• Dingdong on ‘Kubot,’ the wedding, and political plans

    Dingdong Dantes reprises his role as the ‘Aswang Chronicles’ Makoy in ‘Kubot’

    Dingdong Dantes reprises his role as the ‘Aswang Chronicles’ Makoy in ‘Kubot’

    With just a mere two weeks to go before he gets hitched to the beautiful Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes still finds himself busy with work. The dashing groom-to-be is in the thick of promoting his upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival entry Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles, but as expected, finds himself fielding more questions about his wedding rather than his movie.

    Such was tete-a-tete that took place between Dingdong and a small huddle of showbiz scribes that included The Manila Times this week, just before the star and co-producer of the highly anticipated sequel 2012’s Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles, took his seat at a grand press conference. He did his job and highlighted what Kubot has to offer cinemagoers this Christmas, and very generously and patiently shared updates on his December 30 wedding—and even his possible run for the senate—as the press did theirs.

    Question: What sets Kubot apart from two other horror entries in the MMFF?

    Answer: The other two films (Feng Shui 2 and Shake, Rattle and Roll) are straight horrors. We consider Kubot to be a crossover—a mix of horror, comedy and adventure—which is actually what drew audiences to Tiktik the first time.

    Q: What makes this sequel different from Tiktik?

    A: This was harder to shoot because with Tiktik, we shot most of the movie in front of a green screen. For Kubot, we went to so many locations to make the scenery more interesting and dynamic.

    Q: How did having two other co-producers work out in the making of the movie? (Kubot is co-produced by Dondon Moteverde’s Reality Entertainment, Annette Gozon-Abrogar’s GMA Films, and Dingdong’s Agosto Dos).

    A: I always believe that there are better results from collaborations, and I’m very happy that may mga co-producers ako na kapareho ko ng vision na gumawa ng ganitong klaseng pelikula—something that’s different from the usual and executed on a different level.

    Q: You’re wedding is just a little over two weeks away and yet you’re still busy with showbiz commitments. Will you get some time off before then?

    A: I hope so but Marian and I have both asked GMA for a leave after the wedding. I actually need to confirm our dates with the travel agent tomorrow and we’ll probably take a very short trip to Europe. We have to get back to commitments by the New Year.

    Q: Is it true your guest list has ballooned to 4,000?

    A: Hindi naman! Siguro closer to 1,000 pero hindi din aabot doon!

    Q: Is it true you’re going the traditional way and as the groom paying for the entire wedding?

    A: Basta itong araw na ito ay para kay Marian and I want to give her everything to make her happy.

    Q: In a recent survey, your name came up in the list of “senatoriables” for 2016. Are you running for office in the next elections?

    A: If you ask me right now, I really have no political plans. My concentration is to build a family with Marian as soon as we get married. That’s the plan and nothing else.


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