• Discord in Duterte camp nipped by apology


    A potential breaking up of the camp of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte this early has been prevented by a simple apology to one of the key supporters of the country’s presumptive new leader.

    In a news conference on Friday, Peter Laviña, Duterte’s transition team spokesman, said the presumptive President’s inability to meet with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy was “not intentional.”

    Followers of Quiboloy, a highly influential religious leader, had complained that the pastor seemed to have been blocked off by new people around Duterte.

    “Hopefully, we can extend our apology to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy… These [supposed instances when Quiboloy tried but failed to meet with Duterte]are not intentional,” Laviña told reporters in Davao City of which the presumptive President is mayor.

    “We wanted to accommodate everyone and of course we want to consult everyone. This is a continuing process. We are barely one week [old]only,” he said.

    Laviña explained that Duterte’s camp was simply overwhelmed by the number of well-wishers and that was why not everyone could be entertained.

    “Things happened [that we were telling ourselves that]  the City Mayor’s Office staff apparently were overwhelmed by the number of well-wishers. We did not expect that so many and they [staff]were not prepared,” he said.

    “Meron talagang hindi na-entertain [There were those who really had not been entertained] and we received this feedback and we are happy that  we are receiving this feedback so they can,” Laviña added.

    Nonetheless, Laviña said since Duterte and Quiboloy  are good friends, the two can move on from the apparent misunderstanding.

    “They are good friends. They have been friends for a long time. I’m sure they can find a way to meet as soon as possible, not only as friends. The mayor may want to consult Pastor Quiboloy on some of the nominees [for Cabinet and other posts]he has already named and some who are not yet named,” he said.

    For his Energy chief, Duterte is considering former Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) chief Alfonso Cusi, according to the incoming leader’s spokesman, Lawyer Salvador Panelo also on Friday confirmed to media Cusi’s pending appointment.

    A vice chairman of the incoming ruling party PDP-Laban, the CAAP head was Manila International Airport Authority general manager before his stint in the aviation authority.

    He is a known political ally of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and was widely believed to have been forced out of his position when President Benigno Aquino 3rd assumed office in 2010.

    Duterte also plans to appoint former acting Justice secretary Jose Calida as solicitor general.

    Calida was a former undersecretary at the Department of Justice.

    Quiboloy had said some people now close to the mayor  “elbowed out” those who were with the President-elect since Day One.

    “Pastor Quiboloy has no interest whatsoever in the Duterte government. He is not after favors or perks. What the good pastor did not like was the fact that he is no longer being consulted. Not even a word since Duterte emerged as the most likely winner on May 10, the day after the elections,” Miguel Abe, Quiboloy’s appointed spokesman, told The Manila Times.

    “Worse, as early as 2 a.m. of May 10, [Duterte] could no longer be reached either by phone or anything. Access to him was cordoned off by this innermost circle,” he said.

    Abe clarified that Quiboloy only felt insulted that the pastor, while being the mayor’s  spiritual adviser and top endorser, seemed “no longer needed” by Duterte.


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    1. Charo Feliciano on

      Aba ay kailangang personal na tawagan at invite to formally say his thank you and gratitude sa suporta ng kaibigan na si Pastor Quiboloy. Huwag dapat kalimutan at sana ang mga advisers ng bagong Presidente Duterte ay remind him of this. Di dapat magkaroon ng conflict ang long friendship nila lalo na sa malaki ding tulong at suporta sa parte ni Pastor Quiboloy.

    2. Watching those trapo’s lining up for Duterte’s blessing is so appalling to say the least not to mentioned Duterte’s group dividing the so called spoils of war among themselves. By the way it looks duterte’s presidency would be like a city street labo-labo and to that God bless the Philippines. By the way i almost fell of my sit when i heard cynthia villar defense of her sons appointment to DPWH, talagang walang delikadeza itong mga villars. So for DPWH the writing on the wall is very clear as of this time if the young villar will assumed the highest position which is “A failed department in the coming 7 years”…….

    3. It seems these different appointees are “recycled” politician. People wants to see somebody “fresh” not tainted and not connected to any previous administration except for some critical and non performing departments. The “one hundred days” are crucial. Point in case–please do not appoint Villar as DPWH. The government or DOTC need a “professional and highly capable technical” person as far as infrastructures are concern.

    4. Looks like there are so many “Ks” now..Kababata, Kaibigan, Kaklase, Kapartido, Komunista. Sana huwag kalimutan ang mga KABABAYAN nating mga KAPUSPALAD.

    5. Pastor Quiboloy, consider yourself as part of the inner circle. Don’t be too sensitive. People might think you’re KSP o kulang sa pansin. As spiritual adviser people expect you have patience and lots of understanding toward Pres. Duterte’s situation now. Pres.Duterte’s plate is full due to the overwhelming swarm of butterflies from other parties and business leaders– a usual metamorphosis of ‘buttterflies’ aka balimbing– to accommodate to build coalition for his program — to succeed–he promised during his campaign that you were a part of.

    6. That’s why a lot of politicians who supported Poe and Binay are all over Davao wanting and begging to meet Duterte for a juicy government position. Ejercito who campaigned for Binay and son of Estrada who supported Poe waited long hours to apply for a Tourism Secretary position. Ejercito knows that he has no more position to enrich himself like his brother Jinggoy. This family is too obvious that they can only make millions or billions of money by having a government position. That’s the reason why Jinggoy cannot explain his wealth when in fact all his movies were “palpak”.