• DND exec ‘intercepts’ Joey in radio show


    HELICOPTER deal whistleblower Rhodora Alvarez who was code-named “Joey” in The Manila Times expose on Thursday claimed that an official of the Department of National Defense (DND) linked to an alleged anomaly attempted to ‘intercept’ her in a radio program where she was supposed to guest in.

    Alvarez said she was invited by radioman Gerry Baja to the late-afternoon “Dos Por Dos” program, which Baja co-hosts with TV personality Anthony Taberna.

    Baja had initially interviewed Alvarez by phone patch early Thursday morning, the day after she appeared before the Senate blue ribbon committee and presented her case against Defense and military officials who were allegedly involved in the P1.2- billion helicopter acquisition deal.

    It was during the morning interview where Baja invited Alvarez to come over to radio station dzMM located within the ABS-CBN broadcast center in Quezon City.
    Alvarez said she arrived earlier than the “call time” to avoid traffic.

    She then saw Defense Undersecretary Fernando Manalo along with his security detail pulling up at ABS-CBN, with the official heading directly to the radio station’s broadcast booth.

    Alvarez claimed that Baja himself was surprised at Manalo’s presence.

    “Now I’m convinced that SND [Secretary of National Defense Voltaire] Gazmin is behind all the chopper deal anomalies. I arrived at the ABS-CBN area two hours before my appointed time, even ahead of Gerry Baja. But when he was told that I was already there, he rushed to the station and spoke to his executive producer who in turn instructed me when and which gate will I get in,” Alvared narrated to The Times.

    Baja then called Alvarez and informed her that Manalo was already inside the radio station.

    “Hindi daw nya alam kung bakit nandoon, baka daw guest sa iba, sabi nya, pero teka parang gustong pumasok, standby lang daw ako. Mamaya tumawag uli si Gerry at sinabi na pumasok na nga daw sa Dos Por Dos [Gerry said he did not know why Manalo was there, maybe, Gerry also said, Manalo could be a guest in another radio program, but it looked like Manalo wanted to enter the Dos Por Dos booth, Gerry told me to stand by.
    Later, Gerry called again and told me that Manalo entered the Dos Por Dos booth]” she said.

    Alvarez also claimed that Manalo’s security aides were all over the place and were obviously out to stop her from getting inside.

    “I’m the show’s guest but it was Manalo who slipped in. That’s bullying. They prevented my entry and I feel so harassed,” she said.

    When sought to confirm Alvarez’s claim, Baja on Friday said that while the incident did happen, it was just a case of miscommunication.

    He confirmed that Manalo did come to the radio program but those behind the show had not been told about it.

    In a text message, Baja said the DND had requested that Taberna interview Manalo in Dos Por Dos but the executive producer and the production assistants were not informed about the request.

    He added that Taberna was not able to coordinate with their executive producer because he had to tape another show.

    “We just decided to accommodate [Undersecretary] Manalo that day and have Miss Alvarez today [Friday],” Baja said.


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    1. Voltaire wants a comfortable retirement? He better clean his act now because that is a pure case of plunder, money laundering and graft. This is just the Lockheed case, circa 2015 – and under a simyon tenure touted to be a “dung matweed”. Surely, cases can still be filed against him including all his co-conspirators after two years.

    2. Manalo can do his power acts inside the ABS-CBN and this network will allow him and defend him. We know who and what the ABS-CBN network is. Dont think Manalo can do that in GMA or TV5, unless these 2 are also yellows.

    3. 3% ni Joey ay mga 34 to 36 million. Wow laki. kay manalo ay 5% at kay SND mas malaki 7%. wow ang yayaman na ng mag mokong na ito. hindi nyo madadala yan pag inilibing na kayo sa hukay. kaya dimatalo talo ang NPA, abu Sayaf at Muslim secessionist ay dahil sa mga makakapal na mukha na mga ito. Sila dapat ay pugutan ng ulo.

      • apolonio reyes on


    4. Dear Ms. Alvarez,

      Do you honestly expect us to believe that Manalo brought a troupe of armed men to bar you from entering the station? Eh mas matindi kaya ang security ng ABS kesa sa mga military office sa Pilipinas. Sad but true.

      Bakit di ninyo tanungin si Ka Tunying kung sino nangimbita? Diba DOS POR DOS nga sila? “DOS”. DALAWA. Si Gerry Baja LANG ba ang host dyan? Malamang pagtatapatin kayo. Style naman nila yan.

      Bakit ka natakot? Magpapadaig ka ba sa mga “armed men” kung armado ka ng katotohanan? Yun ba talaga ang armas mo? O may tinatago ka bang ibang dahilan?

    5. I agree with Dave Barrios. The stink emanates from Ms. Alvarez. Why would a BIR official be involved in any of this. I mean, is this even ethical?

    6. Vic PenetranteVic on

      The interception was simply to publicize ‘Joey’s pictures with the war-tested (not-so-vintaged) helicopter.
      Sorry to hear that your appearance was moved to yesterday. Perhaps you had no ‘security-aides’ to strike fear at the station.

    7. These scum are just liars. Do they think people actually believe them. But it seems some in the media are also covering up for them. They want some to be truthful but then they arnt. His aides should have no control over who goes in or out of the radio station, so to say it was just misss communication is a down right lie. Stop lying & face your charges. You will soon be in jail where you belong. The time of rife corruption is passing by, a little slowly but its getting there.

    8. Miss Alvarez huwagna po kayong mabigla at alam naman ng lahat na Yellow station yan…. Lahat ng nagtatarabaho sa Abs cnn ay mga mercenario ng ating gobyerno… Isa nga sila sa my kasalanan kung bakit nahalal ang mentally retarded na Pnoy at pati tayong mga Pilipino ay nadamay sa Mali, hypocrite at mapang abusong pamamalakad at number one na corrupt government sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

      • Indeed, the next president will surely dig into the case of Quo Rhee giving back a national asset to a private company. That station has been foreclosed by DBP and by that time, the owner is the Filipino people. Giving an asset to a private company is pure and simple graft contrary to the ranted claim that she is a saint. Saint my ass!

    9. Dave Barrios on

      Alvarez will either be jailed for graft and corruption for entering as agent for RASI while working as BIR examiner, she compromised her job and probably used government-paid time to secure this deal or she will be jailed again for asking commission for this deal which she has no legal right being a gov’t employee. And you Mr Egco should be investigated as her possible accomplish

      • you should have watch the interview of ms. alvarez last Friday (after the Thursday interview with USec Manalo) before making any conclusions. from the interview, it appears that ms. alvarez did not get her commission since she backed off from the negotiation when she smelled something fishy and upon learning that RASI is a bogus company that has no capability to manufacture and/or supply the helicopter as prescribed in the TOR docs. DND proceeded with the deal and partial delivery (6 units) was made but DND later cancelled the whole deal on reason that the remaining units (15) were not delivered on the prescribed period. the 6 helicopters are claimed being used for training and not as combat units (as prescribed in the TOR). ironic that this guy surnamed “manalo” is a sore loser!

    10. Di na natuto ang mga kawatan sa kaban ng bayan o di kaya ay “Once a kawatan, always a kawatan.” Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo, Pilipinas Kong Mahal!

    11. Samuel Santos on

      Para na itong isang “dry run” for what could be the imposition of “martial law.”