DOF goal: ‘Zero customer complaints’


Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez 3rd has asked all Department of Finance (DOF) employees to focus on meeting high public expectations rather than just meeting collection targets.

Speaking during DOF’s flag-raising ceremony on Monday, he asked them to spearhead the new administration’s efforts to reinvent government in such a way as to meet the people’s expectations on making life more bearable for most of them, bringing a robust economy for all.

To achieve this objective, he laid down their task in no uncertain terms—improve the delivery of front-line services and align their respective areas of responsibilities to the 10-point economic agenda of the administration.

Each employee, he said, must be the “epitome of integrity,” must demonstrate appropriate behavior in all official dealings, completely avoid bribes and solicitations in whatever form, and avoid fraternizing with clients who might influence their performance of duty.

He also wants all employees to give suggestions as to how they could help achieve these goals as he looks forward to establishing with his co-workers a department that makes things and dealings easier for the public at large. Dominguez expects the cluster heads to be ready by the middle of this month to brief the Office of the Secretary with updated organizational tables, a clear articulation of main functions, key result areas, and priorities for the next six months.

“My expectation with regard to outcomes,” he said, “is that we will be able to improve work quality, accelerate processing, and receive zero customer complaints.”


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  1. Hector David on

    Finally we have a finance officer that knows his job .. to be of service and relays this objective clearly to his department… other heads just bleed us do the corrupt can steal… the former secretary was into targets and awards. .. swallow them… you bled us the middle class