• DOE taps experts for new energy mix


    Department of Energy (DOE) is tapping technical experts to discuss the possibility of a collaboration for-mulating a responsive and dynamic energy mix for the Philippines.

    In particular, the department is coordinating with United States Agency for International Development’s (USAid) Building Low Emission Alternatives to Develop Economic Resilience and Sustainability (B-LEADERS) and forming a team to review the current energy mix.

    The Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi who has met with members of the US Aid B-Leaders said: “We are also looking at establishing an army of reserves so that when there is lack of supply, we have something to rely on,” said He has met with members of the US Aid B-Leaders.

    The study the team will conduct will focus on the energy requirements for economic growth trends, load consumption profiles for energy consumers, emerging energy technologies and local industry readiness, transmission configurations, and network development.

    The team will look into the availability of indigenous energy to ensure stable pricing and lessen the dependence on energy that is hinged to international market prices.

    Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi met with members of the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAid) Building Low Emission Alternatives to Develop Economic Resilience and Sustainability (B-LEADERS).

    The discussed the formulation of an optimal energy mix and looked into the local reserve requirements.

    “Our main concern now is to increase the availability of quality, reliable, secure, and affordable supply,” Cusi said.

    He emphasized the need for power supply amid the uneven power supply situation in the country.

    In the previous administration of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd, the government targeted a fuel mix of 30 percent coal, 30 percent RE, 30 percent natural gas, and 10 percent oil-based power plants. The goal was to reduce the country’s dependence on coal.

    “We want to be certain on the decisions that we will make in order to entice more investments.” Cusi noted.

    Under the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte, the DOE seeks to implement an energy policy that meets specific economic requirements

    “We will chart our own course in so far as energy is concerned to ensure energy supply security, considering that developing countries like the Philippines have low carbon emissions,” Cusi said.

    “President Duterte is correct in saying that the country is still in the process of industrialization. We must therefore use whatever energy resources are available and affordable for power generation,” Cusi said.

    “While we signed the Paris agreement last year committing ourselves to limit our carbon emissions, we cannot ignore the fact that our level of economic development at this point does not allow us to rely completely on renewable energy sources or clean energy,” he said.

    The new administration will continue to adhere to internationally accepted environmental standards in our energy use, the Energy chief noted.

    The DOE is now working with the National Economic Development Authority, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and Climate Change Commission to develop a balanced and sustainable energy policy framework, Cusi said.


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    1. In the right track!

      Since NGCP is a private co, goverment should create it’s model of the power system network being studied or planned, then play out the present system behavior and the scenarios being explored in the planning stage. Accuracy is important.

      Available in the market are the tools for this very important exercise. For validation you probably need two types of modeling tools, say one from US and one from Europe. As a check and validation you may also tap third parties, from US, Japan or say, KEMA from Netherlands, they have quite a few scientists who deals with energy systems, etc. Not very expensive either, if no extortions and “commissions” are involved.

      More power to our new admin.