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PLUS: Celeb’s ‘bad hair day’ attitude pulls ratings down
Though neck-deep in work as Pagcor Assistant Vice President for Community Services, Arnell Ignacio is still abreast with showbiz goings on—including that of the infamous Xander Ford.

“Yes, I’m updated. I get to read his brickbats against Kathryn [Bernardo] calling her sakang (bow-legged). Well, I look at it this way—napakasuwerte ng Xander Ford na yan dahil napakadali niyang na-penetrate ang mundo natin, hardly any sweat. Pero ginagawa niyang mababa ang tingin sa showbiz. Buti pa, magkita tayo Xander nang masampal kita!” the TV host-comedian-turned-Duterte appointee jested during his “accidental” guesting on “Cristy Ferminute” last week.

Arnell couldn’t help but recall his arduous journey when he was just beginning to carve a name in showbiz.

“Tandang-tanda ko noon, since Allan K couldn’t make it to his regular hosting gig at a comedy bar, ako yung inirekomenda niya. Tinanong ko muna kung magkano ang TF (talent fee). Seven hundred pesos daw. Wow, sabi ko, malaki na rin yun that time so I went to the venue to look for the contact person. Inabutan ko siya, may sinusulat na kung ano. Sabi ko, ‘Excuse me, I’m Arnell Ignacio. I was sent by Allan K to pinchhit for him.’ Sige pa rin siya sa kakasulat. Without looking at me, he said, ‘Pakisabi kay Allan K na mag-abiso siya in advance kung hindi siya puwede, hindi yung kung sinu-sino lang ang ipapadala niya!’

Arnell Ignacio

“I was stunned, but my thought balloon was, ‘Wait till you see me perform. Kukunin n’yo akong regular performer at ako naman ang magpepresyo sa inyo!’

“I’m saying this because it wasn’t an easy climb for me to get to where I am now. Let this be a lesson to Xander,” Arnell rambled, nearly monopolizing the program.

Guesting ahead of Arnel that Tuesday was his new find Lance Busa. A native of Butuan City, Lance recently emerged grand champion in a singing search held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia besting seven other contestants from neighboring Asian countries with Michael Bolton as the main judge no less.

“Kuya Arnel got in touch with me through FB, he said he wanted to help me build a singing career,” beamed the young singer who’s slated to perform with Bolton on November 3 at the Marriot Hotel along with Morisette Amon.

It was pretty obvious that there’s more to their manager-artist relationship as Arnell couldn’t seem to contain his joy.

* * *

GUESS WHO? In anticipation that he’d be “used” by an actress-mom (AM) to intercede and befriend a hard-hitting female columnist (HHFC), this male TV host (MTVH) has already sent word he would never yield to such a request.

“No way!” were the stern words of MTVH who’s fully aware of the AM’s “masamang ugali.”

“Sorry but she’s barking at the wrong tree. Sana kung wala akong nababalitaang di maganda tungkol sa kanya, no!”

The “di maganda” kind of issue that the MTVH is referring to has a lot to do with the AM’s endless, if not flimsy excuses to justify her no-show in showbiz commitments.

“Saan ka nakakita na tinanguan niya (PA) yung isang commitment pero hindi pala niya sisiputin last minute? Kung hindi yung asawa niya ang may sakit, eh, yun namang anak nila?”

Earlier, AM had sought the help of a close comedienne-friend (CF), but HHFC already hinted at her disinterest in the former’s peace offering.

The miserably dismal ratings of the AM’s current show prove that indeed, karma is digital.

* * *

Still on AM, what’s this we heard (from a former colleague) that her work attitude toward her own program hasn’t changed a bit?

“Remember her self-titled show that didn’t last on air? Many times over, she’d have its tapings packed up when she wasn’t in the mood. This is exactly what she’s doing to her current show. Kapag bad trip siya, bigla na lang niyang ipa-pack up ang taping! Does she realize how much loss getting a taping packed up entails on the part of the production?”

Unfair to her co-workers, AM even makes her “bad hair day” an excuse to skip work. Truth is, her bad hair in her dual character is what turns off the viewers.


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