‘Die Beautiful’s’ Christian Bables on his unexpected win and newfound fame



All of a sudden, people are talking about newbie actor Christian Bables, thanks to his award-winning performance in Die Beautiful for which he won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016.

In an interview after the awards night, the newly-minted awardee said his passion for acting was rejuvenated with his win and he is very thankful to director Jun Lana who gave him the break to play the role of Barbs, Paolo Ballesteros’ best friend in the film, which won the Most Favorite Movie and Best Float trophies in the festival.

He also thanked those who believed in him as a performer—that he can be a credible actor given the right vehicle.

Christian is a straight guy but was very good in his role as transgender in the film written and directed by Jun Lana. He made it a point to clarify that the characters they played (he as Barbs and Paolo as Trisha) are not gay but transgender women.

Christian Bables INSTAGRAM PHOTO

Christian Bables

“I think emotionally I was already prepared for the role since I have been acting since 2011 so the pain that Barbs felt, I was able to parallel easily. Physicality-wise, I did immersions and interviews. I talked to my friends from the LGBT community so I could study their common denominator and their liabilities,” he said.

When asked why he was emotional in his acceptance speech, Christian said that not even in his wildest dreams did he imagine winning Best Supporting Actor. Neither did he imagine that he would ever set foot on the MMFF stage during the awards because he is a nameless newcomer.

“It was like everything flashed back as I was delivering my speech. Finally, there was someone who believed in my talent. I thought my passion for acting had ended pero hindi pa pala.”

Will this win open opportunities?

“I really hope so. With God as my witness, what I feel in my heart right now is that hope to get a project that can quench my thirst for acting–that will fire my passion even more. The fame and all this is unexpec­ted,” Christian expressed.


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