• Doctors recommending transfer of Enrile to better equipped hospital – PNP


    Attending doctors at the Philippine National Police (PNP) General Hospital are recommending the immediate transfer of detained Senator Juan Ponce Enrile to another hospital citing old age and the unpredictability of his health.

    Attending physician, Chief Insp. Stanley Sevillano, said the 90-year old senator should be transferred or confined to a better-equipped or tertiary hospital, such as the Philippine Heart Center or the National Kidney Transplant Institute. He said this is supported by his colleagues at the hospital.

    “We do not know when our worst fears will happen, it is urgent and best that he be transferred as soon as possible,” the doctor said.

    Sevillano, along with PNPGH officer-in-charge Supt. Maribe Jocson and emergency services head Chief Insp. Raymond Santos, attended Thursday’s hearing at the Sandiganbayan, during which doctors from the Philippine General Hospital said Enrile should remain under hospital confinement due to poor health.

    Sevillano said Enrile is at high risk for a stroke or cardiac arrest if he is exposed to extreme stress, “considering his old age and unpredictable health condition.”

    He explained the PNPGH is a level 2 hospital, which means they have the basic and some specialized equipment but lacks magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment and CT scans.

    Although Enrile is in stable condition since his confinement and surrender last July 4, Sevillano said they fear the worst might happen to the senator should he be exposed to stressful situations.

    In the past days, the senator was monitored to have “normal blood pressure, normal heartbeat, conscious and coherent” except for a particular day when Enrile’s blood pressure went up to 150/90 which eventually stabilized.

    He explained that though they can manage the senator’s health since is it is stable, they may not be able to give critical care management in a worst-case scenario.

    “In extreme emergencies, we can give emergency treatment. But we think it would be best if he is confined in a tertiary hospital,” Sevillano said.

    Earlier, the Sandiganbayan ordered the PGH to examine Enrile, who asked the court to place him under hospital arrest.

    Enrile is suffering from irregular heartbeat, hypertension, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and age-related macular degeneration which may lead to blindness.

    He is one of the accused in the pork barrel scam allegedly orchestrated by businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles.

    Aside from Enrile, also detained at Camp Crame were Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla, both detained at the officers’ quarters of Custodial Center. Also inside the main detention facility is Revilla’s staff Richard Cambe.

    According to Santos, Estrada is in good health while Revilla is requesting a check-up for his chronic headache and a complication from a root canal procedure. PNA


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    1. Revilla is acting again. Laking tao sumakit lang ang ulo dahil sa kai -iisip kailangan na ang check up agad. talo pa ang 7 years old. Si Enrile dapat ilagay sa equipt hospital. doon sa Loyola Memorial Hospital. mayroon doon cremation o baon sa lupa.