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    A-List celebrity Jennylyn Mercado never had weight issues but her arms were always her problem area as seen in this before and after file photo

    A-List celebrity Jennylyn Mercado never had weight issues but her arms were always her problem area as seen
    in this before and after file photo

    Celebs talk about what worked for them

    ‘Laser Lipo’ on Jennylyn’s arms

    Make a list of the country’s most successful actresses of this generation and no doubt, Jennylyn Mercado’s name will be among the top rankers of that coveted group.

    Regarded as one of the most significant actresses with the most beautiful faces in local movie and television industry, Jennylyn has maintained her dazzling charm through the years while showcasing the mystifying depth and aura of her celebrity.

    Besides being a single mother to her adorable son Jazz, Jennylyn’s talent continues to soar via acting assignments that test her mettle.

    More beautiful than ever, with a body that is sculpted and defined all over

    More beautiful than
    ever, with a body that
    is sculpted and
    defined all over

    Known for her feistiness in the face of life’s odds, she is one who doesn’t buckle, but marches head on, head held high through the challenges of life and love. The brave and daring Jennylyn becomes even bolder as she headlines Belo Medical Group’s newest campaign, “Belo Confession.”

    Jennylyn is a triathlete. Although weight issues were never really her problem, what with her slim figure and sexy physique, the actress’s complaint has always been her arms.

    Admitting to be a perfectionist, she has long dreamed of having to have sexy sculpted arms and further confessed to have gone through “so much” to achieve them.

    “I went to the gym, got active in sports, dieted, and tried non-surgical slimming options,” she told The Manila Times. “But with all these efforts, I still didn’t get the arms I wanted.”

    This was until she received advice from celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo to try Laser Lipo Arms in her clinic. Jennylyn, upon hearing of the surgical procedure as the solution to her problematic arms, said, she agreed right away. “I was 200-percent sure that I would be handled only by the best doctor and the best clinic,” recalled the actress.

    To make the long story short, Dr. Belo ended her struggles and actually made Jennylyn’s dream of sexy, sculpted arms a reality.

    Jennylyn believes that procedures and enhancement like these shouldn’t be kept or denied to the public, and came out to confess this week that “Yes, I did the Belo Laser Lipo Arms and I am proud of it.”

    “Actually pareho-pareho lang sila tulad ng diet pills, or exercising even RFs [radio frequency]. They’re all made for arm slimming. Ganun din sa Laser Lipo Arms—the only difference is that it’s surgical, but it’s more exact and will give you the fastest result that you want,” she added.

    When asked about the pain, the actress shared, “Parang lang siyang muscle pain after intense work-out, and one time mo lang mafi-feel.”

    Internationally-accredited, the Belo Medical Group and all of its 24 years of expertise in Laser Lipo has done wonders to Jennylyn’s arms using its most-coveted circumferential technique.

    Dr. Belo guaranteed, “Laser Lipo Arms by Belo, by far, is the only and best option to get the exact sculpting a person wants, whether for the arms, thighs, waist etc. This is something that we do very, very well in our clinic. And all our doctors are masters of this procedure because they’ve done thousands cases of Laser Lipo. So our patients are sure that they’ll get the best results.”

    Laser Lipo Arms is a minimally-invasive, laser-assisted procedure that uses the smallest available cannula in removing the fat, which results in less bruising and quicker recovery time.


    ‘iLipo’ on Delamar’s middle

    Lipo uses low-level laser energy to target and breakdown fat cells in specific areas, like the tummy

    Lipo uses low-level laser energy to target and breakdown fat cells in specific areas, like the tummy

    While pregnancy and the birth of a child brings joy to all women, its after effects on the body might be a downer for most. And most moms, no matter their age, agree that no amount of dieting and exercise ever helps to get them back to their pre-pregnancy weight or form.

    Popular radio personality DJ Delamar of RX 93.1 used to think the same, until she tried a new non-invasive innovation in fat reduction and body contouring, which she first learned about from top US celebrity magazines Harper’s Bazaar, OK!, Shape, and New You.

    It’s called the i.Lipo Body-Shaping Laser—the machine that reportedly worked for Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Alba.  First introduced to the Philippines this week by Marie France body clinics, Delamar was among the first to try the laser assisted technique, and reported a 12-pound loss, with a total of 27 inches shaved off from her body, mostly from her tummy.

    tummy2“I had i.Lipo done on my tummy and thighs and now the pants that I had before my pregnancies are so loose,” she enthused at the product launch at Chef Jessie’s Revolving Restaurant in Libis. “All of this means I’m even slimmer now than my pre-pregnancy body, and I just love it! The numbers will tell you that it really works.”

    She also raved about the painless treatment, which is recommended twice a week for four consecutive weeks, where she was just lying down, “Doing Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!”

    Generally, a session takes between 30 minutes to one hour at the most, after which one can return to normal activities.

    According to literature shared by Marie France, “i.Lipo is US FDA-approved for circumference reduction via laser lipolysis, and has been clinically-proven to give visible, measurable results after just one session.”

    djdelamarAccording to Delamar, “You can lose as much as four cm in your problem area on your first treatment, with results improving further after every session.”

    i.Lipo stimulates the body’s natural response to fat-burning by utilizing low levels of visible red laser light to target and eliminate unwanted fat. With treatment pads placed on the problem area, i.Lipo emits laser energy to prompt fat cells to break down the stored triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol. These are then transported to tissues for use when the body needs its energy reserves, thereby promoting metabolism. Once metabolized, these are eliminated through the body’s natural processes.

    The best candidates for the treatment are those who are struggling with stubborn excess fat on particular areas, like the arms, tummy, and thighs. It is recommended for those who want a more defined figure, as it helps to contour the body to its ideal shape.

    “What I liked about it is that there are no risks, no scars, no bruises and no downtime. Just a slimmer, smoother body with redefined curves,” a svelte DJ Delamar ended.



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