• Divine intervention seen in Leni victory


    Presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo of the Liberal Party sees divine intervention in her electoral victory.

    Robredo won the close vice presidential race with 14,418,817 votes—263,473 votes more than Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.’s 14,155,344.

    Even more fittingly, she won it on her husband’s birthday. Former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo would have turned 58 on Friday, May 27.

    “Everything came at the right time. I did not expect it to come on his birthday. We’re lucky
    that it was finished on his birthday, of all days. Likewise, the Mass for him was just finished. Everything was providential,” Robredo said.

    “Actually, I was confident from Day One of the canvassing. But the victory became more meaningful because it happened on the 58th birthday of my husband. That’s why we are here in Naga, with my daughters, to celebrate his birthday with my husband’s loved ones,” she added.

    Robredo and her daughters Aika, Tricia and Jillian travelled to Naga on Thursday night by bus.

    “We’re glad that it’s over. Both of us had copies of the COCs (certificates of canvass), and it was proven that there were no discrepancies. This proves that there is no poll rigging,” Robredo said.

    “The elections have been vicious. I am in no rush, but I hope that there will come a time when those who do not like me will give me a chance to prove my worth. Once they got to know me, I’m sure I am not the one they thought I was,” she added.

    The lawmaker said her being an underdog may have fuelled her victory.

    “From the very start, I was the one who was very vocal against the dictatorship. That is not personal to Senator Bongbong, but it became personal when he was washing his hands off… that there was nothing to apologize for. But when it comes to desire to be of service, whoever is the opponent, I had the same level of commitment and dedication,” she said.

    “Maybe it also helped that winning was really a long shot for me at the start, so I really worked hard. I was the one who visited the most number of provinces…had the most number of sorties and events, because I know I was playing catch up.”

    “I knew I did not have the advantage of others: their name, sturdy political machinery, so I worked hard,” Robredo added.

    Robredo credited her win to her supporters, who she described as rich and poor, young and old, and who gave everything they could without asking for anything in return.

    “It was a combination of help from all sectors. They were just as committed and dedicated.

    They were not expecting anything in return. They don’t just make time and put in the effort, they also pour in the resources. They always looked for ways to raise funds,” Robredo said.

    “These people were really ready to fight for me, and it was them who pulled me through.”


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    1. Keep on taking the bus to Naga City, Leni, but not as regularly as before. As VP, you need to consider security for yourself and your children. But don’t ever ever stop taking that bus, no matter how infrequent it would be from now on. That bus to Naga City will eventually lead you to the presidency in 2022! Congratulations!

    2. We now have a controversial Vice President, I wonder what those people who have voted for her have seen in this lady to choose him over the accomplishments of Bong Bong. Ano nga ba ang nagawa nya sa sambayanan at bise presidente na sya? o din naman kaya nag tagumpay ang mga marcos haters sa kanilang black propaganda laban kay bong bong?

    3. To Leni Robredo your win is not Divine Intervention but rather Intervention of PCOS Machine and the help of people who manipulate the result. I think you know we are talking. I had no idea if you still can sleep and face the people, most of us knew you did not win the election it is the PCOS machine that help.

    4. Divine intervention, my foot! It’s human intervention courtesy of inutile, most vindictive President this country has ever had.PCOS machine made her win this time but don’t celebrate just yet, BBM for sure will file an appeal for sure.

    5. Congratulations vice president leni, u deserve to win i saw ur hardwork in campaigning reaching out to remote places in the early morning of the day.

    6. Divine intervention? You mean si Noynoy tinulungan ng santa santitang nanay nya para mandaya? Divine intervention, my ass.

    7. I am confused, what divine intervention? Were PPCRV De Villa, her daughter, Bautista and SMartMagic people divine people? I hope there still exist God whoever “it” was to once and for all expose the real truth.

    8. To invoke divine intervention is to imply that you are more favored by divine forces than the rest. So why did the need for half a billion pesos for tv ads alone? And why no divine intervention for Roxas?

    9. good for you Leni Robredo but your winning was not Divine intervention ..it was done by evil people. It may not be your fault but you were the beneficiary of this massive manipulation of votes. Stop blaming Bongbong Marcos for your perceived loot of the senior Marcos…it was not Marcos but the government who stole from them. Do not condition your mind that there were no rigging of votes..you knew in your heart and soul that you are not the real VP of the Philippines. It’s Bongbong Marcos!

    10. AlingDionisia on

      Don’t give us that crap! the reason she won w’s because of the tenant from the Palace and they cheated big time…

    11. President -elect Duterte must be heavily guarded 24/7 because of the many signs of plot, already seem in the making, i.e. Impeachment desire by Trillianes who just left for business trip to Hawaii – what for? , threat by CHR – who protects criminals more than the aggrieved and the rape victims, and meticulously picking every statement (i.e. Jokes) that Duterte says. These only suggest that Robredo , who can easily be manipulated ( which she has demonstrated thru out this election) is not capable of becoming a President , if they become successful of their plot and she will just be a repeat of Cory Aquino’s .The rigging of the election purported by Aguino and Comelec strongly suggests Robredo will take the Presidency from Duterte.aided by special interest.God save the Philippines from those evils.

    12. CONGRATULATION! Leni Robredo, elected Vice President of the Philippines, yes it was surely the Divine Intervention (D.I.) the acted in your behalf to win the V.P. The Nation will live better with you than if the Marcoses gets backs to the Malacanyang and restart their plundering game.

      • You along with the Yellow cult brigade should get out of the country en masse and live in Mars permanently..

    13. This is not Divine intervention , it is more of a the devil’s intervention . If Leni Robredo is allowing herself to be used and manipulated by this outgoing President in rigging this election , how can we called this a Divine Intervention . Oh my God, Filipinos are not dumb.

    14. Divine intervention ? Is that what you call a breech of the system by Smartmatic while the election was in progress ?

      The election was a fraud and cheating and violations of the laws occured, anything less than a system audit is a cover up which is nothing new for the Aquino administration.

    15. It’s not over, not until the AES has been clear of rigging the election with the dirty influence of this outgoing Pres and the LP ,aided by his rich businessmen cohorts VP race is not legitimate .

    16. Taga Palm Springs on

      So many reasons as defense mechanisms, but Leni was only used by the incumbent administration as their pawn!

    17. We are passionate in electing widows (Cory actually was never, ever elected by anybody, she was put there by the – guess who) The Robredo widow who look like a decent person I must admit, and orphans like Pnoy or Grace Poe- why ?

    18. All my classmates in high school are for Robredo. We prayed and we prayed very hard. We text each other for developments and I know Jesus answers prayers. To Leni, congratulation from all of my classmates and I. Our prayer is for your good health and your family. It is not going to be easy. A congresswoman and a VP is way to different.

    19. Prinze Fisher on

      I think it’s foolish and unfair to mention “divine intervention” in your column. GOD is ONLY for truth!

      If Robredo wins, this is a pure evil work of the Yellow Cult not by GOD!

      • Who told you? beter eat amplaya more! GOD is only for truth,,thats why she Won! and its Divine Intervention….Hindi si bobong marcos DINAYA,,siya ay TINALO!..Move on..kaya gulo ng pilipinas dahilsa loyalist.