• Disunity rules as Democratic convention gets underway


    PHILADELPHIA: The Democratic convention opened to chaotic scenes on Monday (Tuesday in Manila), as rival supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders traded boos, jeers and taunts in a very public show of party disunity. As shock polls showed Republican Donald Trump leading the race for the White House, Democrats gathering in Philadelphia to make Clinton the first woman presidential nominee from a major party were in disarray. Diehard supporters of Sanders booed when a pastor leading the invocation prayer mentioned Clinton’s name, setting the stage for each successive mention to spark a raucous chorus of outbursts. Twice on Monday (Tuesday in Manila), Sanders appealed to supporters to help build party unity, ahead of a pivotal primetime address to delegates. “We have got to defeat Donald Trump. We have got to elect Hillary Clinton and (running mate) Tim Kaine,” Sanders told a gathering of his supporters. “Trump is a bully and a demagogue,” he said. His call to support Clinton was nevertheless met with loud jeers. He later sent a text message to supporters asking them not to protest on the floor of the convention as a “personal courtesy” to him. But that appeared to have minimal impact.



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