• DND wants anti-sub helicopters for Navy


    THE Department of National Defense (DND) has opened the bidding for a P5.4-billion contract to supply the Philippine Navy with anti-submarine helicopters.

    Defense Undersecretary Natalio Ecarma 3rd, chairman of the DND-Bids and Awards Committee, said on Friday the budget for the project has been approved under the Medium-Term Development Capability Plan.

    “The  DND invites sealed bids for the acquisition of two anti-submarine helicopters with munitions, mission essential equipment and integrated logistics supports for the Philippine Navy,” Ecarma said.

    Under the terms of the contract, the winning bidder must deliver the aircraft within 730 days or two years and 17 days from the time of the awarding.

    Participating supplier firms, Ecarma pointed out, must also be the manufacturers of anti-submarine helicopters.

    The aircraft must be used by the armed forces of the country of origin or by the armed forces of at least two other countries.

    The bidding will be in two stages using non-discretionary “pass/fail” criterion as specified under the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 9184  or the  Government Procurement Reform Act.

    The DND will hold the first stage pre-bid conference on October 7.
    The date for the second bidding will be announced later.

    Ecarma said bids would be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend.

    Earlier, the Defense department invested P11 billion for two long-range patrol aircraft and six close-air support planes, which the Philippine Air Force will use to patrol the country’s territorial boundaries.

    In March, it awarded a P18.9-billion contract  to Korea Aerospace Industries for the supply of 12 FA-50 training fighter jets and another P4.8 billion for eight utility helicopters from the Canadian Commercial Corp.

    The FA-50s are scheduled for delivery in September next year.

    As of January, the government had spent a total of P41.2 billion for the military’s modernization program.


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    1. to Cobra- you should educate your self more before you make any comment on anything. This is to save yourself from ‘you know what’.

      The title of the article did mention that what we plan to acquire are a couple of ANTI-SUB choppers right? “The DND invites sealed bids for the acquisition of two anti-submarine helicopters with munitions, mission essential equipment and integrated logistics supports for the Philippine Navy,” Ecarma said. have you read this part? then what’s with this question?- “what can they do in the event they detect an enemy sub?”

      Another thing, the FA-50 is the ‘attack’ version of the trainer T-50. It is capable of delivering various munitions like air to air, air to surface, guided and unguided bombs etc. It is also a pre-requisite to a more capable Multi Role Fighter (MRF) Jets like F16, F18 etc as it gives us the knowledge to operate.

      On the other hand, the Del Pilar Class Frigates PF-16 and PF-15 were bought to fill in the gap. To equip our navy with the knowledge (just like the FA-50) to operate these type of ships before we jump into bigger and modern warships like the two New Frigates under bidding process.

      Remember our ancestors died fighting for our homeland, for the upcoming generations (our generation) to live in peace prosperity and freedom. Let us not let it go to waste by totally neglecting our defenses.

      Now with the enemies at our gates grabbing our islands; if we do what the people with the likes of you suggests then that’s the time when one will have the right to call us ‘Sitting Ducks’.

    2. Does this government consider that an attack from submarines is in the realm of possibility? Here is more waste happening.

    3. short as it is in modernization, we have to start somewhere as the AFP modernization had been placed in the back burner for decades plus some of the funds were stolen. this is not a bad start. the modernization will continue until it meet the credible external defense capabilities of the AFP. We already the weakest armed forces in southeast asia and Im glad things are moving forward. Infrastructures can come at the same time in fact infrastructures were ahead but was sub-standard due to as usual corruption in every level. besides how can you protect our infrastructures from external attack like for example China if our armed forces are ill equipped? ask for help from the US again lol. when are we going to be able to stand on our own feet.!

    4. All these expenditures will not protect the Phils nor will make the lives of ordinary Pinoys any better.For a start the ships (two destroyers) are not armed with SAMs like they wre designed, the equipments were removed before they were sold to the Phils.,The FA-50s are the trainer version and won’t have the surface to air missiles capability (nor we can afford them at $1M each missile) it’s the same with these choppers, what can they do in the event they detect an enemy sub? if they are not properly armed they will be sitting ducks as soon as they get detected by the enemy being slow and have limited altitude. We should spend the money instead on much needed infrastructures, health,,education and training, also in improving peace and order situation in the country.