‘Disneyfying’ Chevrolet Philippines


E3---Lyn-Buena520160223WITH the Chevrolet brand becoming more recognizable in the Philippine car market, The Covenant Car Co. Inc. (TCCCI) also sees to it that its customer service is among the best in the industry.

Lyn Manalansang-Buena, the senior vice president and director for Marketing and Customer Services of TCCCI, said two programs are in place to make sure Chevrolet owners are best served. One of the programs involves sending Chevrolet representatives from TCCCI and dealers to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Buena said TCCCI has established the Chevrolet Academy and a group of people from that institute goes around dealers to teach personnel on how to deliver quality service for vehicle owners of the brand.

“The Chevrolet Academy is our facility to make our dealers interface with our clients the ‘Chevrolet Way’ and that systems are in place to make sure our clients receive convenient and good quality service,” she added.

The second program in place to continually improve the customer service of TCCCI is to “Disneyfy” the company and dealer’s representatives. This involves sending Chevrolet representatives to Hong Kong Disneyland to learn how the systems of Disneyland and how to apply it to the car brand.

“First are the systems [development], because behind that cheerful demeanor is the confidence that you’ve got a system to back you up. So when clients come in, they have problems with their cars, you know how to address each one, you know how to talk with them. We have words for that – to ‘overmanage’ a situation – just to make sure that when the client leaves the service center, it’s not with a heavy heart,” Buena said.

To learn the Disney way, TCCI has sent a sent a succession of representatives from the head office and dealers to Hong Kong Disneyland to attend two-day workshops that, according to Buena, teaches “reimagineering customer service.” So far, four batches of personnel representing the Chevrolet brand made up to 25 to 40 people each have been sent to Hong Kong Disneyland.

One of the simple things that count a lot that Buena learned from Disneyland is the distance of a food stand from a garbage bin.

“In places where snacks are sold, in ten steps there is a trash can. This was studied,” Buena said.

She said TCCCI is planning to get trainors from Disneyland to come to the Philippines to teach a bigger group of Chevrolet personnel.

With the number of Chevrolet dealers growing from 12 in 2009 to 25 today, Buena said TCCCI wants to make sure it provides the best to its customers in terms of vehicles and customer service, and so far the Chevrolet Academy and learning the systems of Disney have helped a lot.

“Our vision is actually to be one of the top three brands in the Philippines in the foreseeable future. We got our sights set in making sure the brand becomes stronger and gains a lot of momentum. We would also like to deliver [and]bring in a lot of great cars with great value,” she added.


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