Diokno quits NHCP


National Historical Commission of the Philippines Chairperson Maria Serena Diokno resigned from her post Tuesday in protest of the hero’s burial given to former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Her resignation takes effect on December 1.

“The burial of Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani is wrong; it denies our history, erases the memory of lives lost and destroyed, mocks the collective action we took to oust the dictator, and denigrates the value of our struggle for freedom,” Diokno said.

She criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for justifying the burial of Marcos’ remains at the heroes’ cemetery.

“At this moment in our history, every voice counts, and I wish to place mine on the side of history: not the history that the Duterte government ignores, but the history that beckons our people to demand justice that even the highest court of the land will not bestow,” Diokno said.

“Notwithstanding the narrow view adopted by nine members of the Supreme Court, President Duterte could have taken the higher ground but he chose not to. Worse, he justifies his ‘legalistic’ action by claiming, falsely, that ‘there’s no study, no movie about it [Marcos’ record as a leader], just the challenges and allegations of the other side,” she added.


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  1. So what’s the fuzz??? You can resign for all I care. You don’t need to sound a trumpet just to announce your resignation. Just sign and send you gadam resignation letter, period!