Dingdong, Marian ready to have Baby No. 2


Philippine showbiz’ famous couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera revealed before the Holy Week break that they are indeed talking about having another child soon.

Together with their daughter Maria Letizia—more popularly known as Baby Zia—Dong-Yan faced the press as a family for the first time at the Johnson & Johnson’s #Dadventures Camp press launch on April 3, and were picture perfect in every way.

“We plan to have our second baby after my upcoming teleserye. That’s our target,” the ever-beautiful 32-year-old actress and GMA Network’s “Primetime Queen” declared.

Philippine showbiz’ royal family: Marian, Zia and Dingdong Rivera-Dantes

Rivera furthered that Zia, who is turning two on November 23, will definitely love to have a sibling. “Of course, she will be excited to have a little brother or sister. Baby Zia likes the kids she meets,” the doting mom added.

Dantes, on the other hand, emphasized that he and his wife are prepared to have another child any time.

“We’re ready if Baby No. 2 happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. Whatever God will give us, we’ll be more than happy,” the 36-year-old hunk of a dad beamed.

Meanwhile, their darling Zia is noticeably comfortable in front of the camera. During the event, the celebrity tyke showed off her wit and adorable ways as she engaged attendees by saying “po” and “opo,” demonstrating parts of the body, and waving and smiling at everybody in the room.

“She’s a very happy girl and very sociable. Her mother is a good teacher. She’s also in the stage of exploring so you cannot stop her playfulness. What’s really important is as parents, we have to be around her all the time so she won’t get hurt,” Dantes shared.

“I want to be a good role model to my child. In everything that we do, I want us to be an example, both her parents—how we love each other, how we deal with others—we want her to be like that,” Rivera elaborated.

With more commercials in the pipeline for their beautiful little girl, it was but natural that the Danteses were asked whether they would allow Zia to enter showbiz when she is a little older. Without hesitation the responsible dad said they would neither discourage nor encourage her, but they will make sure to expose her to other options.

“It will still depend on her choice. We’re just here to support and guide her on what she wants to do in life. But it’s important for us also to introduce all other options to her so she’s free to choose. And of course, we want her to focus first on her studies in the future,” Dantes said.

Back to acting
Many fans are excited that the power couple are set to return to acting as Prinsipe Raquim and Reyna Minea in GMA’s telefantasya Encantadia. They will also have separate soaps to lead and a sitcom they will both star in after their respective projects.

“We will return to Encantadia but we will not work together [in scenes],” confirmed Rivera.

Asked how the projects will affect their parenting schedules, with both very hands on in raising Zia, the Primetime Queen replied, “GMA talked to us so we can balance our schedules. We said we don’t want to shoot [our scenes]at the same time. If ever I have taping, Dong should be at home taking care of Zia. And I will do that too if Dong needs to shoot. At least one of us should be with her.”

The actress further revealed she still has separation anxiety from Baby Zia even as she returned to showbiz in the latter part of 2016.

“Now you have seen how my daughter is attached to me, and how I am attached to her. For sure I’ll continue to have a separation anxiety and have a hard time leaving her,” she said. “But then of course I am excited to go back to primetime especially for the characters I will be playing. For my next soap I will have two leading men,” Rivera ended without giving other clues about her next project.


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