Dingdong Dantes riding high on ‘Alyas Robinhood’ success



PLUS: Remembering Kuya Germs; and Natalie Hart’s ‘Siphayo’ on hold

A smiling Dingdong Dantes welcomed Showbuzz to the set of his ongoing primetime series Alyas Robinhood this week. While still jet lagged soon after arriving from a working-cum-mini family vacation to the US, he was raring to resume taping for the show.

“I’m so inspired by the high ratings that Alyas Robinhood is getting. Before I left for the States, I was told that we were rating high and beating the competition. When I got back, I was met with the good news that our ratings are getting even higher.”

Dingdong had to do complicated routines for his fight scenes that particular taping day. As they watched the actor’s smooth and very natural movements, everyone watching on set were very impressed. It was evident too that Dingdong was really enjoying his physically demanding role.

“As I said before, I have been really wanting to do this kind of project for a long time now. It’s not really that hard since the fight scenes are somewhat choreographed. My being a dancer helps me a lot,” he humbly shared.

Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes

Another thing that Dingdong likes in the series is the infusion of a little comedy to lighten the heavy action scenes.

“We want viewers to have fun while watching the show; it should’t be heavy going. We really do everything to give them very good episodes each night. That’s our way of saying thank you to them for the big support they’re giving us,” the primetime king averred.

Besides the success of Alyas Robinhood, Dingdong is also happy these days with his enviable family life. He shared with Showbuzz that he, his wife Marian Rivera and their baby daughter Zia had a great time in the US even if they were only there for a few days, while doing a couple of shows in northern and southern California.

“It was too short, but we went there really for the shows [for the Filipino community]. We only had a day to go around then we had to fly back home already. Still, we had fun. It’s good that my mom was with us. She was the one who took care of Zia while we did our shows,” Dingdong enthused.

It was Zia’s first out-of-the-country trip, and the proud dad could not hide his excitement to share how his daughter behaved.

“She was very cooperative. Even during the flight, considering it was a 12-hour flight, Zia really behaved. She seemed to understand that our destination was far. She didn’t cry much, no tantrums. She just slept during most of the long flight,” the doting dad related.

Dingdong looks forward to the time when his family can go on a long vacation outside the country. He and Yan-Yan plan to take Zia back to the States when he’s done with Alyas Robinhood.

But when will that be? With the success that the show is enjoying, most likely the show will run for a long time. It is common practice for networks to extend the life of high rating shows indefinitely.

But knowing Dingdong and his knack for striking a balance between work and family–not to mention his penchant for surprises–his beautiful girls can always hope for precious getaways to bond.

The late German Moreno’s friends gather for his October 4 birthday: (first row from left) Gloria Romero, Pempe Rodrigo, Marichu Maceda; (second row from left) Marivin Arayata, Joey Abacan and Dulce

The late German Moreno’s friends gather for his October 4 birthday: (first row from left) Gloria Romero, Pempe Rodrigo, Marichu Maceda; (second row from left) Marivin Arayata, Joey Abacan and Dulce

Those who were waiting to see Natalie Hart in her sexiest film role were disappointed because the showing of her launching movie Siphayo has been postponed indefinitely.

Showbuzz learned that the movie could not get enough theaters for its run. BG Films International, the movie’s producer, is now waiting for the right playdates when they can get more theaters for the movie.

Natalie, for her part, remains optimistic that Siphayo will be shown very soon. She is so proud of the movie, especially since she had the director Joel Lamangan guiding her every step of the way. She even consented to do her much talked about nude scene for the project.

“I cried a lot before the scene was shot. When Direk saw that I was crying, he talked to me and explained why I have to do the scene. He assured me that the scene will be given special care. He said he’s not a porn director and we were not doing a porno movie. After that, there was no more hesitation for me whenever we shot a sexy scene. I gave my full trust to Direk Joel and I can say that I am so proud of our finished product,” she said lengthily.

It was not an easy climb to stardom for Natalie. It was the artista search StarStruck that opened the doors to showbiz for her. She was known then as Princess Snell. After patiently trying and waiting, her biggest break has finally come and she doesn’t want to let it pass just like that.

“I’ve given all I can in this movie. I hope it becomes successful,” she crossed her fingers

SHORTS… Friends and relatives of the late German Moreno got together on Tuesday to celebrate what would have been Kuya Germs’ 83rd birthday.

The late Master Showman’s son Federico and his cousin John Nite were there to entertain the guests.

Among those who came were Kuya Germs’ closest friends Gloria Romero, Manay Ichu Maceda, Pempe Rodrigo. Showbuzz also spotted Dulce, Ara Mina, Jake Vargas, Ken Chan and other stars of Walang Tulugan.

A mass was celebrated and attended by GMA Network executives Lilibeth Rasonable, Redgie Magno, Marivin Arayata Joey Abacan and Mike Enriquez.

…Encantadia stars Glaiza De Castro, Rocco Nacino and Solenn Heusaff are scheduled to do two shows in the United Arab Emirates today and tomorrow. They are so excited because they get to wear their costumes on stage, complete with the Encantadia music theme. Titled Avisala UAE!, the shows will be held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


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