• Disclose bank accounts, UNA dares VP rivals


    THE camp of United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) standard-bearer Jejomar Binay on Monday dared other presidential candidates to allow the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to scrutinize their bank records.

    “Perhaps at this point the other candidates should seriously consider allowing AMLC to look into their accounts, and those of their spouses, family, friends and associates, here in the Philippines and in other countries,” Binay’s campaign spokesman Rico Quicho said.

    He challenged other candidates to make public their Income Tax Returns (ITRs) and Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) for the past 30 years.

    “They should consider allowing AMLC to examine as well the bank accounts here and in other countries of businesses, corporations and foundations identified with them or their spouses, family, friends and associates, which were all scrutinized by AMLC in the Vice President’s case,” Quicho said.

    “This will allow the voters to see if the candidates’ professed net worth is truly justified and if the proper taxes were paid to the government,” he explained.

    Quicho noted that Binay need not sign a bank secrecy waiver because all of his bank accounts and those of his family, friends, and associates have been examined thoroughly by the AMLC.

    “There have been calls for candidates to sign a waiver to open bank accounts. Leave the Vice President out of this drama. It is a cheap gimmick intended to divert people’s attention from the real issues: poverty, unemployment, the lack of compassion for the poor and proven incompetence,” he said.

    Quicho noted a “maliciously and erroneously publicized” report that the Vice President had 242 bank accounts, yet only one bank account under Binay’s name is on record in the AMLC’s report to the court.

    “The total deposit of this account, according to AMLC, is in the amount of ₱1.7 million, not billions, as wrongly and maliciously reported earlier,” he said, adding that the account has been duly accounted for and reported in Binay’s 2010 Statement of Contributions and Expense (SOCE), ITR and SALN.

    “As a sign of good faith, the Vice President voluntarily manifested before the court that he will not touch the said account for the duration of the case, which I am confident will eventually be dismissed,” Quicho said.


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    1. Romeo Tuazon on

      Yeah right. Binay through Eduviges Ebeng Baloloy and Gerry Limlingan stashed his ill gotten wealth. Very obvious that millions of pesos were transferred, withdrawn, deposited and laundered. Siguro itong dalawang Ito Na liquidate na. I just hope that the NBI is doing their best to capture them if they are still alive.

    2. matinong pinoy on

      The Binay Boys are back and making a lot of noise again! They are employing all kinds of strategies and tricks every time the VP’s survey rating goes down. They are suffering from anxiety, a disorder that will not go away until after the election. They are having nightmares for the possibility that their Boss may not win the election. That possibility will soon becomes a reality and Binay already braced himself of the consequences for losing this election, like an awaiting arrest warrant.

      The 242 bank accounts, totaling over P12 Billion belonged to Limlingan and Baloloy, the front people of Binay. Quicho is trying to downplay about the VP’s involvement on those frozen bank accounts because that is part of his job description.

    3. edong mapangarap on

      poor Mr. Quicho lawyering for mang-ootcho, everytime he opens his mouth he reminds me of “pwet ng manok”, This lawyer, maintains that his boss has 1 bank account but never mention bank account conduits from Baloloy, Limlingan, that intsik-beho and the rest of his financial draculas! not to mention his ‘millionaired family’, never mentioned that before 2010 election he has 200+ million as campaign contribs but never used and instead used billions from his conduits. The signs are clear, we will have our first vice-pres IN JAIL, besides Bong and Jingoy…..