Does Colombia’s FARC have hidden fortune?


BOGOTA: Do Colombia’s FARC guerrillas have a multi-billion-dollar fortune from kidnapping and drug trafficking stashed in foreign bank accounts? That question has triggered an explosive debate in Colombia just as it tries to turn the page on the half-century conflict between the government and the Marxist rebel group. The FARC’s ill-gotten gains have long been a subject of scrutiny, but the issue was blown wide open again recently when The Economist magazine put a number on the guerrillas’ alleged fortune. The British weekly reported the FARC had assets worth $10.5 billion in 2012, citing an unpublished study by government analysts. The article opened a new rift between the FARC and the government even as negotiators from both sides work to hammer out the final details of a peace accord at long-running talks in Havana.



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