• Did Tuason get only P40-M ‘commission’?

    Emeterio Sd. Perez

    Emeterio Sd. Perez

    REMEMBER the P1.51-billion tax deficiency of doughnut seller Golden Donuts Inc. (GDI)? It seems the issue has not died down despite the failure of both the Senate and the members of the House of Representatives to act on it. Perhaps, our legislators, like Kim Henares, the chief tax collector as the Aquino-appointed head of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), are also afraid of the owners of Golden Donuts.

    No one is telling the public how a doughnut seller should sow fear among our legislators. What are they afraid of? Somebody should tell the public why Henares and our lawmakers ignore a collectible tax of P1.51 billion in 2007 that could amount today to over P2 billion if computed including interests, surcharges and penalties?

    Well, at least within BIR itself, certain officers have been disturbed by the report on GDI refusal to pay the correct taxes due the government, and are losing faith in Henares for failing force collection by suing the company.

    * * *

    Did Ruby Tuason, an Aquino administration witness to the alleged P10-billion pork barrel scam, own only P40 million as her “commission” in delivering money to certain legislators? That she picked on only one of them in her testimony before the Senate is, to say the least, incredible. She could not have volunteered to surrender her alleged “commission” if she would not have much more left for her to spend for the rest of her life and of her entire clan.

    It is even safer to presume that she owns many bank accounts containing much, much, more but which the government promised not touch in exchange for her testimony. As a matter of fact, she should not be believed in her claim that her conscience has been bothering her, that she decided to come home and tell the truth is not at all credible.

    In the first place, did she ever feel any kind of remorse while she was spending illegally acquired money?

    Let us do some computations. If Tuason’s finder’s fee amounted to P40 million computed at 5-percent commission, then the principal could total P800 million. Going by the same formula, here is another computation: 5 percent of P10 billion equals P500 million.

    This simple and shortened computation showing the extent of high reward of corruption in corrupted dealings should lead up to more questions that beg for answer or answers. For example, was Tuason the only intermediary in delivering billions of pesos in public funds to conscienceless government officials? If there were others who also collected millions in “delivery fees,” then an investigation is in order. The only problem here is no one in this administration would qualify to look more closely into the anomalies that cost the country’s 100 million population too much in government money that should go to eradicating or reducing poverty incidence in this country.

    Finally, the people should be told the truth. Was Tuason a volunteer witness or forced to become one because she had no other choice? She must have known that she could not hide from the government. If the late President Corazon Aquino created the Presidential Commission on Good Government and used it against her enemies, her son has more.

    As a matter of fact, President Benigno Aquino 3rd succeeded in ousting Renato Corona as chief justice using data obtained from the Anti-Money Laundering Council and the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The Aquino administration’s scare tactics must have frightened Tuason into coming home to tell the truth, never mind even if only partially. After all, it has succeeded in going after its enemies thru certain media outlets.

    If the Aquino administration is interested in knowing how much Tuason collected as commission, it should review her bank accounts like it did against Corona, who to Due Diligencer, remains the chief justice.



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    1. The pork barrel scam of napoles amounted only to 2.8 billion pesos according to COA audit reports. I can’t imagine why these were bloated to 10 billion pesos. It also make me wonder why drillon was not included in the scam. Drillon knew napoles ahead the three senators. Drillon was senate president during the jocjoc scam and napoles was never summoned. Napoles became the traveling cash register of drillon wife when she travel.

    2. Something is really wrong in the testimony of Ruby and no senator pounced on her testimony that she will return 40M. Bam did made some calculation and came up with the 800M but stopped short of getting to the meat of the information.

      Correct me if I am wrong but I seem to have heard her say she only dealt with Estrada for 1 year. If it was only for one year and 200M is the PDAF of Estrada, that would mean 80M as alleged kickback for Estrada and 5% of that would be 4M.

      Perhaps someone should ask Ruby how long did it took her to earn that much commission and if so, from whom did she got the other millions? Enrile? As previously shown, only 4M maximum is her commission from each senator on the presumption the entire PDAF went through Napoles!

    3. It would seem, the conscience of Tuason kicked in only after she was implicated in the scam….. of course, this was after she fled the country and hid out for a while. I would assume most of this countries thieves are not sorry about the money they stole and how they spent it lavishly to show the world how truly upper class they are…. they are only sorry they were caught.

      As regards to Tuason, many in the media seem to forget she has admitted to taking huge amounts of money from the blood and sweat of their countrymen….. in fact there is an article on other online “inquiring” types of media that actually seem to be idolizing this thief and even goes on to talk about how she excels in the kitchen……. absolutely incredible. ( I personally think she, and everyone else involved in the plunder of public fund should excel at hanging at the end of a rope….. but that is my opinion)

      It would be best to focus on the fact she is admitting to stealing lots of money from the very people in dire need of it…… and then only coming forward when her neck was on the line. Someone to idolize….. I think not. Is she being honest about all the money she stole, and not knowing it was ill gotten….. I highly doubt it….. c’mon people THINK !! )