• Diesel engine protection from Motul


    globevox20160705Motul’s line of oil and lubricants has been tested in actual conditions and has been proven to provide ultra low-friction for more horsepower. With Motul, diesel engines run incredibly smoother and gains horsepower yet suffers almost no noticeable drop in rpms during shifting and instantaneous engine revs. The lubricant’s high performance anti-wear additive also increases engine life and decreases wear by reducing engine internal friction resulting in smooth and light acceleration.

    As a company dedicated to protect the engine and maximize its power output, Motul’s specific CRDi Diesel 5W-30 is a 100-percent synthetic lubricant is specially designed for new generation cars powered by Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel engines. It is engineered to be compatible with catalytic converters as well as diesel particulate filters (DPF).

    Specific CRDi Diesel 5W-30 lubes also provides excellent lubrication properties and reduced volatility. It is specially formulated to provide protection for diesel engines operating at high temperatures. The CRDi 5W-30 also ensure engine cleanliness by way of a modern detergent that works hand in hand with Motul’s innovative dispersant technology, which also assures excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties.

    Motul’s diesel motor oil are certified to be compliant with Euro IV or Euro V emission regulations requiring an ACEA C3 engine oil. It is engineered and designed to handle diesel soot and protects emission control systems in modern turbocharged diesel vehicles.

    Motul oil and lubricants are available in select dealers nationwide.


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