• Diet plays a role on your mental health


    So much depends on the human mental state—we rely on our minds day-in and day-out more than we do anything else. Our bodies are virtually useless without them so naturally we all want to keep our minds healthy.

    The thought of a chemical imbalance, autism, Alzheimer’s, or any mental affliction is terrifying. It’s safe to say that all human beings want to keep their mental health for their entire lives. We’ve seen what can happen to those who don’t. But, is there a way to improve our chances of staying healthy as long as we shall live? Fortunately studies show that there is.

    When you think of mental health, sanity may be the first notion that pops into your head. This is to be expected. Typically we associate poor mental health with being crazy. However, this is not always the case. Probably one of the greatest concerns today is Alzheimer’s. This is a mental affliction that clouds your memory and judgment. You could be speaking with your 40-year-old daughter at one moment, and then not know who she is the next. This is one mental illness that has a terrible effect on families.

    If you plan to live a long and fully functional life, you should adopt proper eating habits

    If you plan to live a long and fully functional life, you should adopt proper eating habits

    My wife’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s. When my wife and her mother went to visit the grandmother in Germany, all was fine for a while. But, then she woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t have any clue who her daughter and granddaughter were. Suddenly all hell broke loose and they were forced to leave the home. Currently the grandmother is in a home where she can be watched more carefully.

    Whether you believe it or not, your diet plays a role in your mental state. As time passes on, our bodies wear out, for a lack of better words. All of the food and beverages you consume on a regular basis take a toll on your body.

    For example, studies show that too much coffee and alcohol can affect your mental health over time. This concerns your body’s hydration. These beverages pull water off of your body and brain. You need to consume more water than anything else. This is the fluid your body and mind require and thrive on. A proper diet is also crucial when it comes to your physical and mental health.

    If you plan to live a long and fully functional life, you should adopt proper eating habits.

    About the author: Zora Ait El Machkouri is a featured writer of ArticleGratuits.Com and a French journalist and editor-in-chief of a news magazine tylon Africa.


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