• DOE orders power billing template


    The Department of Energy (DOE) has ordered the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) to come up with billing template when trading at the spot market affects pricing.

    The billing model will ensure that there will be less problems in the passing of power supply by generation companies during power shortfall.

    The DOE said PEMC should make the billing template for companies to offer their reserve power during emergency outage.

    At the same time, the department also ordered PEMC, the operator of WESM, to issue an error notice and conduct market re-runs during the affected trading period.

    To account for the dispatchable plants, power suppliers are required to submit reserve capacities offer equal to one half-of their day ahead transmission schedule.

    Power generators, according to the circular, are only allowed to offer reserve capacity, if they have an Ancillary Services Procurement Agreement Ancillary (ASPA).

    These are support services necessary to sustain the transmission capacity and energy that are essential in maintaining the power quality, reliability and security of the Grid.


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