Dissidente: Unorthodox Essays and Radical Viewpoints


DISSIDENTEThe book Dissidente is a collection of essays and commentaries of a former Filipino expatriate from Malaysia, Jose Mario Dolor de Vega.

The author deals with various socio-political topics and varied subjects of universal importance for humanity yet the connecting thread is a deep sense of justice and humanism.

To quote from one commentator of the book:
“Dissidente is one testament to Mario’s thirst for discourse—but with a wider audience this time. The book is a compilation of his essays and musings all published in various printed and online media in Malaysia and in the Philippines.

“It provides the readers with an overview of how the author’s mind works while it encourages them to delve more into the issues that are tackled. The writings touch on social, political, and philosophical subjects such as critical thinking, morality, gender equality, current events, human rights and the law, to name a few.

“After all these years, our comrade still maintains a good grip of his curious mix of devil-may-care attitude and sincere intention to open up the eyes of others. His reflections will definitely allow more people to experience how it is to be in the company of ‘the radical’ who has so much to say.”

The sole aim of the writer in this work is to encourage the readers to think and rationalize things objectively; for them to think and decide for themselves, because he certainly believes that it is only in this way that social change and transformation in the world as a whole will blaze and ensue.

From the Foreword of Professor Magat, this is what he said:

“The author Mr. Jose Mario Dolor De Vega is a prolific writer and a powerful discussant. His writings reveal the breadth of literature that passed his critical mind. He claims to be a radical. He should deserve it!

“To partially quote the words of Mr. Bertrand Russell’s Introduction to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, ‘whether or not’ . . . this book proves ‘to give the ultimate truth on matters it deals, certainly deserves, by its breadth and scope and profundity, to be considered an important event’ in Mr. De Vega’s authorship and his philosophical life!”

The author wrote a great deal of these essays when he was abroad working as a faculty member of the School of Humanities and Social Science at Nilai University College located at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia teaching Philosophy, Anthropology and Ethics beginning from February of 2011.

His book (the first one) was published by the Central Books using the Published on Demand (POD) service which in his view is the fastest and the most affordable way to self-publish one’s work. Needless to state, the author is highly recommending this scheme to all writers out there.
Dissidente can be purchased at Central Bookstores nationwide and on its online bookstore (www.central.com.ph). For more information Dissidente and the Central Books’ Publish on Demand, visit www.central.com.ph or call 372-3550 local 34.


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