DOF warns of ‘Fund Resurgence Program’ scam


The Department of Finance (DOF) on Monday warned the public against a “Fund Resurgence Program” advertisement which has been circulating through letters involving the agency.

“The DOF would like to clarify that no such program has ever existed and that the scam appears to be run with the intention of extracting sensitive personal information from unwary individuals,” it stated.

The agency said that it has received reports certain persons were contacted by an entity named Prominente Marketing, claiming to be located at 26th Floor, Enterprise Building, Ayala Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.

It explained that Prominente Marketing represented itself as authorized by the DOF and the Metropolitan Trial Court to act as transfer agent to facilitate the transfer of funds from the purported Funds Resurgence Program of the DOF.

The Finance department noted that Prominente Marketing made reference to court orders allegedly issued by Hon. Luis Arranz, the supposed presiding judge of the Branch 08 of the Metropolitan Trial Court of Manila, directing the DOF to release certain monetary claims under the spurious Funds Resurgence Program.

“There is, however, no Funds Resurgence Program under the Department of Finance and in fact, documents forwarded from Prominente Marketing and represented as coming from the DOF are fictitious. The alleged signature of Cesar Purisima, Secretary of the Department of Finance, appearing on each of the certificates, is likewise forged,” it said.

The agency added that this is a type of scam to elicit information and funds from unsuspecting individuals by unlawfully using the name of the DOF, the Metropolitan Trial Court and even the National Bureau of Investigation.

It said that to allegedly facilitate the release of funds, individuals were directed to provide sensitive personal information, including bank account numbers, addresses, and passport numbers, in correspondence to Prominente Marketing’s listed address.

“Solicitation of such information in writing, accompanied by a promise of compensation, is a hallmark of an attempted scam. The public is advised to be highly cautious of such notices, especially from entities claiming to transact on behalf of any Philippine government agencies,” it said. MAYVELIN U. CARABALLO


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