LEGAZPI CITY: The Diocese of Legazpi condemned the provincial government of Albay led by Gov. Joey Salceda for allowing the controversial giant effigy of Tambaluslos to be paraded in the main thoroughfares with scandalous image. Fr. Rex Arjona, chancellor of the Diocese of Legazpi said that Gov. Joey Salceda failed to obey his promised last year not to allow the image of Tambaloslos to be showcased on the streets, which affect the wholesome festivity of Magayon. The parade of Higantes which include the image of Tambaluslos generated a negative criticism from the public due to cultural and moral ascendancy thus twisted the cultural history of Albay into fiction. Last year, Bishop Joey “Bong” Baylon called the attention of Gov. Joey Salceda as head of the Magayon executive committee for allowing the so-called over-sized phallus-Tambalolos. The prelate said in his statement last year that “Albay opens Magayon Festival and among its supposed attractions is a giant figure with an over-sized phallus—Tambaloslos. Not only is it an erroneous interpretation of a mythical character, more importantly, the figure offends basic norms of decency and the law itself (read Revised Penal Code Art. 201). The Magayon festival is a celebration of cultural heritage, food, products and festive spirit whose opening was also tainted with controversy after the provincial government feted the event during the first launching of 1st Sunflower Festival in Ligao City despite of the request of Ligao City Mayor Patty Gonzalez-Alsua to move the event so they could participate in the Gayon Bicol festival showdown.


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