• DOE awards 8 hydro, 2 geothermal service contracts


    THE Department of Energy (DOE) said on Wednesday it has awarded eight hydropower and two geothermal service contracts in line with its mandate to support the development of clean and renewable energy sources in the country.

    In an announcement dated January 4 on its website, the DOE said the winning bid proposals for the eight hydropower areas are: Area 4 Binongan-Tineg–First Gen Mindanao Hydropower Corp.; Area 7 Ilog–Phinma Energy Corp. (formerly Trans-Asia Oil & Energy Development Corp.; Area 12 Tubig and Area 13 Buhid–Vivant Energy Corp.; Area 14 Bugtong–Clean N Energy Solutions Inc.; Area 15 Cateel–First Gen Mindanao Hydropower Corp.; Area 16 Cagayan 1N–First Gen Mindanao Hydropower Corp.; and Area 17 Agus III–Maranao Energy Corp.

    It said the winning bid proposals for two geothermal areas were Area 2 Southern Leyte–Repower Energy Development Corp. and Area 3 Amacan–Energy Development Corp.

    The awarding of service contracts is in line with Department Order (DO) No. 2014-11-0020 entitled “Adopting Guidelines Governing Open and Competitive Selection Process (OCSP 2) in the Award of Renewable Energy Service Contract, and For Other Purposes” and with the Guidelines Governing the OCSP 2.

    An open competitive selection process is available to all providers operating in the marketplace, the DOE said. Open processes are advertised through all sorts of medium and other sources as required to attract as much interest as possible. Open competitive grant rounds have open and closing dates for the submission of applications, with eligible applications being assessed against set selection criteria, the Energy department said.

    Department Order No. 2014-11-0020 Section 1 shall govern the determination of the legal, financial and technical qualifications of applicants, the evaluation of their application and the award of RE service contracts through OCSP in non-frontier areas, the DOE said.

    Non-frontier areas are defined as areas with RE resources with sufficient available technical data for the immediate development and utilization as determined by the DOE.

    The DOE shall identify non-frontier areas for OCSP as often as practicable through publication in the DOE website.

    Meanwhile, the DOE declared a failure of OCSP 2 for the following areas due to non-receipt of bid proposals: 3 in hydropower which are Area 5 Sinambalan 1, Area 6 Pagbalan 1, and Area 11 Hilabangan 3; and two in geothermal: Area 1 Acupan-Itogon and Area 3 Balut Island.

    It said there were six areas for hydropower whose submitted bids failed to qualify: Area 1 Madongan 1; Area 2 Madongan 2; Area 3 Solsona; Area 8 Binalbagan 1; Area 9 Binalbagan 2; and Area 10 Binulog.

    “In view of this, DOE hereby declares the above mentioned areas open for direct negotiation subject to the compliance of regulatory requirements under section 10 of DC2009-07-0011,” the Energy department said.


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