• Discounts for senior citizens clothes, shoes purchases eyed


    Why leave the shopping to the young, wild and free?

    A measure expanding the coverage of services and goods which are discounted at 20 percent for the senior citizens has been proposed in the House of Representatives to include the elders’ other basic needs such as clothing, footwear and hearing aid.

    Rep. Sherwin Tugna of Citizens Battle Against Corruption party-list made the pitch under his House Bill 4265 or Maintenance and Welfare of Senior Citizens Act of 2014.

    Under the existing Senior Citizens Act, the 20 percent discount for senior citizens only apply to their purchases in restaurants, fastfood chains, medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics, cinemas, stage plays, concerts, public transportation fare and a 5 percent discount for certain basic grocery items such as canned goods, milk, noodles, coffee, eggs, among others.

    Aside from the expanded list of goods and services covered by the 20 percent discount, the Maintenance and Welfare of Senior Citizens Act of 2014 also grants 20 percent discount for bank transaction fees incurred by senior citizens, considering that their pension are deposited in a bank.

    “Our elders are once the fortress of our economy. As former workers and owners of small or big businesses, they have contributed to the building our nation. Now that they have reached the twilight of their lives, it is but just and appropriate that we give the respect and care due them,” Tugna, a lawyer, pointed out.

    Likewise, House Bill 4265 mandates owners and proprietors of business providing services such as transportation, lodging, leisure and entertainment, and dining to grant discounts to senior citizens even in online transactions.

    Tugna cited that the average monthly pension of senior citizens who formerly worked for the public sector only hovers around P8,600 pesos, while those elders who worked for the private sector only receives around P2,400 a month.

    “These amounts are insufficient for the needs of senior citizens. How can our elders survive when their monthly pension is of a meager amount?,” Tugna added in closing. LLANESCA T. PANTI



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    1. I hope the proposal will be successful and become a law. This will give the Senior Citizens of the Philippines a leeway in buying good quality clothes to enjoy before they expire. Thank you Sir and more power to you. You’ve got a splendid idea. Carry on. Thank you.