• ‘Disappearing’ traffic enforcers to face sanctions


    WITH the onset of rainy season, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has reminded traffic constables to remain in their posts even under heavy rains.

    MMDA Traffic Discipline Office officer-in-charge Francisco Manalo on Monday warned traffic constables that they may be sanctioned if they abandon their post especially during a heavy downpour.

    He added that abandonment of post is a grave offense that will result to the imposition of administrative charges, including suspension and possible dismissal from the service.

    Traffic enforcers, Manalo added, have no reason to hide or leave during heavy rains as they are provided with raincoats, boots and other gear.

    Manalo issued the warning amid reports that traffic enforcers are “disappearing” at the height of heavy rains.

    “We are trying to correct that practice that is why we are monitoring our traffic enforcers especially those who are in 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. shift,” he added.

    He said that their traffic enforcers are now being subjected to intense monitoring through the formation of personnel inspection monitoring group.

    Manalo also called motorists and even the riding public to report the MMDA traffic enforcers who abandon their post.

    The state weather bureau also on Monday declared the start of the rainy season after noting the criteria have been met.

    It explained that the prevailing synoptic conditions over the country are now characterized by southwesterly to westerly windflow, high humidity, presence of rain clouds and the daily occurrence of rainshowers and thunderstorms.

    “With this development, enhanced rainfall is expected over the country particularly over the western section which signifies the onset of the rainy season,” the agency said.


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