• DOE weeding out ‘flippers’ from RE pipeline


    FOR being non-compliant with their project timelines, more service contracts for renewable energy (RE) projects have been cancelled by the Department of Energy (DOE).

    “I am the secretary with the most number of service contracts which have been cancelled,” Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla said, without providing a figure.

    Petilla said that although many players have expressed interest in developing RE projects, many of them are also not serious in pursuing the contracts. Some who are awarded contracts merely sell these to other investors in what is known in the industry as flipping.

    “Many service contracts in this country are not moving because what happened usually is they flip, they sold to somebody else,” he said.

    He said these so-called flippers are just messing up the government’s efforts in advancing the development of RE projects in the country.

    “I hate these flippers because they make everything expensive in this country,” added Petilla.

    Petilla assured players that the DOE will expedite the approval of their service contracts provided they will comply with all the requirements, particularly with project timelines.

    At the same time, he warned those who are not serious in pushing their contracts that the department will not think twice in canceling their contracts.

    “We shall approve as many as we can with the serious players but at the same time we shall also cancel as quickly as we can if we see that thy are not really serious,” he said.

    To ensure that the RE projects will actually see implementation, Petilla said the department will be strict in approving service contracts.

    “If you don’t comply, no more letters; we simply cancel it if we see no compliance,” he said.

    With the impending power shortfall next year, Petilla said the DOE has been tasked to focus on the utilization of renewable sources.

    “This is quite fortunate because the country sits on a very high road area where RE can be harnessed for power generation,” he added.


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