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The sun is starting to greet us with its summer heat and for us urban dwellers, it signals a much-needed shift in our sartorial choices, weather (see what I did there?) you like it or not. I know it may be a challenge that while families, friends, and loved ones start planned trips for vacations and well-anticipated R&R’s, you feel stuck in your office desk preparing for that dreaded client presentation or that weekly meeting. More so, as everyone’s fashion calendar starts to transition into summer wear, it is high time that we begin recalibrating our selections to fit the weather.

As we all know, for the man on the go, an immediate shift in fashion priorities may be a tall order. It is easy to put a premium on comfort, above all else, when the sweltering heat becomes a main concern but it is, of course, not an excuse to let go of style—more so looking professional in the workplace.

The summer months are here and they usher in an unmistakable sense of “leniency” when it comes to our dress code, it should be remembered that the laid-back season does not give anyone a pass for “sloppy dressing”.

So, how does the modern day gentleman continue with his sharp dressing habit in the workplace—be it for a meeting, an event, or just a casual working day during hotter weather? It seems like a “task” but it can be done. Each field and workplace may have its own sets of rules and dress codes to follow, but the only rule you should continue to abide by is how you present yourself well, without compromising comfort. It is not even about looking stylish or on trend, it is about looking professional and looking your best at all times. Remember, a good impression gives you greater opportunities.

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With this, I come up with simple guidelines to bear in mind for an easy summer wear transition:

Summer layering
Who am I kidding? Overcoats and blazers in summer? Sounds impossible but it can be done. It is easy to steer clear of a “layered” state of mind when all your worries concentrate on not sweating while on duty. But the key here is to know your fashion staples and all its aspects—from materials down to its creation. That way, you can look cool in this hot weather.

To get your hands into a good suit for this season, you should pay good attention to its construction as it serves as an indication of how heavy it will be when worn and its breathability. That said, for summer, go for unlined or half-lined suits that gives you ventilation and more breathing room.

Minding the material of your suits is also vital in order to look in your top form this season. A lighter weight cloth and a looser weave in the fabric make for good airflow and minimized heat. Look for a linen suit or a more versatile option, the cotton suit. Seersucker suits have also gained popularity in recent years so it might be literally a breath of fresh air for your wardrobe.

Spring light
When the season for heavy jackets and hoodies is over, it might be tricky to find a good alternative. Stock up on good lightweight jackets with materials that are not too overwhelming in this heat but will still help build your professional look.

When you still want to keep your suit-game in play, try it out by replacing items you commonly pair it with. Why not wear a light shirt on top of a chambray suit or a cotton one, that way you have enough breathing room without looking like a slacker. Cardigans instead of a hoodie may be a wise move.

Lighten up! It is summer after all. Try going for more fun colors and different patterns to liven up your wardrobe. Lighter colors like khakis and shades of light grays will help reflect heat. This season also calls for a more fun outlook. Now is the time to welcome brighter hues into your style arsenal with the likes of red and cherry. Patterns and prints are also greatly encouraged. After all, it won’t hurt to add vibrancy and boldness into your wardrobe this season.


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