Do you really care for Pacquiao?


(By Conrad Cariño, Sports, December 12, 2013)
Care for pacquiao?…or care for mayweather?…

Mayweather is truly afraid to the people’s champ…because when the first time the news came out about the mega fight Pacquiao vs. Mayweather, Mayweather started to cry out loud about the sharing of the money , the drug testing, he has all the reasons not to fight Pacquiao until now…how can you say about care for pacquiao? If Mayweather is cowardly declining the megafight to be happen…if Mayweather will surely win against Pacquiao , then this fight should agree both terms, why floyd has always excuses about that megafight to be happen?

Care for Mayweather , not care for Pacquiao…cause Mayweather knows, only Pacquiao can ruin Floyds perfect record…

I have to agree with Mr. Carino. Mayweather played the waiting game and will wait a little longer for Pacman to slow down a little bit more. Sugar Ray Leonard did the same thing to Marvin Hagler—Leonard waited for Hagler to age and slow down a bit and then lured Hagler to a lucrative fight. Mayweather will do the same to Pacman. Mayweather will jab, jab and right cross and run, run and run.

Now if it was a street fight with no rules—I would bet on Manny any day.
Joe Burgos,


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