the LOCAL GOVERNMENT? Why was Tacloban the only place looted? Please open your eyes and understand how Government process works. Every country operates this way.

    • The best president the Philippines ever had? Are you kidding me? Whatever it is you are smoking could be illegal.

    • almero agustin on

      isa ka rin sa nahihilo na ata at sobrang nadilaw! best president pala ang worse manager na eto? may susunod pang mga taon at itaga mo ang mga palpak na mangyayari sa best president mo, ok?

  25. Dear Lord – we pray that you will remove from government Pres PNoy, Mar Roxas, Drilon and ALL their allies ASAP to relieve the Filipino people from further suffering , pain and corruption. They have no more credibility and we can not stand their politicking, corruption, lies and deception to the Filipino people (PDAP Scam , DAP Scam and the Hocus PCOS – and now the bungling of the Yolanda relief efforts at the expense of the lives of people) and PNoy, Mar Roxas are very inefficient because their motives are not pure. They bungled the Hostage crisis which killed HongKong tourists and now HongKong is requiring visas for Filipinos traveling to HongKong. Dear Lord – please also deal with the AQUINO Broadcasting Systems (ABS-CBN) especially the likes of Korina Sanchez and Karen Davila who are so biased and are not reporting the truth and they are only protecting the yellow cult headed by PNoy and Mar Roxas and their cohorts – nobody believes all of them anymore. All those allied with PNoy have no credibility . We can NOT stand all of them anymore – please Lord deal with all of them ASAP be it ever so severely !!! The Filipino people can not stand anymore and might not survive another 3 years of PNoy – God save the Philippines and REMOVE PNoy and Mar Roxas from office !!

    • When you pray, don’t ask God to do these. It’s the people voting for them. Why don’t you ask guidance instead when you make decisions of who is the right candidate?

      All these pointing fingers are pointless, ask yourself, what can you do to make the difference? Why not take accountability and learn? Typical people will not and that is why only few can make difference.

    • Dear Pia,

      The names you mentioned in the first line you wrote, are the biggest disasters the people ever faced! It was not the typhoon.

    • I have a solution for you. Apply for citizenship in another country. That should solve it if approved.

  26. baka hindi ka party-list ni Pnoy at Roxas ang mayor kaya kung ano anong pahirap ang pinagdaan para makahinga ng kakarampot na saklolo, salamat talaga sa CNN at naliwanagan ang buong bansa pati na ang buong mundo kung anong gobyerno mayroon nag Pilipinas.

  27. Miguel Doromal on

    Sa Luneta crisis sablay na.

    How much more with Yolanda.

    Luneta crisis was a bad omen for PNOY. And how his government bungled that episode would be a harbinger of things to come.

  28. The current occupant of Malacanang are a bunch of unfeeling people. They don’t deserve to be there and must resign.

  29. Kelangan ba muna i surrender ni mayor romualdez ang kanyang bayan bago, pumasok ang lahat ng tulong galing sa nat’l govt. ayos din ang kondisyon nila ah. bye,bye 2016 mar roxas.. kahit di na siguro dumating ang tulong ng nat’l govt. nandyan ang kano at iba pa na foreign nationals na handang tumulong ng alang kondisyon na hinihingi… namumulitika na agd sila… ok ang tagubilin ng u.n sa u.s. marines huwag pahahawakan sa taga gobyerno ang ang mga donasyon., dahil alam na use your imagination…….

  30. If these are true, it is pure and simple stupidity of the National Government. The Mayor is not asking help for himself but for the victims of the disaster.

    What a vindictive Administration against those victims of “Typhoon Yolanda”.

    Is this they way you are sa “Manga Boss Mo”?

    If this is how you are in time of “Crisis”, then you are not worth their respect.

  31. Hamlet says, “catch the conscience of the king”. yan ang trabaho ng critism…
    dapat ang unang ginagawa ng gobyerno sa unang araw pa lang, pinadala ang Engineering brigade ng AFP at DILG para sa clearing ng roads at mapadali at distribution ng mga relief goods. kaya lang di ito ginawa ng gobyerno dahil sa crisis management incompetency ni P-Noy. Anong nangyari…. ang mga nakasurvive namatay dahil sa gutom at infections sa mga sugat na natamo…..

  32. Many here are telling Mr. Tiglao that he doesn’t seem to know or, could not have been possibly adequately informed about what has transpired in Tacloban. But, that’s not his point. It’s about pnoy’s stupidity that led him and his lap dogs to become so insensitive and inhuman…

    There’s one who even claims that nations from all over the world have been generous to the Filipinos perhaps due to pnoy’s good governance. This is baloney.

    People – including the world community – see what’s happening down in Tacloban. This pnoy, mar and their cohorts are plain selfish and st-p-d.

    (PS: Leyte inhabitant.)

  33. Armando de Guzman on

    At the time of calamities like this catastrophic whims by mother nature, all of us responsible and patriotic Pilipinos should unite to overcome this natural occurrence. What I noticed eversince reading your column, you are always laying down a destructive criticism to the government of Pinoy. I am wondering if you are one of those journalist who belong to the fault finder brigade and group allegedly on the payroll of the opposition who are exerting all efforts to come back to power to continue there plunder of the nation. Can we not put all acts together and work for the progress of this country? Let us set aside politics for the sake of our people. If we continue to practice the crab mentality of most Pilipinos, there will be nowhere to go for better future of the Pilipinos.

    • Tiglao’s opinion and criticisms are valid.
      Aquino practically bragged that the government is ready with 30 planes and so and so number of trucks and relief goods etc etc all set and ready to be deployed even before the storm. Fast forward to nearly a week after, no palpable help to most of those affected.
      Kung hindi kaya at kulang ang paghahanda, aminin na. Does he even have to quible about the number of casualties, that it was just 2500 and not more than that. Is that what he is so concerned about? His image? The more you deny and hide your icompetence and inadequacies the more it’ll bite you in tha @ss.

    • we want to unite but someone keeps dividing us. If there is a such a thing as fault finder brigade, it is led by someone in Malacanang. Regarding criticisms, if this admin is blaming & criticizing somebody it is always correct, but when they are the ones blamed & criticized they easily get PIKON.

  34. Dear Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao,

    I am a foreigner to your lovely country. Yet, it is a pity that your writings contain full of hate. Why don’t you write something good about your country? It’s the only one you’ve got. You could use your column to promote patriotism among your countrymen specially the youth.

    David Wright

    • Miguel Doromal on


      Mr. Tiglao is not spreading hate. On the contrary, he is exposing the ineptness of this government which failed miserably to act with dispatch after the typhoon (considering it claimed it was prepared BEFORE it struck). This failure to act with a clear plan and authority resulted in more innocent lives lost. I mean people and not just statistics.

      Below are quotes from Mar Roxas and a foreign relief worker: It defines with clarity the state of mind our national leaders have including the president as far as this tragedy is concerned.

      >>> Roxas, however, admitted that looking for survivors
      under the rubble was not a priority of the government at the moment”

      “I think this is a compelling reason for rescue workers to double their
      efforts in finding missing persons,” said the American rescue worker,
      who asked not to be named. <<<

      Above quotes are from a related article upon discovery of apparently 3 "newly dead" bodies (past 24 hours).

    • Jessie Corrales on

      Mr. Wright, if we write positive but untrue stories, then our gov’t will not send anything. Look at what’s happened, despite the criticisms, relief is still slow. How do you explain the arrival of foreign aid from 10,000 miles away much ahead of supplies assured early on from 50 miles away? No Mr. Wright, it is equally unacceptable to write praise as it is to accept abandonement.

    • It wasn’t full of hate. Those are mere facts. Our country is beautiful but not the leaders. Sorry to disappoint you

    • I didn’t read about anything putting down the Filipinos nor the country.
      The government should be criticised for a doing a poor job.

    • Nah, David so-called foreigner: (Until and unless I see incontrovertible proof that you really are a foreigner, I will think you are a shill planted by the present president or his lackeys.) What you are asking for is that Mr. Tiglao write propaganda. This is not the People’s Republic of China. This is not Cuba. This is not the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. We have no use for propaganda, and we have no patience for it either.

      I belong to the youth sector. And I say we are not sheeple and we demand the truth, not sugar-coated lies.

    • I cant blame him;-) cause how can we post a good thing for our country though we observed, what are the truth from our our politicians did??How can we post good things about our country which is lack of leadership for Filipinos?Too many Graduated Filipinos as an educated and yet they went to go abroad to work & leave there own families for many years to work as maids,nanny or janitors cause of economic situations?Now its emergency from disaster of haiyan storm and yet they still slow to do actions for that and blaming there fellow officials from governemnt..How can we post good things about country that as u see while the people are busy for reliefs good for victim some officials are repack again the reliefs from abroad and put there tag name that is from them?why??cause they want to see the victims that they need there votes for next elections..so sad but true..so dont blame us why we really post our hates to our government ..

    • I too am a foreigner who has been following the handling of this disaster via the BBC, US networks, the New York Times and Washington Post as well as the Manila Times and Manila Bulletin. The national government’s response has been slow, uncoordinated, politically charged, and self-serving in my eyes. Without the efforts on the ground of the international community, conditions would be far worse. Pnoy seems to have been following George Bush’s playbook, using mother nature to punish those who don’t support his political party.

    • Dear Mr. Wright,
      Your Wrong.
      I hope you get you head out of the sand so you can in your small way contribute to the betterment of mankind. Criticizing someone for ”telling it like it is’ ain’t gonna cut it.’
      Mr. Tiglao, just like Anderson Cooper a few days ago, is simply recording his analysis/opinion in a truthful fashion. It is too bad that you think his article is ‘full of hate.’ I have just started reading Mr. Tiglao, and based on what I have read so far, he is nowhere near the hate-peddler you accuse him of being. I intend to go back a few issues and read some more, if I can, of his thought-provoking articles. Question for me: how did I miss him?
      You say ‘promote patriotism’ instead? Let me tell you, Mr. Wright: there is no short supply of that feeling among Pilipinos. They are a most patriotic people. This tragedy will prove that once again.

  35. Francis Nakatone on

    It is easy to criticize when you are not on the ground where the
    disaster is. International relief organizations such as OXFAM, Red Cross
    and the UN who have been on the ground even before the disaster struck
    admit that the Philippine authorities have done the necessary
    preparations prior to the disaster (Watch the TV interviews by Karen
    Davila of ABS-CBN). Government authorities (DSWD, PNP, Military) were on
    the ground on day 1. OXFAM, Red Cross and the UN said despite the
    preparations, nothing could have prevented the disaster in the magnitude
    like Yolanda.

    This is no time to criticize. Just do your part to help. Join the thousands of volunteers at the repacking centers or, if you cannot, contribute money or in kind.

    • repack when it has already been pre-packed and ready for distribution.

      -info from volunteers in Cebu regarding Indonesia relief goods.

    • There is a difference between preparation and IMPLEMENTATION. Methink the latter has been somewhat ignored in favor of looking good in the former.

  36. My wife is from Carigara, Leyte. To this day, we have heard nothing from them. The response to the crisis by the national government administration and in particular, your President, is nothing short of criminal. How can anyone not see the extent of the catastrophe and the critical need to provide water, shelter, and HOPE for all, not just those in Tacloban? The US Navy has assets besides the aircraft carrier and its battle group of warships that are tailored-made for providing relief in areas your national government has ignored. I am speaking about the landing craft and the US Marines on the amphibious ships in 7th Fleet and the US Navy Construction Battalions (SEABEES). The Marines have helicopters, trucks, and strong backs to distribute relief supplies while the SEABEES have trucks, bulldozers, road graders, well drilling rigs and personnel experienced in horizontal (roads and runways) and vertical (buildings) construction and utilities construction. Both organizations, the amphibious forces and the construction battalions are much more suited to help than an aircraft carrier battle group. Has your government requested them from the US government. If not, what are they waiting for?

  37. Mr. Tiglao,

    You are all talk but not action. In times of disasters what the people and the government need are assistance. You are quick to judge Pnoy, but I think that because of his honesty, a lot of international help poured as strong as the typhoon. What would it look like if Gloria or Erap were in control?

    Ang kailangan ngayon ay tulungan di yang batikos mo. Bakit di ka mangandidato at tumulong sa mga kapwa pinoy?

    • Joel R,

      We are not quick to judge Pnoy – but he is a president. He leads, his people depend on him, and truly, it is not an easy task. But he took it on. I do not believe in playing the blame game, and i have been volunteering even when i was back in grade school. I hold a high regard for people who can help, and even more so, for people who can perform their duties. We are all in this together – But i can’t help but feel so disappointed by hearing Noynoy say during his CNN interview, that the “(Tacloban LGU) Local response failed” so the National Government has to do THEIR job. The massive typhoon destroyed lives, and these are people who are looking after their families, looking for their families, trying to get something to eat for their children – their lives are greatly devastated. A bit more empathy and sensitivity at the plight of these people – and a bit more action forward thinking – would have elevated his level as a leader. He is not fit to handle the duties of a president – and he is unable to step up to what his position calls for. At this point – his inability to cope and respond to the immediate needs of his people, and his inefficiency to make quick decisions to speed up operations is greatly affecting the death toll, and the trust of the people in our Government.

      We need a leader, whose MAIN agenda is to lead people into progress. No other hidden agendas, no other propaganda.

    • Kaibigan ang trabaho ni Mr. Tiglao ay i-point out ang katiwalian at maling ginagawa ng sinuman. Alam mo ba na kung hindi sya tumutulong in one way or another? Yong pagsusulat nya ng mga katiwalian ay namumulat tayo maski papano, hindi ba isa yon sa mga paraan ng pagtulong? Tingnan mo ang ginawa ni Anderson Cooper, nalaman ng buong mundo ang tunay na kalagayan ng Tacloban at iba pa. Isa pa, hindi dahil kay Pnoy kaya dumagsa ang tulong, kundi dahil sa CNN report, nakita ng buong mundo ang paghihirap ng mga tao.

    • u said “you talk but not actions”?..That his action to write what is the truth!..and u said ” You are quick to judge Pnoy, but I think that because of his honesty, a lot of international help poured as strong as the typhoon” are u kidding?? tumulong ang mga other country not because of his honesty but because of the CNN news caster Mr.Cooper sa pgsabi nya ng totoo..ng bubulagbulagan ka ata eh may mata ka naman!!

    • without criticism this gov’t will not move. This gov’t is clueless and leaderless we need to wake them up. Without people like Mr. Tiglao, they will not know what is right or wrong on their governance. We will not grow as a nation without CRITICISM.

  38. Mr Tigliao it seems you are saying that Mr ramos, Mr estrada, Mrs Arroyo
    where good leaders and managers. I think you are blind and bias, and i feel
    you are working for the opposition. It seems you want Mr aquino to follow there footsteps,you must be blind and deaf.

    • Ernesto Dela Cruz on

      It’s fun to see that in every sentence you made (total: 3) you also made three mistakes: WHERE. BIAS. THERE.

      This is aside from misspelling the surname of the writer.

      Pilipino tayo. Mas madaling gamitin ang ating sariling wika.

  39. If I am Mr Roxas I will just kiss my presidential ambition goodbye. Blunder from Abnoy, from him and his wife just make him look very very bad. Filipinos will never forget as well as his enemies come 2016. He will just waste his time and money if he is still considering to run for President 2 years from now.

  40. In the United States, when hurricane Sandy struck the state of New Jersey sometime
    in October, President Obana without imposing any condition went to New Jersey, a
    republican state to actually see hand and hand with Gov. Chris Christie the
    devastation wrought by hurricane Sandy. Here in the Philippines, its different
    Roxas required the mayor of Tacloban City to write a letter to Pnoy that he the mayor
    is not capable of handling the situation there at the time. Meaning, the mayor will
    have to surrender first before help is forthcoming. So it did not matter to these
    officials Roxas and the rest what will happen to the people. What is important to
    them is their political ambitions. People of the Philippines, we should wake. We
    have to know better next time. In times of disaster, calamaties or sufferings like
    Yolanda, we should know who are our leaders are.

  41. Miguel Quebral on

    Mr, Tiglao, hindi mo malalaman at mauunwaan and tunay na kalagayan ng mga biktima ng bagyo Yolanda sa “Facebook” account lamang. Pumunta ka sa Leyte , Samar, Capiz at ilang lugar sa Visayas na sinalanta ng Yolanda para sa ganoon malaman mo sa iyong sarili ang tunay na kalagayan ng mga kababayan natin doon. Napakadali sa iyo isulat ang kakulangan ng tulong na gobierno natin sa mga nasalanta nag bagyo pero hindi mo alam ang mga dahilan. Palagay ko taos sa puso at sipag ang pagtulong ng atin pamahalaan nasyonal sa mga biktima pero napakarami pa dapat gawin.Kulang ang mga kagamitan at mga tao noon mga unang tatlong araw makalipas ng bagyo. Sa ngayon bumibilis na ang mga tulong ng gobyierno natin. Bakit hind ka magpunta doon sa mga lugar na nasalanta at tumulong tulad ng marami natin kababayan. I was there for 4 days in Tacloban trying to help in relief distribution. Mag-absent ka naman diyan sa trabaho mo at maglinkod sa mga kababayan natin.

    • If you so criticize Mr. Tiglao’s paper and saying that he does not know what he’s talking about, then what can you say of Mr. Anderson Cooper’s report? you might probably say he was wrong. if that’s the case, then you’re blind.

      you said you were there, but why does it seem like you don’t know a thing? read what he wrote, he was researching and made sure the infos were validated.

    • This is the only admin that instead of uniting the people in times of crisis, it sow discord and disunity among the people! Where is your heart PNoy and Mar Roxas together with your hearltless and ambisyosang wife Korina Sanchez! You hate criticism but act as a leader for all regardless of political affiliation. No wonder the people suffers because our leaders are corrupt and full of hatred!

  42. Shame on this President, Roxas and all his Cabinet. The deaths and suffering of the Waray’s are their responsibilty. They must all resign. I pray that more and more people will expose this inept government’s collective guilt in this tragedy.

  43. Initially I thought that this is Aquino’s Katrina…a miserable Bush response to Hurricane Katrina…now I know I’m totally wrong…Aquino’s response and actions are definitely worse…I pity my people and share in their suffering..I pray it gets better for them

  44. Good Lord, Mar Rojas wants Mayor Alfred Romualdez to WRITE A LETTER to PNoy so the Mayor’s request can be acted upon? What kind of suggestion is this? Is this a suggestion of a man who is one of the PRETENDERS TO BE PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY? Do we believe that if Mayor Romualdez really followed the Rojas suggestion, such a letter will reach this noynoying President until now. Will death, loss of property and the entire disaster wait for King PNoys reply? Mar Rojas continues to exposed himself as no better than PNoy’s stupidity. Really, incompetence is contagious in this BS Aquino administration.

    • Arlene Bermudez on

      If true na pinasusulat pa ni Sec. Roxas si Mayor Romualdez kay PNoy ay napakalaking kagaguhan ito. ZERO, NADA leadership or managerial ang ability niya. So a BIG NO for him to be a president, worse pa kay PNoy. Di bale si PNoy, understandable ang case niya.

  45. We now understand that Roxas and Gazmin were already in Tacloban City
    even before the typhoon. Why is it then that this Pnoy is singling out the
    local officials there for being unprepared? How about the preparation made
    by Roxas? Was he inutle too just as like his noynoying boss? Or is it another
    kind of selective finger pointing as this noynoying president’s favorite and usual
    practice of passing the buck to someone else? I am adding my voice though
    it may only be one in the wilderness. Because I find it compelling to say my piece
    no matter what, for I am among these who could no longer stomach the way
    this malacanang liar has been doing. Think about it. It is about time that we,
    filipinos should wake up and discern. From PDAP, DAP to incopentence in
    handling and saving people from catastrophic disasters. Then add his favorite
    game of going only after his political enemies. What a president we have?
    We should be ashame of ourselves. Korina Sanchez even have the temerity
    of criticizing Anderson Cooper for reporting what happened in Tacloban City.
    Sanchez was merely sitting in her home base so far away from the scene of
    the typhoon while Cooper was actually reporting from the ground. Why did
    Sanchez did say something against her husband Mar Roxas who was also
    there? What did Roxas do as the DILG Secretary? Require the Mayor
    of Tacloban City to write a letter first that he could no longer handle the
    situation? Sabi ni Korina Sanchez ay itong si Anderson Cooper daw ay
    hindi alam ang sinasabi niya. Sino kaya ang hindi nakakaalam ang sinasabi
    yong nakaupo lang doon sa home base o yong nandoon mismo sa lugar
    na pinangyarihan ng bagyo? We should know better. The foreigners came
    to the Philippines to help. Certainly, they did not came for political reasons.
    Kaya we should at least know the meaning of gratitude and shame if we still
    have any.

  46. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

    Thanks for the international correspondent and reporters, nagising ang mga natutulog or walang utak na mga taga Malacanang! Ano reaction ni Mr. Korina Roxas sa mga ipinakitang video ni Cooper? Wala ano? Ano masasabi niya ngayon? Kasi siya ang di alam ang sinasabi, you tell your hubby mr. korina ( to ms. Mar Roxas Sanchez) to stay away from pogi boys of Tacloban.

  47. Foreign governments are more concern of the Tacloban situation than the Manila government! The situation in the area is too enormous for the ‘student council’ in Malacanang!