DOF shoots down 2 Duterte promises


Two campaign promises of President Rodrigo Duterte that would benefit farmers may remain just promises because no less than the President’s Finance secretary expressed doubt on their viability.

At the Commission on Appointments (CA) public hearing on Thursday, Department of Finance (DOF) Secretary Carlos Dominguez 3rd said giving farmers free water could lead to wastage of the precious resource.

Duterte, during his barnstorming in the May 2016 polls, promised farmers that he would make irrigation free if he was elected President.

“I told [the President]that while it is a popular idea to eliminate irrigation fees, I think this is not such a good idea because people who get things for free tend to waste them,” Dominguez said in his reply to queries of Sen. Francis Pangilinan during the hearing.

Pangilinan, chairman of the CA finance committee, wanted to know the position of Dominguez on several proposals concerning the agricultural sector in order for Congress to be able to come up with a priority legislation list.

“If the water is free, people will not conserve it. It’s just the human nature that I observed. I think the irrigation fees should be paid to the irrigation cooperatives for continuous maintenance of the irrigation canals,”
according to Dominguez, the Agriculture secretary during the administration of President Corazon Aquino.

The Finance chief said he and the President agreed that a law needs to be enacted first before billions in coconut levy funds can be distributed to coconut farmers.


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  1. DOF shoots down 2 Duterte promises

    Definition of Promise
    a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future.

    Political Promises
    Same as marriage vows, made in the beginning of the relationship and quickly forgotten.

  2. Promisa ni Digong noong nangungumpanya pa lang siya sa pagka Pangulo kung bakit siya binoto siya ng mga magsasaka sa dahilang bigyan ng patubig ang mga magsasaka. Mali si Dominguez rito dapat ibigay ang promisa ni Digong sa kanila para makapagsaka sila ng walang problema sa tubig.

  3. Free can mean, users are not charged of the construction costs of the irrigation system. Then organize the users and let them decide on how to maintain the integrity of the system without government support.

  4. John Chameleon on

    Dominguez is wrong. It’s the simple supervision. coordination and orientation of the farmers by the Department of Agriculture that is needed to discipline the farmers regarding the irrigation. Gratified farmers will start to save the water as a token of gratitude for the kindness of the government. For the maintenance, the farmers themselves can volunteer to shoulder it as the irrigation water is free. Educate the farmers. Dominguez sho uld stop thinking like the elite who always disparage the poor people.Let us be positive and not a defeatist.

  5. Tumama din si Dominguez ! Pero yong mga privilege ng mga Senior ? & other tax reforms ???blahblah blah

  6. It’s true,I feel,that free water is likely to be wasted due merely to the fact that the users think nothing about what they are doing with the water and how it may effect the water resource-needs of other people e.g.downstream, and also trickle-down viability and quality of the water-table below-ground.
    There has to be some fee payable for both domestic and industrial/agricultural usage,but with,however; a lower rate being necessary for small-business family primary-producers (so as to give incentive to produce local supplies of foods).

  7. may tama si sec dominguez…likas kasing abusado ang mga pinoy…ibinigay mo ang kanang kamay gusto kunin buong katawan…bwisit na race to!!!

  8. Stupid Duterte on

    Stupid Duterte will not listen to anybody. He thinks he is the best in the world. Now he is challenging the U.S. president, EU and UN to a debate in human rights. He cannot even communicate. Even my son in 5th grade can beat Duterte in a debate. What IQ does Duteterte have? Lower than 30. Nobody will go down to the lowest level of a human being like Duterte. What accomplishments does he wants to show the world? Nothing. How did Duterte finished his studies? By buying his grades and harassing teachers.
    When Duterte is gone, his children and grandchildren will suffer the most in front of the Internation Court of Justice. Let us all pray to save the Philippines from this lunatic, psychopath and evil President DuDirty.