Dog bites alarm Albay officials


LEGAZPI CITY, Albay: With an average of 50 dog bites daily, the province of Albay expressed alarm over the proliferation of stray dogs in 15 municipalities and three cities that a veterinary officer strongly recommended a shoot-to-kill order against the dogs. Dog bites have caused the death of five people from rabies last year. Last month, a young boy in Camalig town also died, according to the provincial veterinary office. Residents blame local government executives for utter neglect despite ordinances against stray dogs. They said the officials act only when the number of dog-bite casualties rises. Legazpi Veterinary Officer Nancy Andes said she has suggested to the city government to order the shooting of stray dogs or ridding of them through euthanasia (mercy killing) because of the alarming cases of dog bites in the city’s 70 villages. Mayor Noel Rosal cannot be contacted for comment.



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  1. This incident could have been prevented if the local gov’t dept of health agency are doing their job to provide anti- rabies shots to dogs esp the stray ones. It’s the same way that health center shld provide immunization to all children esp the indigents or the poor. What happenefto the funds alloted for the health dept. ?