Dingdong Dantes thrives as ‘Alyas Robin Hood’

A new and exciting role for Dingdong Dantes

A new and exciting role for Dingdong Dantes

Breaks silence on social media bashing over American actor’s comment on show’s similarities with US series ‘Arrow’

GMA Network’s “Primetime King” Dingdong Dantes is back on television as he headlines the series Alyas Robin Hood, which carries the inspiring message that there is a hero in every person.

A combination of action, drama, adventure and comedy, Alyas Robin Hood revolves around the life of Pepe de Jesus (Dantes), a man who finds absolution in doing service to his community.

“All the projects I’ve done are very special this is different because I am in a new phase in my life,” Dantes said in a group interview during the program launch on September 10. “I have a family now, and I was able to count just a while ago that I’ve been with GMA Network for 18 years so the feeling of gratitude is overwhelming especially to be entrusted with such a meaningful role in Alyas Robin Hood.”

Besides thriving in such a positive role now that he is a husband and father, the 36-year-old actor is even more excited that Alyas Robin Hood allows him to live his dream of becoming an action star.

“I remember as a kid, I was fond of watching action movies, so this is a dream come true for me to star and be the lead in an action packed series,” he enthused.

Maegan Young

Maegan Young

“I do a lot of training [for my role]but everything is not hinged on that because we make sure that all my movements are correct and precise to highlight the sport we’re promoting—archery,” Dantes continued.

As for Alyas Robin Hood’s inspirational component, he said, “It is an amazing feeling that I get to solve a problem and help others in my community from episode to episode, but what is more important is of course the search for truth and justice. What’s also different is that my character makes it a point to find the root causes of different problems in society, and they’re all very real and relevant.”

More than a week ago, after the trailer of forthcoming drama-action show was released, it quickly became a trending topic on social media and garnered over a million views. Just as soon, there were comparisons made between Alyas Robin Hood and American TV series Arrow starring actor Stephen Amell, who plays a character inspired by DC Comics’s Green Arrow. Arrow is also a costumed vigilante who a fights crime with his bow and arrow.

Amell shared Robin Hood’s video complete with a shocked emoticon. When asked by a fan what he thought of the show, he replied: “I mean, I have no idea what it is and frankly, I don’t care—at all. But boy, oh boy does it look familiar.”

Dantes, in the trailer, wore a costume that looks almost identical to what Amell’s in Arrow. And yes, he drew a lot of flak from superhero fans both here and abroad for the many similarities.

Andrea Torres

Andrea Torres

Asked to comment on the controversy, Dantes began, “I was talking about being here [in showbiz]for 18 years. Those 18 years were also the years I entrusted myself—practically more than half my life–to GMA. I know that all the shows went into thorough review and research and we have exceptional creative team behind the network. That’s why I am confident of all the programs they give me and I also trust them. So for me [despite all this]that is what I am holding on to—my trust in them, and their trust in me.”

More specifically he discussed, “Robin Hood is based on an English folklore, from a legend. More or less we all know the story. I think what is important to me is the core and the reason why we are doing this. For us, it is because of our love for the craft and our goal to entertain. Whatever their reaction is, it’s normal. You cannot please a hundred million Filipinos but what is important is the 37-percent—the loyal viewers of GMA—are happy and we hope that number will grow.”

Alyas Robin Hood also stars Andrea Torres, Megan Young, Cherie Gil, Sid Lucero, Jaclyn Jose, Paolo Contis, Gary Estrada, Dennis Padilla, John Feir, Tanya Gomez, Gio Alvarez, Lindsay de Vera, Dave Bornea, Caprice Cayetano, Rey “PJ” Abellana and Ces Quesada.

Directed by Dominic Zapata, Alyas Robin Hood will premiere Monday, September 19, after Encantadia.


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