• Doctors pitch for Arroyo’s release from VMMC


    THE way to faster recovery for ailing Rep. Gloria Arroyo of Pampanga is for her to be released from the hospital to bounce back from her continuing deterioration of health, according to two doctors who attested the former president’s deteriorating condition.

    In separate medical bulletins, the lawmaker’s physicians said that Arroyo’s condition is not improving that a holistic approach requires, referring to her release from Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC).

    According to Dr. Antonion Sison, spine surgeon from the VMMC, Arroyo still continue to complain of lower back pain which is only temporarily relieved through pain killers.

    She also still have difficulty in swallowing solid food “which contributes to her poor appetite and weight loss,” Sison said.

    “Arroyo, after her three major cervical spine operations, has not been cured of her illness and she continued to feel its ill effects to date . . . It is doubtful whether her current medical management regime will result in any marked medical improvement,” the progress report read.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Ernesto Palanca, also a doctor of Arroyo, said that the lawmaker is experiencing “deterioration of her entire health,” not only apparent delay in healing.

    The doctor said that Arroyo is always facing a potential life-threatening condition such as breakdown of her operated cervical spine and possibility of aspiration pneumonia due to regurgitation of food.

    Palanca added that after the surgical procedures on Arroyo, it is physiologically expected that bones will heal four to six months under normal condition.

    However, Arroyo is nothing but otherwise, he added.

    “Clearly, Arroyo is a suffering sick lady. I say this without any fear of contradiction,” Palanca’s certification read.

    Both doctors agree that the one-and-a-half year stay of Arroyo inside the hospital is a “big factor” for her delay in recovery.

    “One mode worth trying to reverse the ongoing deterioration of Arroyo is to release her from detention even on a temporary liberty so that her body can rally the protective forces only her mind can command,” Palanca said.

    “It is not healthy to keep a patient in continued confinement in a medical facility for over a year. Such prolonged confinement is not conducive but may only slow down the healing process and hinder full recovery,” Sison added.

    Both doctors said that the court should reconsider a “holistic approach” in treating the lawmaker so that her “body and spirit” can recuperate.

    “How can she by her own self increase her anti-bodies and enhance her own immune system if the authorities continue to detain her as an accused criminal?” Palanca said.

    Upon the order of the Sandiganbayan, lawyer Anacleto Diaz submitted the medical bulletins of the two doctors to bolster the defense’s argument to allow Arroyo to be released on bail.

    Earlier, the anti-graft court already approved the posting of bail of three former officials of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), namely, Sergio Valencia, Manuel Morato and Raymundo Roquero.

    Arroyo and PCSO budget and accounts manager Benigno Aguas were left behind under incarceration and are still urging the court to fast track the resolution of their bail motions.


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    1. Samuel Santos on

      The former President has not only suffered so much. She has also been humiliated. Whe should be allowed to go home soonest.

    2. Hindi siya palalabasin ni vindictive president.
      3 years nang kulong sa hospital si GMA, walang conviction, dahil ba walang probable cause?
      Asan ang truckloads of evidences na sinasabi ni BS aquino.

    3. Alice H. Gualberto on

      release her for humanitarian reasons even pet animals are freed to roam around what more of a true human, had she not been sick, yes she should be confined for long but the kind of illness she is suffering is really life threatening, i have also a son who is a doctor….