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    PLUS: Stage mom irks production staff
    Director Neal “Buboy” Tan admits he did a “guerilla style” of filmmaking when he shot the movie “Balatkayo” in Singapore and Dubai.

    They had no permit to shoot so there was always the danger of getting accosted by the police. Happily no such incident happened.

    “We just pretended to be tourists who are just sight-seeing but in truth we were shooting a film,” Direk Buboy said in a recent interview. “We did what we can, given the situation. Buti na lang hindi kami nasita ng pulis kahit we were filming in public places.”

    But the movie, with a script written by box-office director/writer Jason Paul Laxamana, is not a travelogue.

    “We have a very good script about the plight of OFWs whose lives are affected because they are away from their families. In the movie, Aiko Melendez and Polo Ravales play a couple whose lives were disturbed after their son [played by James Robert]gets involved in a sex video scandal which goes viral,” he expounded.

    Aiko Melendez INSTAGRAM PHOTO

    Direk Buboy praised his stars, especially Aiko whom he is working with for the first time. “It is a different Aiko that you will see in the movie. Ang husay-husay niya,” he said.

    “Balatkayo” also stars Nathalie Hart and Rico Barrera. It opens in theaters on October 11.

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    GUESS WHO? The mother of a young actress reportedly loves throwing her weight around making things a little difficult to the consternation of the production staff.

    In the shoot of a new movie that her daughter is doing, the mother complained why her daughter was asked to report early when the big scene was to be shot later in the afternoon.

    The staff explained to the mother that her daughter had to rehearse for the big scene which was a dance number. While her daughter dances very well, she had to do the number with se­veral other dan­cers. Naturally, the rehearsal was required to perfect the routines so there won’t be any problem when the cameras started to grind.

    Upon hearing this, the mother shut her mouth. The daughter expressed the same complaint when she arrived – why ask her to come early for a scene to be shot later in the day. The staff had to explain all over again that she needed to rehearse to perfect the steps together with the rest of the dancers. Or else, the scene would turn out as comedic if and when the cameras catch that the scene was done on the spot without rehearsals.

    The young actress had no choice but to rehearse, or get scolded by the director if the dance number does not come out well.

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    Ai-Ai delas Alas has worked for the first time with award-winning director Joel Lamangan in CineKo Productions’ comedy movie “Bes and the Beshies” which will hit cinemas on October 18.

    Ai-Ai delas Alas

    The comedy queen said she had a hard time working with Direk Joel who is known to demand only the best from his actors, but it was an experience that Ai-Ai would forever cherish.

    “Direk Joel is a perfectionist. There were some scenes that we needed to rehearse several times to get it right. He’d ask for a retake until we get the comic timing that he wants. Alam ko ang timing ko sa comedy pero dahil marami kaming eksena, minsan ang tingin ni Direk Joel, kulang sa timing kaya di masyadong effective ang comedy so we had to do it again” said Ai-Ai at the movie’s recent mediacon.

    Playing the other leads in the movie are Zsa Zsa Padilla, Carmi Martin and Beauty Gonzales.

    According to Ai-Ai, she was able to play her role as a mother who would do everything for her family. Like her character, Ai-Ai went through a lot of challenges and hardships in showbiz before hitting the big time. That’s why she said her role in Bes and the Beshies is very true-to-life, dealing with relationship issues.


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