Discover the beauty of nature in the city

Searching the city for migratory birds

Searching the city for migratory birds

(Easy and very simple tips for eco-friendly lifestyle; but enough to help conserve the treasures of nature.)

Contrary to what you might think, there is often more biodiversity in the city than in the country, wherein monocultures prevail in both ?elds and forests.

Surprisingly, there are great varieties of biotypes in the city. Public and private gardens, ponds, parks, forests, streets and avenues, vacant land, wasteland, railway sidings, water-course embankments, etc., not to mention green roofs and terraces, balconies and facades decked with flowers. Even small cracks in sidewalks, at the base of buildings or in walls are colonized by a multitude of wild plants.

However, this biodiversity is vulnerable, as it is not strong enough to withstand cement mixers and steamrollers.

Source: 52 Actions for Biodiversity, 2009 Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences


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