DND probe panel clears officials


    An internal panel of investigators that probed a P1.2-billion helicopter acquisition project has cleared key Defense department officials who were suspected of involvement in the allegedly anomalous transaction.

    This was revealed to members of the House Committee on National Defense and Security in a recent hearing by Defense Undersecretary Pio Lorenzo Batino, who headed the panel.

    Batino said the procurement process, which led to grant of a negotiated supply contract to RASI, complied with the Government Procurement Law and its revised implementing rules and regulations.

    He added that the negotiated contract had been awarded to Rice Aircraft Services Inc. (RASI) after three previous biddings for the UH-1 acquisition project failed.
    The procedure, Batino said, is allowed under the procurement law.

    “Each declaration of a failed bidding and the eventual negotiated mode of procurement were done in accordance with the requirements of the law. In fact, the failed biddings were declared due to the failure of the proponents who submitted bids to provide an acceptable set of complete bid documents, with the exception of the second bid where the winning bidder failed the post-qualification evaluation,” he told lawmakers.

    Batino said the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) of the Department of National Defense (DND) complied with all publication requirements during the bidding process and issued letters of invitation to many prospective proponents during the negotiation procurement stage.


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    1. monina atienza on

      FAILED BIDDINGS in government only happens when the Bidding Office concerned has a Preferred Supplier (PS) of the material for bid EVEN BEFORE the “Public” Bidding itself.

      THIS PREFERENCE HAPPENS WHEN the PS was the one who worked (naglakad) to get the Project for bidding to be FUNDED by DBM whose ‘friendly’ employees have previously tipped her (as Napoles would have) about the probability of its funding. Naturally, envelops shall be distributed to everyone, who may have helped in the process of its being funded quickly, even including drivers of officials or janitors and clerks. (Drivers and janitors are useful too in the way that they are the ones who know whether the Boss (the Fund last signatory) is, indeed, inside their offices or not): OR, she may have, often, been the one known to the Bids and Awards Committee BAC) and signing Commanding Officers (CO) as capable of advancing their commissions.

      The PS becomes the NEGOTIATED BIDDER after the BAC and CO have “worked” among themselves to find one TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION of the PREFERRED BRAND/SUPPLIER (local or foreign), which the other bidders will not/never have. Finding this exclusivity, this shall, then, be strictly incorporated as a BIDDING REQUIREMENT in the Bid Contracts.

      Thus, 3 Failed Biddings shall ensue, as the Bid Rules require, making all other Bidders disqualified. NEGOTIATED CONTRACT shall, then, be awarded to the lone ‘qualified” NB.

      Gawain niyo bulok.