DOE pushes for solar energy, warns of 2015 power crisis


TO brace for a looming energy crisis next year, the Department of Energy (DOE) is encouraging the use of solar energy in private homes.

Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla said the use of solar energy in households will help the country achieve energy efficiency.

Petilla witnessed the ceremonial switch-on of the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Net Metering Facility at La Consolacion College — Manila (LCCM) yesterday.

“If they generate their own electricity, customers will now be more conscious and involved in managing their electricity consumption,” Petilla said at the event.

The energy secretary expressed optimism that with this measure, other institutions would follow suit.

“When we started this endeavor, we envisioned it to project an idea that can convince other institutions from different sectors to follow the bandwagon of putting solar panels in their respective buildings,” he said.

Petilla also pointed out that the project is a win-win scenario both to the institution and the company that installed the panels.

Trademaster Resources Corp. is the company that will handle the installation of the solar systems. Maintenance of the panels will be handled by the same company.

“Trademaster is obliged to clean the panels if necessary from time to time since La Consolacion would pay the amount of solar power they produced for a particular time,” he said.

The switch-on of the LCCM Solar Facility is the first solar project of the DOE catering academic institutions.

Currently with Phase I, the installed capacity is pegged at 42.84kW while Phase II of the project would produce an additional capacity of 90.27kW with a total capacity 133.11kW.

Petilla also stressed that consumers could save in using solar panels as the cost of electricity is lower than that being produced by coal plants.

“The cost of electricity from a coal plant can run up to P5.50 per kilowatt hour, plus P6.50 for distribution and transmission, which amounts to P12.00. If you install solar panels on your rooftop, you will only spend P9.00 per kilowatt hour for generations and no cost for distribution or transmission. This already saves you up to P3 per kilowatt hour,” Petilla said.


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  1. another brainless suggestion from a brain dead government official. as if solar power system technology & equipment can be pulled out from any hardware store and installed anyhow the house owner wants to.

    the energy that can be harnessed from the sun is only available 2100 hours a year and will only power small appliances and lighting. aircon and similar motor run equipment, especially induction motors, will draw more current for the start/stop operation of motor run equipment and therefore will need more solar panels to install.

    looks like DOE is been drained of competent technical people and ran out of better ideas and alternative solution. one area his technical people can take a look and offer as solution is the recovery of waste heat from power plants and other industries that are released to the environment. the waste heat can be utilized to generate electricity or as heating resource to increase plant efficiency. this recovery was called enercon measures (energy conservation) way back in the 80’s but now has progressed to heat recovery for use as energy resource.