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    Years ago when i was a child most working class people worked in factories. Now when a sibling or cousin or friend was looking for a job you would go to the foreman & ask him if there was a vacancy for you relative or sibling. He would have him along & interview him but he would also know how well you worked for the company, & that went a long way in getting him or her that job as they realised if you were a good worker then your sibling, relative or friend would also probably be a good worker.
    Here in the philippines it is just the opposite. Now is it the company at fault or the family or friend at fault, but someone is surely at fault. My stepson works in a casino & has a good job, he is honest & loyal & now his younger brother who has worked at a company for 10 years but doesnt earn anything like his brother would like a job like that but the company wont hire him because his brother works there. I think you have very stupid people running these companies as to employ him they would soon find he is an asset to their company as he was to his previous company. As the words from a famous song springs to mind here, ” when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.
    Dustin, peter.king2008@yahoo.co.uk


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