‘Do not stay silent in the face of crimes of human rights violations’


THESE were the Pope’s most recent words to the international community. He was once more speaking about the atrocities being committed by Islamic extremists in the Middle East, particularly the leaders and followers of IS–the Islamic State.

Pope Francis sent a message of solidarity to refugees, expressing as well his gratitude to those who are helping them, and exhorting the international community to react in the face of the terrible situation for Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East.

The Holy Father sent a letter to the Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan, Archbishop Maroun Lahham, who traveled to Jordan to mark the first anniversary of the arrival of Iraqi refugees in the Hashemite Kingdom on Aug. 8, 2014.

Archbishop Lahham is participating in many events and meetings visiting shelters for refugees in Jordan.

The Holy Father’s message begins by noting that he was using the occasion of Archbishop Lahham’s Jordan visit to reach “with a word of hope” those oppressed by violence and forced to abandon their homes and their homeland.

The Pope once more reiterated his desire to speak out against “the atrocious, inhumane and inexplicable persecution” of “victims of fanaticism and intolerance” in the Middle East and how these atrocities and cruel treatment are often overlooked and met with silence by the rest of the world.

“They are the martyrs of today, humiliated and discriminated against for their fidelity to the Gospel,” he said. He gave a reminder of the faithfulness of the Church which never forgets or abandons her children exiled because of their faith. Francis thanked the refugees for being heroic witnesses for Christ.

To those who have been helping the hundreds of thousands forced to flee, the Pope said, “You proclaim the resurrection of Christ,” and noted their help has illuminated moments of darkness in the lives of the suffering. “May the Lord reward you, as only He can do, with the abundance of His gifts,” Pope Francis said in his letter.

He then expressed the ardent hope that world public opinion “be ever more attentive, sensitive and participatory in face of the persecutions carried out in dealings with Christians and more, in general, of religious minorities.”

“I renew my hope that the International Community will not remain silent and inert in face of such unacceptable crimes, which constitute a worrying disregard of the most essential human rights and impedes the richness of coexistence among peoples, cultures and faiths,” he said.

In closing the Holy Father asked for the prayers of the refugees and victims and offered them his Apostolic Blessing and entrusted them to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s protection.

We, Christian Filipinos, and also our Filipino Muslim brethren, who do not in any way approve of the atrocities being committed against Christians by the IS and other Islamic extremists, must respond to Pope’s Francis’ call.


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  1. Dominador D. Canastra on

    We Filipin os must respond to Pope Francis’ appeal–and we must also respond to the simialr appeal of the CBCP and individual Catholci bishops and the other Church people’s and Karapatan’s many cries for help against the PNoy government’s human rights violations.

  2. Baking hinahayaan ng simbahan ang patuloy na pagkakulong Kay GMA sa veterans kahit wala naman ebidensya… Paki explain nga CBCP?!

    Baking naman Simbahan ang sisisihin. Wala namang kapagyarihan yang mga obispo at ang Santo Papa sa mga masasamang opisyales n pulitiko!!! Si PNoy nga nang bagbigay ng welcome speech kay Pope Francis sa Malakanyang ay puro kasinungalingan ang pinagsasabi. Sana pinadalhan ng mga KIDLAT si PNoy, pero hindi ginawa ng Diyos kasi tatamaan din ang mga inosenting mga tao.

    • They played a great role demonizing GMA then…they encouraged people to hate her and encouraged the media to do the same… And because of them we have a lunatic and incompetent government

  3. Oh, the Holy Father is to put on his glasses and look even know who are the founders of ISIS. And was established mainly for what purpose the ISIS!
    And – who are the noble supporters these murderers.
    For the rest: “The Filipinos do not look for other villains, looks at the own human rights violations” This is more appropriate.
    For our part, show the world human rights violations. In the Philippines, there are so many that we have no time for other countries.
    “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!”

    But what stands out the following: Roberto Duterte, who Mindanao and thus the Muslim part of the Philippines represents is brought here deliberately discredited. A very clever political move by the corrupt and Catholic government officials.
    Look in this website. We invite every day more political dirt from Catholic Aquino. Unfortunately, very un-Christian filth. Violations of the 10 Commandments. Positive there is nothing to report unfortunately.


    Yoour are commenting as if the Filipino people are not victims of Aquino!!! As if the true Catholis here in our country are not praying daily and joining marches against Aquino and his fascist police and military! You must be trying to help the Satanic forces who are trying to make the Catholic Church and the Filipino Catholics look bad by identifying Aquino as a Catholic. He is not he is in fact against the Church and against God! He closed down the Catholic chapel in Malacanang Palace. He makes fun of the sign of the cross by doing it in front of Rizal’s monument!!!
    You are a an unjust comment-maker. You should read the news and the analyses article more intelligently.