How digitally-savvy celebrities navigate motherhood


In this digital age, parenting small kids could be a challenge as children face an onslaught of information available to them at an increasing rate. As such, the question every mother is confronted with nowadays is this: How can they make the digital world work for the advantage of today’s generation?

It is along this line that PLDT Ambassadors and celebrity mothers Camille Prats-Yambao, Isabel Oli-Prats, and Dimples Romana weigh in on their experiences mothering their young children at home.

Isabel Oli with baby Feather

These digitally-savvy moms show that technology is not an enemy, but a tool for education and entertainment that can help them raise their children better in this modern world.

The trio find great help through quality home entertainment available to them in high-definition digital content from the all-in-one entertainment box RokuPowered™ Tvolution. These moms have found a way to ensure that screen time is bonding time too for the family.

For Prats, the plug-and-play device allows her and son Nate to bond over their favorite channels from Cignal and shows from Netflix.

Camille Prats with son Nate

“We love watching different shows on Cignal TV together and it’s great because we can talk about it. These bonding moments really matter to me especially since he’s growing up and he’s going to want to a lot of me-time,” she noted.

Meanwhile, her sister-in-law Oli, who is mom to adorable baby Feather, enjoys her share of kiddie shows as well. They also use it as bonding time with husband John Prats.

“We work in showbiz so we already know what it’s like behind the camera. It’s nice to be on the opposite end, as a viewer who’s just relaxing at home,” Oli shared.

Dimples Romana with kids Callie and Alonzo

Finally, Romana, who has a teenager and toddler, sees home entertainment as a way to come together as a family.

“When we were younger, we saw TV as just a distraction from important things. Today, it’s more than that. You can start conversations, discover new things together, have fun together—it’s a simple activity that can mean so much,” the actress attested.

Romana further noted that the convenience of being able to access diverse and family-friendly content at the touch of a button is priceless, “Everything is easier and faster so we have more time for the things that matter.”


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