DoE readies measures to ensure power supply for summer months


THE Department of Energy (DoE) is readying contingency measures to ensure sufficient and stable power supply during the summer months, when electricity supply is traditionally lean.

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi on Wednesday issued directives to the Electric Power Industry Management Bureau, the Energy Utilization Management Bureau and the entire DOE to conduct a massive information, education and communication (IEC) drive to ensure the implementation of an effective management program for energy supply.

“We have to give our consumers options on how to manage their use of energy without sacrificing their productivity,” Cusi emphasized.

“The DOE is already conducting an IEC campaign to the top government load users like the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), etc. and energy tips for consumers,” Cusi said.

Cusi reiterated some energy-saving tips for consumers, such as reducing by two hours the daily usage of air conditioning, noting that people can save 30.50 kWh or P246.50 in monthly savings; setting the air conditioning thermostat to 25 degrees Celsius, which can save 12.6 kWh in power or P138.60 in monthly savings; and reducing TV use by one hour, which can save 1.8 kWh, or P19.80 savings per month.

Here are other energy-saving tips from the DoE:

• set electric fans to “Low” instead of “High;

• reduce daily usage of lights by one hour;

• reduce daily usage of personal computers by one hour;

• use laptops because it consumes less electricity than desktop computers;

• avoid the unnecessary opening of refrigerator doors; and

• reduce one hour from the weekly ironing of clothes and do this on Saturdays or Sundays to avoid “peak hours.”


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