Dismissed cadet no longer included in PMA graduating class


Despite re-investigation orders on his alleged “Honor Code” violations by Armed Forces chief-of-staff Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadet Jeff Aldrin Cudia will not be joining his class come their March 16 graduation.

“His current status now is administratively discharged and placed on indefinite leave. He is not included anymore in the graduating class,” PMA spokesperson Major Agnes Lynnette Flores said.

Review of Cudia’s case is still ongoing.

The former was recommended dismissed after being found guilty of violating precepts of the PMA’s “Honor Code”.

The PMA earlier stated that all trainees of the institution are duty bound to adhere to the above-mentioned precepts.

“The development of character and integrity among the cadets is a fundamental objective of the PMA,” Flores stressed.

She added that the “Honor Code” and the “Honor System” are among the primary instruments in attaining this objective.

Flores said this is a unique system, which molds all the cadets to develop themselves into upright leaders of tomorrow.

“Members of the Cadet Corps, Armed Forces of the Philippines (CCAFP) are bound by the ‘Honor Code’ which they swore to uphold. The essence of the ‘Honor Code’ is that the cadets do not lie, cheat, steal nor tolerate among them those who do. The ‘Honor Code’ is absolute and it does not distinguish between the degree of the offense committed. Once they lied, cheated, stole or tolerated the commission of these offenses, there is only one punishment — separation,” the PMA public affairs office chief stressed.

“Cadet Cudia’s case is not an issue about being late in class. While it started as a violation of the regulations, which is coming to class late, the findings of the preliminary investigation conducted revealed a possibility of Cadet Cudia violating the ‘Honor Code’ which led to the opening of formal investigation by the ‘Honor Committee’. While the Academy recognizes his academic performance, this does not exempt him from strict observance of the Code,” she pointed out.

Flores stressed that the PMA has observed due process in the matter.

“The case folder bearing the recommendation of the PMA Superintendent for his separation from military service has been duly endorsed to higher headquarters in the Armed Forces of the Philippines for appropriate action. In line with this, the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines has given a guidance to conduct a re-investigation of the case. As to the status of Cadet Cudia in the Academy, he was already placed on an indefinite leave while awaiting the final disposition of his case,” she pointed out.

“As the breeding ground for future leaders of the AFP, PMA will continue to uphold the tenets of the ‘Honor Code’ which have been emplaced for generations. This code takes its roots within the heart and continues to live on long after each cadet graduates from the Philippine Military Academy. This binds the Cadet Corps with its alumni or the members of the long gray line,” Flores stated.

And while saddened by the turn of events, she stressed that the PMA cannot be selective in its application of the “Honor Code”.

“We are deeply saddened in seeing such great talent go. But the PMA, and the Cadet Corps, in particular cannot be selective in its application of the Code regardless of a cadet’s academic performance and even personal circumstances,” she concluded. PNA


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  1. Cadet Cudia is not get justice on his dismissal from PMA. I think the reason why he is late because of his professor insisted him to wait to get his Class card and in turn was late in his next subject. We can’t understand why PMA honor code committee dismiss him without justification. They don’t use their intelligent in giving dismissal to a Cadet who is near to graduate. Cadet Cudia has telling them in good faith and telling the truth that he was instructed by his professor to stay that in turn causing Cadet Cudia late. I believe that he was innocent and was caused by unfair committee to judge him inhuman.- Bro. Rolly Custodio

  2. This Honor Code is good as long as the members are doing their jobs faithfully and religiously. But there are some using this magnificent weapon as a shield of their vindication, they are immune to do the worst decision without question or fear! CONFIDENTIALITY …..THIS TOO,SHELTERED DIABOLICAL INTENT. WHERE IS THE SPIRIT OF LIVING IN A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY WHEN YOU ARE NOT GIVEN THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD.? They can manipulate Cadets for the reason that they are living under their mercy….tssskkktskkk….

  3. Cudia should accept his faith..get out from PMA and spill the beans of what really happened there..PMA is a close group subject to manipulation of few under the cover of honor code..getting out of PMA maybe a blessing..you can work in the private sector and labor honestly and get rich and be comfortable in your life..being a military officer alone will not make you rich unless you join the corruption band of our rich military officers..did they apply the PMA guarded honor code during their military career to get rich? Anybody can answer this..