Diesel-powered Mazda6 takes class in Indy race


mazda6 indy20130820A MAZDA6 with a diesel engine recently won the GX class in the Grand-Am Brickyard race held at Indianapolis, Mazda Phils. said in a news release.

It noted that the 6 racecar, which was powered by Mazda’s SkyActiv-D clean diesel engine, was the only entry in the series that ran on diesel, and had secured for Mazda the distinction of being the first manufacturer to win in Indy with a diesel-powered car.

Sylvain Tremblay took the lead in the three-hour race and steered the winning 6 over the finish line. The win was the fifth in a row for Mazda and has seen them move ahead of Porsche after eight of 12 races in the GX manufacturers’ championship race.

“While this is our fifth win of the season, and fifth in a row, it is by far the biggest win to date,” said Mazda North America Motorsports Director John Doonan. “To win at Indy is every racer’s dream and that dream came true for Mazda.”

The winning 6 was propelled by a 2.2-liter SkyActiv turbo-charged diesel engine that was production-based, with 51 percent of parts’ count remaining stock, Mazda said. The carmaker added it chose this approach because it was the most honest way to demonstrate the quality, durability and reliability of Mazda cars.

Tremblay also praised the Mazda team, saying; “To score the first win for a diesel at Indy, in the first year of the program, speaks volumes for Mazda and the team.”


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