Do you really care for Pacquiao?

Peter Cariño

Peter Cariño

(Last of two parts)

The second part of this series on why Manny Pacquiao could not beat Floyd May-weather anymore comes out a few days from the date Juan Manuel Marquez knocked out the Filipino in Las Vegas a year ago.

As Pacquiao hit the canvas unconscious, I told to myself, “I saw this was coming . . .”

Yes my dear readers, I actually saw the knockout win of Marquez coming on that fateful night in Las Vegas, but I never expected Pacquiao to be knocked out cold.

In an earlier column (“What could have been for Pacquiao,” June 29, 2013 I said that a third and fourth fight with Pacquiao was unnecessary. Between the lines, what I was saying was the third and fourth meeting with Marquez were dangerous for our beloved Pacquiao. Marquez already had Pacquiao figured out in their second close fight.

My prognosis was simple: Marquez in their third fight learned how to better create openings, and land his vaunted right hand on Pacquiao with accuracy. So all that Marquez had to do was come into the fourth fight with more power and speed. The closer Marquez is to Pacquiao prior to landing his powerful right, the deadlier the outcome. And a moment of recklessness by Pacquiao could prove fatal.

I even remember telling The Times Sports Editor Perry Mallari weeks before Pacquiao-Marquez 4, “Kinakabahan ako, kasi nasukat na ni Marquez si Pacquiao ng husto. Ang kailangan lang niyang gawin ay sapakin si Pacquiao ng isang mas malakas na kanan [I fear for Pacquiao because Marquez has him sized up thoroughly. All that Marquez needs is to land a more powerful right and it’s over].”

Now, can that very simple prognosis be debated?

But if I wrote a column 14 months ago saying that Pacquiao would possibly lose to Marquez by knockout, I am would surely get a lot of negative comments and called names. And yes, there are 100 views to shoot down my prognosis that Marquez would beat Pacquiao by knockout or stoppage.

My column last week was not spared of negative comments, which shows that Pacquiao-Mayweather is a fight a lot of Filipino boxing fans want to see.

Well, many Filipino boxing fans do not seem to learn— Pacquiao’s struggling against Marquez in their third fight (although he won) created the blueprint for Marquez to beat him in their fourth fight. And the blueprint Marquez used to beat Pacquiao can also be used by Mayweather to beat the Filipino.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no debating that Mayweather is miles ahead of Marquez in technique, power, speed and ring movement. Both are ring technicians but Marquez is rungs below.

Perhaps, those few points should have been part of the thesis (or anti-thesis) in my previous column to support my view that Pacquiao could no longer beat Mayweather.

Perhaps, I should also have kept the discussions in my previous column quite simple, rather than elaborating on some points (which some netizens made comments or feasted upon). So now I will keep it quite simple this time by also asking this question: What type of effect will the rights hands of Mayweather, particularly those with the same power he landed on Canelo Alvarez, have on Pacquiao?

After his fourth fight with Marquez, Pacquiao confessed that he cried. Well, my heart bled and it took me more than six months to get over the hidden pain of my compatriot losing like that. (My June 29 column echoes that.)

From 2009 (when I was Sports Editor of The Times) up to before the third Marquez-Pacquiao fight, I was one of those who believed that Pacquiao had a big chance of beating Mayweather.

But a lot has changed now.

And it makes me wonder as to why there are Filipino boxing fans who still believe that Pacquiao can beat Mayweather. Do they think that Pacquiao is like a racecar that have wornout parts that can be replaced?

Truth is the Pacquiao today is no longer the Pacquiao we all saw between 2007 and 2010, and those were the years the Filipino had the chance to beat Mayweather. As for Mayweather, there is no questioning how sharp he was in the Alvarez fight.

It is hard to see from what exact point Pacquiao started to decline physically, but I believe his third fight with Marquez took out a lot from him. And again, as I have said in my June 29 column, the third and fourth Marquez-Pacquiao fights should have not taken place.

I was hoping Pacquiao would regain his old form against Timothy Bradley, but his being stretched by a “B” fighter (or his failing to stop Bradley) showed that Pacquiao is no longer in his physical prime. And Marquez saw that.

C’mon, Bradley was supposed to be a “gift” opponent for Pacquiao. Prior to fighting Pacquiao, Bradley’s only stoppage win over nine fights was over a geriatric (read: aging) Joel Casamayor.

Pacquiao’s running for Congress also took away some of his attention from boxing.

Now, before some of you readers post comments, I must say that I hate saying Pacquiao could not beat Mayweather, but if you really care for Pacquiao and his health, you won’t even think of calling for Pacquiao-Mayweather.

And I hope some readers won’t judge this column as “scathing” against Pacquiao.

If you want to read a real scathing comment on why Pacquiao will lose to Mayweather, read the article from this link \t “_blank”

Honestly, do we want to see our beloved Pacquiao take another loss now that his career is on its last legs? I don’t . . .


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  1. I agree with Nelson Valle. Mayweather v Pacquiao has to happen. If it happens in April or May of 2014 or November 2014, I would watch it on pay per view. If it does not, I refuse to watch another Pacquiao fight against a recycled opponent. I think many people feel the same way as I do because the Rios fight did not do as well on pay per view. It is time to fight Mayweather. The odds are in Mayweather’s favor but it is time for both fighter to put up or shut up.

  2. I am not sure if Filipino’s really care for Pacman??? But I am certain that whoever he fight the Filipino people will support him. But it is not accurate to say that Pacquiao could not beat Mayweather. Mayweather is an excellent boxer, but Manny Pacquaio will to win will make the difference. Your observation that Manny killer instinct declined already maybe correct. However, whenever Pacman is beaten by KO, (first by Torrecampo and a Thai figher, I forgot his name) when he came back to the ring he become a better fighter. The JMM KO loss is a terrible thing that happened to him almost all boxing fans and boxing experts doubt if he can come back to fight. He proved it that they all wrong when he schooled Rios in Macau. We all know that Manny came from the poorest of the poor as a kid and that ability to rise from all adversary will carry him to accomplished what other boxer’s failed to do against Floyd. The fight between Pacman and Floyd shall be done to settle all question???
    One thing that for sure….. Filipono people will support Pacman win or loss!!!!

  3. Elmer Gendrano on

    I love Manny but I have to agree with your analysis, it is the bitter reality which many of us Filipinos find really very hard to accept.

  4. care for pacquiao?…or care for mayweather?…

    mayweather is truly afraid to the people’s champ…because when the first time the news came out about the mega fight pacquiao vs. mayweather, mayweather started to cry out loud about the sharing of the money , the drug testing, he has all the reasons not to fight pacquiao until now…how can you say about care for pacquiao? if mayweather is cowardly declining the megafight to be happen…if mayweather will surely win against pacquiao , then this fight should agree both terms, why floyd has always excuses about that megafight to be happen?

    care for mayweather , not care for pacquiao…
    cause mayweather knows, only pacquiao can ruin floyds perfect record…

  5. I have to agree with Mr. Carino. Mayweather played the waiting game and will wait a little longer for Pacman to slow down a little bit more. Sugar Ray Leonard did the same thing to Marvin Hagler – Leonard waited for Hagler to age and slow down a bit and then lured Hagler to a lucrative fight. Mayweather will do the same to Pacman. Mayweather will jab, jab and right cross and run, run and run.
    Now if it was a street fight with no rules – I would bet on Manny any day

  6. I know pinoys are scared to say what they think when it goes against another pinoy especially an icon like manny pacquiao. Its to do with the pinoy way. Its pinoy evertime. They most times cant be fair in anything when its a pinoy v foreigner. I remember watching the tim bradley manny pacquiao fight & i didnt know the result & i said to all my pinoy friends with me manny is losing this fight. His punches when he threw them were not landing. If you believe as did the hbo commentator that pac couldnt miss tb with his straight power left then explain to me why tb had no bruises, no cuts, no bloody nose, no swellings. Before the fight all said he would ko tb as tb had no power & pac would walk straihgt through him. Well i bet against him with tb & with jmm. I backed him against rios as he was tailor made for pac. But i totally agree with you pac has no chance of beating mayweather. Now i know not a single pinoy agrees with this but i believe when they tried to get the 1st fight with mayweather & pac refused rbt it was because pac was juicing. Its so strange that since then pacs performances have gobne down. Since then he hasnt ko’d anyone. I believe he woukldnt take the test because he was juicing & didnt want to get caught. I now also believe he owes taxes but his fans wont believe that, but it was so easy to comply with the bir, he has tax lawyers & accountants yet they couldnt supply the correct paperwork. Its laughable, he had 3 years to comply but didnt. Lets see. But the pinoy needs to change & acept others have a point of view & you shouldnt hate that person because it differs from your point of view.

  7. In as much as I would like to agree with you, the Mayweather Pacquiao fight has to happen not for the sake of the fighters but for the sake of the boxing history. This should be the dot after the sentence without which the sentence is bitin or incomplete. The end to the what ifs ..Given also that Mayweather is older than Manny and not as strong as Marquez Pacquiao has a good chance here. Manny minus the gigil plus the patience similar to the last fight vs Rios can annihilate Mweather.